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June 6-11, 2016


6/11 - Detroit River last week

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6/10 - Recent Mariatown and Iroquois Passages
- Murray Blancher

Federal Cedar upbound.

G3 Marquis downbound

Radcliffe R Latimer upbound.

SCT Stockhorn upbound.

Michigan & Great Lakes downbound.

Jana Desgagnes downbound.

Sharon MI

Sharon MI & Niagara Spirit upbound.

Stella Polaris upbound.


6/8 - Holland
- William Van Appledorn

Mississagi in Lake Macatawa.

Mississagi approaching Undaunted / PM41.

Undaunted / PM 41 passing the Mississagi.

6/7 - Saginaw River
- Gordy Garris

Algoway unloading slag at the Bay Aggregates dock Tuesday morning.

Stern view, preparing to depart from the dock.

Backing out of the Bay Aggregates slip.

Outbound past the Karn Weadock power plant later in the day

6/7 -
Waiska Bay Anchorage, Sault Ste. Marie - US Coast Guard photos by Craig Groman

The U.S. Coast Guard continues to monitor and respond to the motor vessel Roger Blough after the vessel ran aground May 27 on Gros Cap Reef in Whitefish Bay in Lake Superior.

Lightering operations transfered its cargo to the Philip R. Clarke and Arthur M. Anderson.

6/7 - Saginaw River
- Todd Shorkey

Algoway coming off the Lafarge Cement dock in Essexville

Gregory J. Busch pushing on her stern.

Algoway stern view.

Leonard M.- Huron Spirit inbound nearing the Essexville Range Lights.

Tug Leonard M.

Leonard M. stern view.

Gregory J. Busch, Harbour Fashion, and Algoway at Lafarge Cement in Essexville.

Harbour Fashion passing Algoway.

Harbour Fashion outbound at the Bay Aggregates slip.

Harbour Fashion turning with help from the Gregory J. Busch.

6/7 - Marquette
- Craig Knudson

Victory and James L. Kuber loading ore.



6/6 - Saginaw River
- Todd Shorkey

Harbour Fashion inbound on the Saginaw River at the Essexville Range Lights, with the tug Gregory J. Busch.

Harbour Fashion

Harbour Fashion stern view.

Harbour Fashion assisted by the tug Gregory J. Busch.

Pushing the stern of the Harbour Fashion to the Port Fisher Dock.

6/6 - Saginaw River
- Gordy Garris

Harbour Fashion inbound at the Front Range, Appledore IV passing by in full sail.

Inbound with Karn Weadock power plant in the background.

Harbour Fashion stern view with the Gregory J. Busch.

Gregory J. Busch assisting to the dock.

Secured at the Port Fisher Fertilizer dock.

Loading Port Photos
- Shayne Haner

These two photos were submitted by Shayne Haner, but the loading port was not identified.  He also recalled, but was not positive, that the second photo was of the American Mariner.  Boatnerd staff thinks it may actually be the John J. Boland, based on the diagonal struts under the pilot house. If you can positively identify the port or the second vessel, please contact

6/5 - South Chicago - Steve Bauer

On its first visit to South Chicago this year, the Mississagi passes through Wisconsin Steel bend for the lake after a partial unload of stone farther up the Calumet River.

Closeup of the Wheelhouse.

Passing the old Beemsterboer dock just past 106th St.
Looking good in the early morning sun passing the old KCBX north dock at
100th St. 

No delays at NS5 today as she slides right through.
.Getting ready to make the turn into Lake Michigan and head to St. Joe for the rest of her unload.

6/5 - Saginaw River
- Gordy Garris

Undaunted/Pere Marquette 41 turned and outbound for the lake.

Stern view of the pair.

Outbound passing by the Karn Weadock power plant.


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