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July 15-22, 2016


7/20 - St. Clair River Traffic
- Kevin Majewski

Paul R.Tregurtha bow-on at St. Clair.

PRT downbound passing St. Clair.

ATB Defiance/Ashtabula upbound at St. Clair.

Tug Avenger IV pushing barge PML 2501 downbound just below Recors Point.

Intrepid Canada moored at the Shell Oil dock in Corunna, Ontario.

7/19 - 7/21 - Detroit River
- Capt. Mike Nicholls

Ashtabula loading at Mistersky's.



USGS R/V Cisco at the Eastern End of Belle Isle.

Thalassa Desgagnes upbound approaching WIndmill Point.

Intrepid Canada upbound off Windsor.
Beatrix upbound off Belle Isle.

Algoma Olympic upbound off Belle Isle.


Philip R Clarke downbound off Mistersky's.

U.S.C.G.C. Hollyhock downbound off Rivard Plaza.


Capt Henry Jackman upbound off Windsor.

Still have several submissions from last weekend to post. Sorry for the delay. They will get posted shorty.

7/14 - 7/17 - Detroit River
- Capt. Mike Nicholls

C.C.G.S. Cape Dundas upbound passing Windsor.

Tim S Dool downbound at the Ambassador Bridge.

Kaministiqua at Sterling Fuel.


Blue Heron V upbound passing Fort Wayne.


CSL Assiniboine at Sterling Fuel.


Pearl Mist at Dieppe Park, Windsor.


Yacht Chanticleer upbound passing Detroit. Former Buckpasser - Built By: Burger Boat Company - Built in: Manitowoc WI - Launched: 1973 - Refitted: 2007 - Length Overall: 110 feet - Waterline Length: 101 ft. 

Naval Architecture: Jack Hargrave - Interior Designers: Paola D Smith - Gross Tonnes: 150 - Net Tonnes: 120 - Displacement: - Hull / Superstructure Construction Material:  aluminium  (info from CharterWorld).
Tug Everlast and barge Norman Mc Leod unloading at Mistersky's.

Tug Calusa Coast at Mistersky's.


7/18 - Welland Canal - Bill Bird

Marshall Islands-flagged Intrepid Canada heading to Lock 3'



Algoma Spirit and Rt Hon Paul J Martin in drydock at Port Weller.

Thalassa Desgagnes on her way to Lock 2.


With a beam of just over 56 feet, Desgagnes is able to take the lock on the fly.





7/17 -Summerstown, Ontario
- Brenda Benoit

Ocean Serge Genois passing Summerstown lookout heading back down bound after helping the Marsgracht into place to unload windmill Parts in Ogdensburg Ny.

7/16-7-17 - St. Clair River  - Don Detloff

Federal Churchill overtaking American Mariner at Marine City.

Federal Churchill on her first visit to the Great Lakes.

Pearl Mist and Huron Belle at Port Huron.

Huron Belle

Pearl Mist passing.

Pearl Mist at Bluewater Bridge.

Leonard M. and Huron Spirit at Port Huron.


Stern View

7/12 & 7/14 - Whitefish Bay Grounded at Summerstown, Ontario - Brenda Benoit

Whitefish Bay went aground at Hamilton Island, Summerstown, Ontario late Tuesday afternoon.

Thursday morning at around 8:30am the Whitefish Bay head up bound as far as the Ile Dickerson Anchorage to turn around and head back down bound. Tugs were Ocean Georgie Bain and Duga.

Recent Welland Canal Passages - Paul Beesley

Sharon M 1 from as seen from my back yard.  I'm not bragging, but, ok, I'm bragging!

Pathfinder motoring up the canal.

A different take on the Flag of Canada.

Federal Kushiro below Lock 2.
Crewmember waiting to enter Lock 1.  Notice the liferaft beside the mast and the line 
from the anchor leading over the focsle railing.  The line is for the anchor marker as 
required by Seaway Regulations.

Algowood still with the turquoise thing in the Captain's window on the starboard side.

Algowood on the way to Lock 1.

Victory 1 above Lock 1.  Rt Hon Paul J Martin visible in the drydock.

Bow detail.
Victory 1 on the way to Lock 1.  It seems the ship has a starboard list, although
it may be simply the camera angle.
Whitefish Bay below Lock 2.  It was one of those hot days when loaded ships spray
down the deck to prevent hogging.
View of the superstructure with various details:  run-about, fire mains, liferafts,
liferings, crane, self-unloading gear.

Gliding toward Lock 1.

Evans Spirit below Lock 2 with a load of grain.
 As with most new construction they have a free-fall lifeboat.  I wonder if it will be
removed and replaced with liferafts?

Norman McLeod with the Everlast in the notch.

Close-up of the tug.

7/12- Seaway South Shore Canal - Roland Van Bulck

John D. Leitch approaching the Côte Ste-Catherine Lock.

John D. Leitch sliding the wall to the CSC Lock.

7/9 & 7/11 - Welland Canal - Barry Andersen

Evans Spirit - down bound headed for lock 3.

Evans Spirit - down bound clear of lock 3.

Stack on Evans Spirit.

Cruise ship Victory I (formerly the ST. LAURENT) shown leaving lock 7 up bound.


John B. Aird - on wall above Lock 7 waiting for Victory I to clear the lock.


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