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June 19-20, 2016


6/19 - Port Huron/Sarnia
- Kevin Majewski

Algosea moored at the Imperial Oil dock in Sarnia.

Thalassa Desgagnes moored at the Suncor dock in Sarnia.

Malcolm Marine tugs, Capt. Keith and Manitou moored at Port Huron.

Tug Capt. Keith.

Giant’ seagull pursuing an OPP patrol boat, downbound, below the Blue Water Bridge spans.

Recent Saginaw River Passages - Gordy Garris

John J. Boland inbound Tuesday morning passing hundreds of fisherman headed out to the bay to fish for the annual "Walleyes for Warriors" gathering

Boland arriving at the Bay Aggregates dock in Bay City.

Tug Dorothy Ann and barge Pathfinder inbound at the Front Range, amidst a plethra of boaters out on the water for Father's Day.

Passing by Smith Park with the John J. Boland departing in the distance.

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder unloading at the Bay City Wirt dock Tuesday evening.

6/18 - Stoneport
- Logan Vasicek

Philip R. Clarke loading.

6/17 & 18 -  Detroit River
 - Chris Byczek

American Integrity unloading at Zug Island.


Docking at the Detroit Lafarge Terminal.

Kaye E. Barker

Thunder Bay

6/17 & 18 -  Welland Canal
 - Graham Grattan

Just before sunrise Friday on Lake Erie.

Federal Weser inbound at Port Colborne outer breakwater light.

Sten Bergen at reduced speed about to change pilots at Port Colborne.

Captain Henry Jackman is just clearing Lock 8 upbound.

Cuyahoga waiting on the wall below Lock 8.

Claude A. DesGagagnes upbound at Port Robinson.

John B. Aird is about to leave Lock 7 upbound. After 7 locks she has been raised about 100 metres (approx. 325 feet) from the Lake Ontario level.

6/18 - Welland Canal - Bill Bird

Claude A Desgagnes heading to Lock 3.

Under Garden City Skyway and approaching the Homer Bridge.

Cuyahoga approaching old Bridge 10.

Rare sighting with a crew member actually doing some painting.

Algoma Equinox has departed Lock 2 and fleetmate John B Aird is about to enter the lock.

Sliding along the wall towards Lock 1.

Superstructure is almost as tall as the bridge.

In position in Lock One.

Hands free mooring equipment in place.

John B Aird clear of Lock 3.

Going under the Glendale Avenue Bridge.

6/18 - Goderich  - Richard Dyson

Frontenac napping in Goderich, on a lazy late spring day.


6/18 - Recent Detroit Traffic
- Capt. Mike Nicholls

Barge Delaware and tug Calusa Coast.

Calusa Coast


Tour boat Lickety Split (taken in Chicago).

Tug Kimberly Anne

Purvis tug Avenger IV


Pacific Huron

Thalassa Desgagnes threading the needle in the Rouge River. Passing Waterfront Petroleum with the Everlast, Norman Mc Leod to port and Gaelic tugs and barge William Warner to starboard. Tug Wyoming assisting.

Tug Andrew J

Walter J. McCarthy fueling at Mistersky's.

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin

Anglian Lady and barge Ironmaster.

Anglian Lady

Federal Baltic

Federal Baltic

Tug Dylan Cooper Reinauer and barge RTC-108.

Dylan Cooper Reinauer



Dylan Copper Reinauer at Mistersky's.


Federal Biscay hull# 10769 and Federal Baltic hull# 10766. Rare photo of two sister ship salties together, built at Oshima Shipbuilding Co. in 2015.

Federal Baltic

American Integrity

6/18 - More Recent Detroit Traffic

IMG_6563.jpg (94157 bytes)
BoatNerd drone operating safely following all U.S. and Canadian regulations.
DJI_0314.jpg (355141 bytes)
Federal Biscay finished unloading.
infinity6-18-16c.jpg (301299 bytes)
Wedding on the Infinity
Infinity6-18-16.jpg (612072 bytes) infinity6-18-16b.jpg (352800 bytes)
DJI_0342.jpg (282858 bytes)
P1002049~2.jpg (223311 bytes)
P1002015~2.jpg (129181 bytes)
Servicing the Great Republic.
P1002017~2.jpg (123460 bytes) P1002020~2.jpg (223598 bytes)
P1002021~2.jpg (93577 bytes) P1002024~2.jpg (235213 bytes) P1002040~2.jpg (102892 bytes)
Pilot change on the Patras
P1002026~2.jpg (100556 bytes) P1002028~2.jpg (221608 bytes)
P1002042~2.jpg (212353 bytes) P1002013~2.jpg (205706 bytes)
Diamond Queen under command of Capt. Mike Nicholls.
P1002011~2.jpg (239529 bytes)
Capt. Sam Buchanan on the Friendship.
P1001977~2.jpg (275532 bytes)
American Integrity at Zug Island
P1001975~2.jpg (240024 bytes)
Westcott crew
P1001978~2.jpg (151303 bytes) P1001986~2.jpg (102716 bytes) P1001981~2.jpg (135686 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker downbound.
P1001982~2.jpg (236652 bytes) P1001984~2.jpg (215982 bytes)
P1001951~2.jpg (102346 bytes) P1001959~2.jpg (109248 bytes)
Friendly deck crew.
P1001999~2.jpg (77946 bytes) P1001940~2.jpg (148203 bytes) P1001943~2.jpg (125176 bytes)
P1001946~2.jpg (189534 bytes) P1001938~3.jpg (88518 bytes) P1001937~2.jpg (206309 bytes)
Passing the Westcott station before tying up at Zug.
P1002000~2.jpg (193927 bytes)
Algosea on an unusual trip loading at Mistersky's in Detroit.


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