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July 3-5, 2016


Recent Point Edward/Sarnia action
- Marc and Craig Dease

Trudy down bound above the Black River entrance.

Alpena down bound above the Black River entrance.

Algoma Transport heads into Lake Huron.

Arthur M. Anderson silhouetted by the setting sun.

Mississagi heads into Lake Huron.

Tim S. Dool heads into Lake Huron.

Saginaw meets the Dool above buoys 1 & 2.

CSL Assiniboine in the north slip.

Bow view.

Tug Olive L. Moore with her barge Lewis J. Kuber in temporary lay up at the Government Dock.

Tecumseh down bound above the Black River entrance.

Arthur M. Anderson down bound under amazing clouds.

Mississagi heads into Lake Huron.

Great Republic heads into Lake Huron.

Algosea down bound at buoys 1 & 2.

Radcliffe R. Latimer up bound above the Black River entrance.

G3 Marquis up bound above the Black River entrance.

Mississagi making the City Dock in Sarnia with a load of stone.

Kaye E. Barker down bound above the Black River entrance.

Lee A. Tregurtha up bound below Recors Point.

Meeting fleet mate Kaye E. Barker.

7/4 - Alpena in Toledo - Mike Koprowicz

Steamer Alpena called on Toledo July 4th with a split cement cargo from Alpena for Detroit and Toledo.

Shown backing through the Robert Craig Memorial bridge.

Closeup of Leslie Tyfon DVE 300 steam horns.

7/4 - Marquette  - Luke Archer

The Hon. James L. Oberstar and Michipicoten were both at the LS&I Ore Dock on a beautiful a Independence Day.


7/4 - St. Clair River Traffic
- Kevin Majewski

Algoway underway slowly in reverse, downbound below the Bean Dock, that’s a wake at the bow. She’s on her way to the Shell Oil dock in Corunna.

Algoway and G3 Marquis meeting, Algoway is in reverse!

G3 Marquis upbound at Marysville.

Forward, we grow.

Aft view.

7/3 - Seaway Mariatown & Iroquois Lock - Murray Blancher

Federal Champlain down at Mariatown.

Federal Katsura up at Iroquois.

Stade up at Iroquois.


Hanse Gate down at Mariatown.

Federal Danube down at Mariatown.

Marbioko down at Mariatown.

Tecumseh down at  Mariatown.


Federal Baltic down at Mariatown.

6/30 - Sault Ste. Marie
Jeannine and Bob Buchanan

Algoma Transport enters the Poe Lock.
Algoma Transport's crew at work.

Kwinterbank at the West Pier with Soo Pilot ready.

Pilot exchange, Kwinterback and Soo Pilot.

Soo Pilot in the Poe Lock returning to MCM Marine.

Cason J. Callaway leaves the Poe Lock at dusk.

Paul Tregurtha passed Mission at dusk.

7/3 - Munising - Luke Archer

The American Mariner departing Munising Bay after unloading coal and on her way to Marquette.

Tug Miss Laura and crane barge continue pier work.

7/2 - Welland Canal
- Bill Bird

G3 Marquis below the wall at Lock Two as John D Leitch exits.


Leitch is headed across Lake Ontario to Clarkson.

Federal Baltic at Thorold.

The decks awash to prevent hogging.

Headed down the St. Lawrence.

CSL Laurentien at Old Bridge 10.


On her way to Belledune New Brunswick.

G3 Marquis leaves Lock 3'

A Canada Goose decides it's time for lunch.


Crew member steps outside the pilot house to make a phone call.

On her way to the Lakehead.

Saginaw on her first trip of the season through the canal.  If you look closely there's a man atop the pilot house probably working on the radar.

Headed to Ogdensburg on the St. Lawrence.



Recent Toronto Harbour Photos
- Paul Beesley

Enterprise 2000 on an early-in-the-day cruise.
Marilyn Bell 1 on the way to Billy Bishop airport.  One of the shortest ferry routes that is not cable driven in the world.  
Marilyn Bell was the first to swim across Lake Ontario, and she followed that feat by swimming both the English Channel and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Toronto Fire Boat Wm Lyon Mackenzie secured at the airport side of the harbour.  Named after one of Canada's early revolutionists.

Recent Welland Canal Passages
- Barry Andersen

Barge Louisiana with tug Barbara Carol Ann Moran on delivery voyage from Sturgeon Bay SB - down bound at old guard gate.

Above lock 7.


Tug Barbara Carol Ann Moran pushing Louisiana into lock 7.

Tug George Gradel up bound below lock 1 at dusk.

Federal Cedar up bound headed for lock 3.


Algoma Discovery - up bound headed to Lock 2.

Atlantic Huron - down bound on a rare appearance in the Canal at Lock 3.

Rosaire A. Desgagnes - alongside fit out berth at old PWDD.

Rosaire A. Desgagnes with tug Laprairie - arrives at old PWDD - to load at fitout berth.

Bro Agnes - down bound headed for Lock 3.


Federal Biscay - up bound headed for Lock 2.


6/30 - Neckar River at Heidelberg, Germany
- Mike Nicholls


It's purported to be the largest solar powered passenger vessel in the world.



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