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July 10-12, 2016


Welland Canal Passages back on June 9
- Paul Beesley

CCGS Limnos below Lock 2.
  Another view.  The Limnos was waiting for a turn-back at Lock 1 before moving downbound.
While waiting I was hoping the Captain would do donuts!  Alas, it was not be.

 John D Leitch also above Lock 1.

And heading to Lock 2.

Redhead above Lock 1 with Rosaire A Desgagnes in the background.

Crewmembers enjoying the view.

 On the way to Lock 2.

  Sten Baltic above Lock 1.

And on the way to Lock 2.

Recent Soo Traffic - David Kaye




Edwin H Gott

Mesabi Miner

Lee A Tregurtha

Evans Spirit


Presque Isle

Walter J McCarthy Jr.

7/7 - 7/10  - Round Island Lighthouse /  Straits of Mackinac
- Logan Vasicek

Algolake approaching in light fog.

Stern View

Presque Isle approaches the Island and is overdue for paint.

Mesabi Miner approaches just beating the rain cloud following her. Once again she saluted the Interlake Flag, Preservation society, and Freeland Boy Scouts.

Stern View in calm water.

Edgar B. Speer approaches during a cloudy sunrise.

Algoway Approaches in the morning fog.

Stern View

Burns Harbor approaches during a severe thunderstorm.

At the tail end of the storm.

Bow of the Mississagi. Notice the red brim around the pilothouse has now been painted white. 

Exiting the Round Island Passage.

Baie Comeau with the sun shining on her stern.

Presque Isle on the return trip.

Recent Welland Canal Photos - Graham Grattan

Federal Kumano heads for Lock 4 West to start her climb up the Niagara Escarpment. Locks 4,5, 6 and 7 roughly equal the Niagara Falls.

CSL Assiniboine slowly departs Lock 4 East.

Ahead of Federal Biscay a weekend only GoTrain coming back from Niagara Falls crosses Bridge 6.

Victory 1 has just cleared Lock 6 West and is lining-up for Lock 7.

Victory 1 getting into position to be raised in Lock 7.

7/7, 7/8 & 7/10 - Detroit River
- Mike Nicholls

Philip R Clarke unloading at the new Detroit Bulk Dock, above the Ambassador Bridge.


G3 Marquis downbound off Windsor.

Lubie downbound below the Ambassador Bridge.


Huron Maid returning to Westcott's Dock.

Great Republic unloading at Detroit Bulk Dock.


CSL Welland downbound below the Ambassador Bridge.

7/6 - Marquette
- Luke Archer

The Michipicoten and Lee A. Tregurtha at the LS&I Ore Dock.

The Mackinaw was in port at the Lower Harbor for some inspections/work. She docked in Marquette because of the depth and water clarity.

6/8  - Welland Canal
- Paul Beesley

SCT Stockhorn raised & waiting in Lock 6 West.

 Lisanna clear of Lock 7 approaching Lock 6 East.

Lock gates close behind Lisanna while the SCT Stockhorn slides the wall toward Lock 7.

Through the fence; SCT Stockhorn lines up to enter Lock 7.

Lisanna below Lock 2 later in the day.

Rosaire A Desgagnes works cargo alongside the fit-out berth at Port Weller drydock.

Greenwing pops out of the trees in Port Weller to pass the tied-up Capt Henry Jackman.

Thalassa Desgagnes clears Lock 1 on her way to Lake Ontario.

Another view.

Thalassa Desgagnes and Greenwing 'squoze' by each other below Lock 1.

Greenwing slides into Lock 1.

Pilot Boat Mrs C returning to Port Weller after a job on Lake Ontario.

Cypriot flags do not seem to wear well.

Capt Henry Jackman above Lock 1.

7/5 to 7/9 - Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen

Kwintebank downbound clear of lock 2.

Federal Kushiro downbound clear of lock 2.


Minervagracht downbound headed for lock 1

Sjard downbound clear of lock 1.

 Exchanging pilots.

Algoma Guardian downbound clear of lock 2.

7/9 - St. Marys River
- Roger LeLievre

Federal Maas upbound in the St. Marys River.

Kaye E. Barker downbound.

Kaye E. Barker meeting Federal Maas.

Ongoing paint job on the Baker's stack. Just the stripe needs to be applied.

USCG Mackinaw downbound after a visit to Duluth.

Whitefish Point Lighthouse.


7/6 -Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey

Undaunted - Pere Marquette 41 unloading in the Bay Aggregates slip.


7-3 Toronto Redpath Waterfront Festival
- Michel Gosselin

River Gambler is entering the Western Gap.

Stern view of River Gambler with El Galeon in the distance.

Marilyn Bell I crossing the channel.

Wm Lyon Mackenzie starting the sail past.

Empire Sandy


St. Lawrence II, Pride of Baltimore II, Draken Harald Harfagre and El Galeon.


Playfair and St. Lawrence II


St. Lawrence II and El Galeon

Pride of Baltimore II

Pride of Baltimore II

Draken Harald Harfagre

Draken Harald Harfagre

El Galeon

El Galeon

El Galeon stern view.

HMCS Goose Bay (MM 707)

El Galeon, Pride of Baltimore II, Draken Harald Harfagre  and Empire Sandy

Stern view of HMCS Goose Bay (MM 707).

Wm Lyon Mackenzie

Wm Lyon Mackenzie and HMCS Goose Bay (MM 707)

7/1 & 7/5 - Tall Ship Photos from Toronto & Welland Canal
- Paul Beesley

Aft of the Draken Harald Harfagre.  Modern electronics and Steering Rudder.

This is how they steer!  No fancy wheel for Vikings!

One of two model crows on board.

Modern electronics and ancient weapons.

The Cook.  The only shelter on board is a couple of tents.

GPS, pyrotechnics and lots of rigging!

El Galeon tied up just ahead of the Draken.  A few weeks ago I saw this ship in Portland, Maine.

Another view of El Galeon.

Draken info and sponsor board. 
Pointing to the Toronto Argonauts, one
of the oldest sports teams in North America, a member of the Canadian Football League.

Redpath Sugar display.  They have a large facility on the waterfront.

El Galeon info.

Draken Harald Harfagre & Pride of Baltimore II above Lock 2.

A closer view of the Draken.

Another view with the Skyway in the background.
Draken above Lock 3.  You can follow the Draken's journey at this site:

Pride of Baltimore II at the Skyway.
And on her way toward Lock 3.  She also has a website so you can follow her travels.

Above Lock 3 on the way to the Flight Locks.

Both of them approaching Lock 4 west.

Recent vessel activity St. Marys River
Roger LeLievre

Algonova downbound after visiting Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

Arthur M. Anderson at the Rock Cut under a dramatic sky.

Anderson and the American flag at Barbeau, Mich.

Baie Comeau downbound.

Federal Kushiro upbound.

Federal Kushiro stern view.

Scenic shot of Federal Kushiro.

Manitoulin passes Algonova.

Paul R. Tregurtha upbound at Nine Mile.

PRT stern view.

Radcliffe R. Latimer upbound.

Barriers have been installed at the Rock Cut / Neebish Island ferry dock due to shoreline erosion. Now if we could just get someone to trim those trees!

Evans Spirit upbound Thursday on her first trip to the Upper Lakes.

G3 Marquis meets Evans Spirit.

7/6 - Detroit Traffic
- Mike Nicholls

American Spirit downbound passing Belle Isle.

Evans Spirit upbound at Belle Isle Coast Guard Station.


Algoway unloading in Windsor.


Barbeau, MI
- Andy Toth

Walter J. McCarthy Jr. at Neebish Island Ferry Dock.

June and July Welland Canal Passages
- Barry Andersen

Saginaw enters lock 3 on first trip down the Canal for 2016 - 7.02.2016

Algowood clears lock 3 as Saginaw approached downbound - 7.02.2016

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin at fitout berth with tugs Ecosse and Jarrett M before move into shipyard - 7.04.2016

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin's kort nozzle visible with this ballast condition to enter shelf at PWDD - 7.04.2016

El Galeon Andalucia shown raising in lock 3 - 7.04.2016

El Galeon Andalucia (Sp) - up bound headed for lock 4 - 7.04.2016


Tugs Ecosse & Jarrett M finished with their job at PWDD, head to wall above lock 1. 

Viking boat Draken Harald Harfagre pulls into small boat dock at Port Weller for over night stay.

Crew on Viking ship prepares to make fast at small boat dock.

Stern view of Draken Harald Harfagre at dock.


Members of crew and Captain have a meeting to discuss free time this evening. 

View of deck looking forward

Iryda (Cyp) - down bound headed to lock 1 - 6.11.2016


Isa (Cyp) - up bound headed for lock 2 - 6.03.2016

Greenwing (Cyp) - up bound headed for lock 2 - 6.08.2016

Marselisborg (Lbr) - up bound at Homer bridge - 6.10.2016

Marselisborg (Lbr) - down bound clear of lock 2 - 6.23.2016

Tradewind Adventure (Pan) - down bound headed for lock 1 - 6.05.2016

Vikingbank (Nld) - down bound in lock 3 - 6.05.2016


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