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June 28-29, 2016


6/29 - Marquette
- Luke Archer

American Integrity unloading coal and some harbor work /dredging going on.

Lee A. Tregurtha loading taconite.

6/1 Visit to Portland, Maine
- Paul Beesley

El Galeon open to the public in Portland.  There is a lovely waterfront in this city with lots of shipping action.

Another view.  If you have never been to Portland it is well worth the trip to visit.  Lots to do and see.

Harbour tour boat Islander and its permanent list.

Machigonne II, one of the many ferries that service the islands in Casco Bay.

Another view as it passes one of the petroleum facilities.
Maquot II on the way outbound.  For a reasonable fee you can jump on any ferry and visit the islands
and get a tour of Casco Bay.

At the dock for another load.  Many people live on the islands, some year-round.

Sail tour-boat Wendameen rounds Spring Point light.

Capt'n Mark high and dry; one of the many fishing boats out of Portland.

6/27 - Saginaw River Photos - Todd Shorkey

Alpena unloading at the Lafarge Cement dock in Essexville.

Sjard at the Port Fisher Dock in Bay City.

6/27 - Seaway Mariatown & Iroquois Lock
- Murray Blancher

Floretgracht down at Mariatown.

Federal Champlain on first trip in seaway up at Iroquois.



Molly MI up at Mariatown.

Jarrett M steer tug for Molly MI.

Molly MI and tow up at Mariatown.

Recent Welland Canal Photos
- Paul Beesley

Algolake just after clearing Lock 1, upbound.

Federal Weser below Lock 2.

Federal Weser on the way to Lock 1.

Portofino at the Homer Bridge on her way to Lock 3.

Just two days before I had finished my stint on board the Portofino in Oswego, NY.

 Portofino on the way to Lock 3.

Songa Opal below Lock 2.

And on her way to Lock 1.

 Late evening upbounder Stephen B Roman.

Nearly full moon accompanying the Roman toward Lock 2.

Claude A Desgagnes above Lock 3.

Still registered in Bridgetown, Barbados.  She would be reflagged Canadian in Sarnia.

Sten Bergen clear of Lock 2, downbound.

A view of the ship, smoking.

Sten Bergen approaching Lock 1.  Registered in Gibralter.

6/23 - 6/26 -Round Island Lighthouse, Straits Of Mackinac
- Logan Vasicek

Joseph L Block eastbound to Port Dolomite.

Great Republic Approaching the Round Island passage.


Great Republic and Edwin H Gott.

Edwin H. Gott

American Spirit approaches the Round Island passage


Cason J. Callaway eastbound in the Straits of Mackinac.

Anglian lady and barge PML 9000.

Mesabi Miner approaching the Lighthouse in light rain.

Bow with fresh paint. She gave a great salute to the Preservation Society, Freeland Boy Scouts, and the Interlake Flag.


Joseph H. Thompson and Joseph H. Thompson Jr.

CSL Niagara approaches Round Island in fog.

6/23 - Rhine River, Europe
- Mike Nicholls

M. V. Vater Rhine at Bingen, Germany. This is the vessel ridden.



Dunav - 7



Tugs Pilot and Rheinland are used to assist loaded vessel up against very strong currents.

Tug Pilot assisting the Innovation 1 & Innovation 2.


Rheinland assisting the Fortuna.

Stolt Waal

The longer vessels have barges connected to their bows.  The Evanti for example, the bow barge is named Evanti II.

Evanti and Evanti II

Notice the swift river current on the bow of the docked St Nickolaus I.

6/25 & 6/27 Sarnia  - Lorraine Morrill

Pearl Mist



Presque Isle

Appledore IV

Walter J. McCarthy Jr.

Federal Danube

6/23 & 6/25 - Straits of Mackinac - Gordy Garris

Manitowoc passing underneath the Mackinac Bridge.

Stewart J. Cort as seen from atop the Mackinac Bridge.

Manitowoc seen in the distance behind the Cort.

Cuyahoga passing underneath the Mackinaw Bridge.
Mesabi Miner clear of the Mackinac Bridge.

6/26 - Saginaw River - Gordy Garris

Steamer Alpena unloading at the LaFarge Cement Terminal in Essexville at dusk.

Another view from the dock.

Stern view of Alpena from downriver.

Sjard offloading cargo at the Port Fisher Fertilizer dock in Bay City.

Stern view from across the river.

6/26 - Soo Traffic
- Dave Wobser

Thunder Bay down bound, in the morning rain, headed to Nantucket.

Thunder Bay accommodations block.

Thunder Bay stern view.

Philip R. Clarke down at the Mission enroute to Gary.

James R. Barker headed to Recors with a load of Western coal.

Former BoatNerd Kevin Davis turned sailor.

Barker crew sorting their delivery from the Ojibway.

Barker’s new expanded stack to accommodate eco-friendly exhaust scrubbers.

CSL Niagara up bound in Soo Harbor headed to Thunder Bay.

John J. Boland up bound for Superior.

CCG Corporal Carriere returning to Soo, Ontario from the Turkey Trail.

Kaye E. Barker headed to Detroit.

Kaye E. stern view.

Paul R. Tregurtha up bound for Superior passing Mission Point.

Stewart J. Cort waiting at the West Pier for Paul R. to come out of the Poe Lock.

Moving like molasses as the two giants meet to share the canal.


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