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July 27-August 3, 2016


7/30-Terrapin Point, NY
- Rich Nicholls

Niagara Thunder

Maid of the Mist VII

Niagara Wonder

Maid of the Mist VII

8/1 - St. Clair River Traffic
- Kevin Majewski

Federal Nakagawa downbound at St. Clair.

Stern view.

Baie St. Paul upbound at St. Clair.

Stern view.

Ojibway still moored at the Government dock in Sarnia.

7/31 - Charlevoix
- Daniel Weston

USCG Mobile Bay departing Charlevoix through bascule bridge.

Transiting Round Lake.

8/2 - Kewaunee
- Sue & Mark Dillenburg

Tuesday noon the tall ship Madeline came to Kewaunee.

It tied up to museum tug, the former COE Ludington.

7/29 - St. Joseph, MI Lighthouse tour and 8/1- Coast Guard festival Parade of Ships Grand Haven - Jim Lindholm

St. Joseph MI lighthouse. The brass whistle is a replica of the whistle at Michigan City.

First year the public (by appointment) can visit the restored lighthouse and
fog building.

The first ship in the Grand Haven Parade of Ships was the Canadian Coast Guard ship  Constable Carriere. 

The mid shore patrol vessels are jointly manned by the civilian Canadian Coast Guard and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Ottawa County Sherriff department boat with water cannon.

First U.S. Coast Guard ship was the Morro Bay.

Mobile Bay pushing her buoy-tending barge CGB 12002.


7/23 through 7/31 - Detroit River

P1002894~2.jpg (128783 bytes)
Sunday morning at the Westcott. Co. Dock.
P1002923~2.jpg (220989 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott downbound.
P1002929~2.jpg (115297 bytes) P1002926~2.jpg (62210 bytes) P1002904~2.jpg (114202 bytes)
Mail, a Sunday paper and bait.
P1002907~2.jpg (219869 bytes)
Tug Michigan and barge Great Lakes headed for Toledo.
P1002911~2.jpg (102688 bytes) P1002920~2.jpg (212331 bytes) P1002814~2.jpg (288647 bytes)
Federal Schelde checks down for a pilot change allowing the Algocanada to pass.
P1002816~2.jpg (267816 bytes)
P1002819~2.jpg (114774 bytes) P1002827~2.jpg (238064 bytes) P1002791~2.jpg (164002 bytes)
Reporters from Detroit's NPR station recording Capt. Sam Buchanan Saturday for a future edition of All Things Considered.
.P1002792~2.jpg (84963 bytes) P1002799~2.jpg (217498 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway
P1002800~2.jpg (103325 bytes) P1002808~2.jpg (263393 bytes) P1002810~2.jpg (464710 bytes) P1002830~2.jpg (211459 bytes)
Pilot change on the Puffin
P1002832~2.jpg (223413 bytes)
P1002840~2.jpg (259406 bytes) P1002846~2.jpg (343341 bytes)
Running very high in the water with the propeller breaking the surface.
P1002856~2.jpg (237214 bytes) P1002857~2.jpg (258486 bytes) P1002868~2.jpg (198178 bytes)
Pizza delivery to the Friendship
P1002829~2.jpg (360690 bytes) P1002875~2.jpg (181199 bytes) P1002873~2.jpg (166405 bytes) P1002708~2.jpg (41560 bytes)
Sunrise over Detroit.
P1002715~2.jpg (128318 bytes)
Pilot change via combination ladder.
P1002656~2.JPG (265981 bytes)
Detroit Fireboat Curtis Randolph checking equipment.
P1002652~2.jpg (217914 bytes) P1002645~2.jpg (123936 bytes) P1002662~2.JPG (159937 bytes) P1002727~2.jpg (190701 bytes)
P1002729~3.jpg (156322 bytes) P1002731~2.jpg (158103 bytes)
Zug Island
P1002752~2.jpg (222862 bytes) P1002753~2.jpg (195041 bytes) P1002736~2.jpg (162517 bytes)
P1002738~2.jpg (233617 bytes) P1002744~2.jpg (213718 bytes)
200-foot yacht Rock It fueling in Detroit. Owner is listed as the founder of Jimmy John's.
P1002747~2.jpg (72861 bytes) P1002756~2.jpg (81805 bytes) P1002664~2.jpg (100650 bytes)
Mo Pop festival in Detroit.
P1002759~2.jpg (252795 bytes) P1002666~2.JPG (270829 bytes) P1002668~2.jpg (150800 bytes) P1002671~2.jpg (108982 bytes) P1002685~2.JPG (225668 bytes)
P1002687~2.jpg (146143 bytes)
Tour boat Friendship returns to dock in Wyandotte.
P1002706~2.jpg (84708 bytes)
Early morning delivery to the American Integrity
P1002887~2-1.jpg (115229 bytes)    

7/20 through 7/30 - Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen

Erria Swan upbound headed for Lock 2.


Marsgracht upbound headed for Lock 2.

Marsgracht - note Plimsoll line marking has been changed to allow for more cargo.

Karl E. Luedtke works to line up tow for entry into Lock 4.

Paul L. Luedtke on stern of tow to act as a brake when needed.

Luedtke tow with tugs - Derrick #16, GL70 & GL 73.

Derrick barge #16 tow headed for Lock 4.

Hamilton Harbour Queen - upbound headed for Lock 2 - going to Canal Days in Port Colborne.

Hamilton Harbour Queen - turning around to dock at West Street in Port Colborne. 

Empire Sandy - passes under bridge 21 heading to West Street for Canal Days.

Empire Sandy - cannon blast announces the vessel arrival at Port Colborne. 

Empire Sandy - turns to dock at West Street with Algosar in background.

Empire Sandy - passengers who made the trip from Port Dalhousie to Port Colborne crowd the port rail as vessel docks.

Ontario Explorer - at small boat dock Port Weller - rare appearance at the Canal.

Ontario Explorer - at small boat dock.

Puffin upbound leaving Lock 3.

BBC Manitoba upbound at bridge 5.


Fireboat Edward M. Cotter at Canal days in Port Colborne.

Empire Sandy - busy on one of her daily cruises into Lake Erie.

Mississagi - upbound under bridge 21.

Kaministiqua - upbound headed for Lock 2.

Mississagi outbound Port Colborne outer harbour.




7/30 -Welland Canal - Bill Bird

British freighter Johanna C in Port Colborne harbour with pilot boat JW Cooper coming alongside.

Pilot climbing on board Johanna C.

She's on her way to Cleveland.


Rare sight in Humberstone with Mississagi loading at the old Robin Hood elevator.


Tim S. Dool at Thorold.

Headed to Port Cartier. 

Liberian flagged BBC Manitoba headed to Lock 2.

She's on her way to Duluth.

Kaministiqua clear of Lock 3.

Smoke from bow thruster's engine as the Kam approaches the Glendale bridge.

Surge from bow thruster.

She's headed for Thunder Bay.

As Kaministiqua enters Lock 4 west Tim S. Dool exits from the east side. 

7/20 - Along the Mississippi above Lock 7, Dreisbach, MN
- Bob Buchanan

Robin Ingram downbound on a hot summer day.

Ingram moved to the shore to await upbound traffic.

Kelly Erickson is upbound.

Erickson clears the Ingram.

Lastly Jack Wofford is upbound so Ingram can lock down.


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