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June 26, 2016


Engineer’s Weekend in the Soo - Dave Wobser

Annual BoatNerd picnic.

Joyce L. Van Enkevort and Great Lakes Trader down at Mission Point

Stern view

Cason J. Callaway up at Mission Point.

Big hand wave and salute from the bridge wing of the Callaway.

Callaway stern view

BoatNerd Air Force ready for action

BNAF #1 attacks a sea gull or maybe it was the other way around.

Algoma Transport up bound at the Mission.

Algoma Transport stern view.

Tecumseh headed to Thunder Bay under the Sault Ste. Marie (railroad) and International (highway) bridges.

CN train, with iron ore on the head end, crosses the locks canal.

Engineer’s Weekend in the Soo
- Roger LeLievre

Boatnerd-friendly cake.

USCG Buckthorn in MCM Marine drydock.

MCM Dredge 55

Edwin H. Gott with festive flags.

Pegg's got the Gott on her shirt and behind her.

Stern view of the Gott above the locks.

Edwin H. Gott above Six Mile Point.

MCM tug Mohawk and former Soo pilot boat.

Sunset ends the Boatnerd cruise.

Algoma Harvester meets Sjard in the lower river.

Federal Baltic at Mission Point.

Tug Ken Boothe Sr. at Mission Point.

Lakes Contender passes as Boatnerds fly her company houseflag in hopes of a salute.

Hon. James L. Oberstar

6/24 & 6/25 - Sania - Bill Bird

American Integrity at Bluewater Bridges.


Michipicoten heading to Windsor.


Tugs Manitou and Capt Keith with crane barge for installation of underwater turbine north of the bridges for hydro project.

Algowood with a bone in her teeth, headed to Goderich.

Passing laid-up fleetmate Algorail.

Alpena on her way to Detroit.




Sam Laud


Algoway headed to Meldrum Bay.


Algoma Discovery


Training ship State of Michigan.

Before 7 AM Saturday, John J Boland and CSL Welland are up at the Black River.


Fisherman doesn't mind the early hour. 




Mississaugi after unloading at stone dock follows the other two up Lake Huron.

Recent Traffic In Oswego, NY
- Paul Beesley

Evans Spirit inbound Oswego with the breakwater lighthouse in background.

Portofino lounge.  The ship was en route from Florida to Wyandotte, Michigan.

The main deck of the Portofino.  It was used as crew quarters for the transit, and tents were the 'cabins'.

On the quarterdeck were all the required lifejackets for the anticipated passengers. The 'wing' that went up top was also stored here for the voyage.

The wheelhouse control panel on the Portofino.

The 'wing' was taken off the ship and placed on the dock to enable us to assemble it before lifting it to its proper position.

The Captain & Mate trying to line up the bolt holes.

Grande Mariner comes into Oswego in late afternoon.  Within a couple of hours they had dismantled everything on the top deck to allow the ship to clear the low bridges in the Erie Canal.

Grande Mariner approaching the dock.

Tug George Gradel returns to her dock from the fuel dock.

George Gradel approaches the dock to tie up.  A few days later she went upbound through the Welland Canal.

Evans Spirit works cargo, unloading aluminum, while the Stephen B Roman approaches the turn into the harbour with a load of cement.


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