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Aug 7 -11, 2016


8/11 - Roger Blough departed the CN Duluth Docks on Tuesday afternoon  - Ed Labernik

1-rblough-8-9-16-el..jpg (264460 bytes)
Roger Blough makes its turn to starboard in Superior Bay of the Duluth Harbor Basin to line itself up with the Duluth Ship Canal after departing CN Duluth.
2-rblough-8-9-16-el.jpg (142710 bytes)
Spectators line up along the Duluth Ship Canal to welcome the Blough back into service.  This was its first load of iron ore pellets since coming out of dry dock in Sturgeon Bay following the Gros Cap Reef grounding.
4-rblough-8-9-16-el.jpg (252938 bytes)
The Blough passes between the North Pier Light and the South Pier Lighthouse on the Duluth Piers.
5-rblough-8-9-16-el.jpg (140474 bytes)
Roger Blough passes the North Pier Light and out into Lake Superior.
6-rblough-8-9-16-el.jpg (149684 bytes)
Well out into Lake Superior, the Blough adjusts its destination for Gary, IN.

8/11 -
Soo and St. Clair Rivers - Graham Grattan

1-rogb-8-7-16-gg.jpg.jpg (136426 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound at Mission Point Sunday in the St. Marys River.
2-rogb-8-7-16-gg.jpg.jpg (140102 bytes)
Roger Blough approaching Mission Point.
3-rogb-8-7-16-gg.jpg.jpg (54197 bytes)
Roger Blough above Pointe Louise, just about to turn and line-up the Brush Point Ranges over her stern.
1-amspir-7-19-16-gg.jpg.jpg (144576 bytes)
American Spirit downbound on Lake St. Clair.
2-amspir-7-19-16-gg'jpg.jpg (194049 bytes)
American Spirit on Lake St. Clair with the Detroit skyline in the distance.
3-bufjrb-7-19-16-gg.jpg.jpg (201701 bytes)
Buffalo downbound the St. Clair River and James R. Barker unloading at Recors Point.
4-thalde-7-21-16-gg.jpg.jpg (217048 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes at the Sarnia Sun Oil dock and Presque Isle in the foreground.
5-tbay-7-23-16-gg.jpg.jpg (179367 bytes)
Thunder Bay upbound the St. Clair River passing Stag Island.
6-intcan-7-23-16-gg.jpg.jpg (169606 bytes)
Intrepid Canada downbound the Detroit River.
7-alsea-7-24-16-gg.jpg.jpg (146699 bytes)
Algosea upbound the St. Clair River passing the town of St. Clair.
8-holly-7-24-16-gg.jpg.jpg (170105 bytes)
USCGC Hollyhock upbound the St. Clair River passing Russell Island.
9-ober-7-24-16-gg.jpg.jpg (170977 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar upbound the St. Clair River passing Harsens Island.
10-erswa-7-24-16-gg.jpg.jpg (202097 bytes)
Erria Swan has changed pilots at the Detroit Pilot Station.

8/11 -
CSL Welland at Ste-Catherine - Roland Van Bulck

IMG_0647.jpg (169641 bytes)
CSL Welland tying-up at the Ste-Catherine wharf
IMG_0644.jpg (158815 bytes)      

8/11 -
Ks Yacht Norge up bound past Summertown LookOut - Brenda Benoit

Norge--6.jpg (143526 bytes)
  Summerstown Ontario August 10 2016 - 6pm.
 HNoMY Norge, the royal yacht of the King of Norway, with King Harald V on board, was westbound in the Seaway at the St. Lambert Lock on Wednesday afternoon. Her destination is Toronto. One of only three remaining royal yachts in Europe, the ship's name is Norwegian Bokmål for Norway. Norge was the Norwegian people's gift to King Haakon VII in 1947. The royal standard is flown from the aftermost mast when the king is on board.      

8/11 -
St. Mary's River - Scott McLellan

1-Mani--08-07-16-SM.jpg (190582 bytes)
  Manitoulin upbound at Johnson's Point with coal for Essar Steel.
2-SPRUCE-08-07-16-SM.jpg (133802 bytes)
Spruceglen upbound at Johnson's Point on her first trip of the season, heading for Thunder Bay.
3-SAN-08-08-16-SM.jpg (229294 bytes)
Polsteam's San upbound at Coyle Point.

8/11 -
Welland Canal - Paul Beesley

1-calusa-8-1-16-pb.jpg (129698 bytes)
Calusa Coast passes the Thunder Bay above Lock 1.
2-calusa-8-1-16-pb.jpg (151759 bytes)
Chain Bridle on the barge Delaware; ready to be used in case the barge must be towed.
3-calusa-8-1-16-pb.jpg (88348 bytes)
Not a bad place to have to work.  Good scenery and calm waters.
4-hhq-8-1-16-pb.jpg (251367 bytes)
Hamilton harbour Queen below Lock 2.
5-hhq-8-1-16-pb.jpg (180892 bytes)
Hamilton Harbour Queen approaching Lock 1.  She was in Port Colborne for the annual Canal Days festival and was heading home after the holiday weekend.

8/11 - Welland Canal -
Barry Andersen

Tecumseh-clear-of-L3-as-Thunder-Bay-approaches-wall-above-the-lock.jpg (236693 bytes)
Tecumseh clears Lock 3 as Thunder Bay approaches wall above Lock 3 to enter lock - 8.08.2016
Thunder-Bay-dwnbnd-enters-L3-with-Tecumseh-under-bridge-5-upbound.jpg (197661 bytes)
Thunder Bay - entering Lock 3 downbound as Tecumseh passes through bridge 5 headed to Lock 4
Thunder-Bay-in-L3-downbound.jpg (125423 bytes)
Thunder Bay in Lock 3 downbound - 8.08.2016
Thunder-Bay-deck-sprinklers-helping-to-keep-vessel-from-hogging-at-the-ends.jpg (169770 bytes)
Thunder Bay - deck sprinklers help to keep vessel from hogging at the bow and stern in this hot summer - 8.08.2016
Malmo-(Mlt)-dnbnd-clear-of-L4.jpg (203179 bytes)
Malmo (Mlt) - downbound clear of Lock 4 - 8.08.2016
Malmo-(Mlt)-headed-for-L3-in-setting-sun.jpg (130631 bytes)
Malmo (Mlt) - downbound approaching Lock 3 at bridge 5 - 8.08.2016
 Atlantic-Enterprise-upbnd-headed-for-Erie,-PA.jpg (172451 bytes)
Atlantic Enterprise - upbound at bridge 4 headed for Erie, PA refurbishing
BBC-Manitoba-(Lbr)-dbnd-clear-of-L3-(3).jpg (168508 bytes)
BBC Manitoba (Lbr) - downbound clear of Lock 4
Belasitza-(Mlt)-dbnd-clear-of-L2-(2).jpg (142564 bytes)
Belasitza (Mlt) - downbound clear of Lock 2 headed to Lock 1
Belasitza-(Mlt)-dbnd-headed-for-L1.jpg (133592 bytes)
Ocean-Castle-(Mlt)-dbnd-clear-of-L4-(3).jpg (159489 bytes)
Ocean Castle (Mlt) - downbound clear of Lock 2
Ocean-Castle-(Mlt)-dbnd-headed-to-L3.jpg (145292 bytes)
Ocean Castle (Mlt) - downbound clear of Lock 4
Puffin-(Jam)-dnbnd-clear-of-L2-(2).jpg (165635 bytes)
Puffin (Jam) downbound clear of Lock 2
Puffin-(Jam)-dbnd-clear-of-L4-(2).jpg (158034 bytes)
Puffin (Jam) downbound clear of Lock 4 - port of registry not seen very often

8/11 - St. Clair River traffic, Sunday August 7
- Kevin Majewski

1.San-08-07-16-KM.jpg (174517 bytes)
San upbound at Marysville.
2.Sa-08-07-16-KM.jpg (192738 bytes)
Stern view.
3.AO-08-07-16-KM.jpg (190552 bytes)
Algoma Olympic loading at the Cargill dock in Sarnia.
4.SCT-08-07-16-KM.jpg (207738 bytes)
SCT Stockhorn moored at the Shell Oil dock in Corunna.

8/11 - Cuyahoga River Tow -
Rich Nicholls

1-Iowa-8-7-16-rn.jpg (126374 bytes)
Tug Iowa on the bow.
2-Delaware-8-7-16-rn.jpg (248028 bytes)
Barge Delaware and tug Calusa Coast
3-Calusa-Coast-8-7-146-rn.jpg (193573 bytes) 4-Calusa-Coast-8-7-16-rn.jpg (172801 bytes)  

8/11 -
Recent Soo Traffic - David Kaye

1-presqueisle-8-4-16-dk.jpg (252583 bytes)
Presque Isle
2-kboothe-8-4-16-dk.jpg (164891 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr.
3-asprit-8-5-16-dk.jpg (133946 bytes)
American Spirit
4-victory-8-6-16-dk.jpg (191088 bytes)
5-satemich-8-6-16-dk.jpg (190374 bytes)
State Of Michigan
6-algolake-8-4-16-dk.jpg (266728 bytes)
7-ltregurth-8-5-16-dk.jpg (169858 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha
8-oberstar-85-16-dk.jpg (247336 bytes)
Hon James L Oberstar

8/11 - Recent Detroit area traffic

P1003153~2.jpg (240298 bytes)
Pilot change on the San
P1003150~2.jpg (102622 bytes) P1003146~2.jpg (71715 bytes)
Wave from the crew.
P1003158~2.jpg (82849 bytes)
Pilot off
P1003157~2.jpg (228325 bytes)
Ambassador Bridge and not a could in the sky.
P1003178~2.jpg (220968 bytes)
Thunder Bay upbound
P1003180~2.jpg (224729 bytes) P1003173~2.jpg (147230 bytes)
Diamond Queen on an afternoon tour.
P1003174~2.jpg (279141 bytes)
Sam Laud
P1003165~2.jpg (178065 bytes)
P1003182~2.jpg (227654 bytes)
Pilot change on the Malmo
P1003190~2.jpg (110719 bytes)
Friendly deck crew.
P1003193~2.jpg (151884 bytes) P1003195~2.jpg (185579 bytes) P1003188~2.jpg (208176 bytes)
Tug Junior C II
P1003199~2.jpg (227629 bytes)
Pizza delivery to the Friendship
P1003201~2.jpg (107674 bytes)
P1003204~2.jpg (282140 bytes)
Detroit Princess turning below the Ambassador Bridge.
P1003206~2.jpg (306446 bytes) P1003105~2.jpg (148218 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha downbound
P1003113~2.jpg (206688 bytes) P1003117~2.jpg (278612 bytes) P1003111~3.jpg (85610 bytes)
Something unique about a riveted hull built for World War II service.
P1003118~2.jpg (271446 bytes)
The ship served as an oiler in the Pacific Theater and later converted for Great Lakes service.
P1003129.jpg (128510 bytes)
H Lee White
P1003132~2.jpg (224422 bytes) P1003135~2.jpg (348127 bytes)
Shadows from the low evening sun.
P1003138~2.jpg (247419 bytes) P1003141~2.jpg (156238 bytes) P1003137~2.jpg (212184 bytes)
P1003101.jpg (220594 bytes)
Great Republic unloading
P1003126~2.jpg (202834 bytes) DJI_0676.jpg (254274 bytes)
Crew prepares the Friendship for the BoatNerd Cruise Saturday.
DJI_0643.jpg (502067 bytes)
Drone picture of the Portofino Restaurant in Wyandotte. Chart yacht Portofino on the left, Friendship on the right.
P1003099.jpg (223042 bytes)
P1003058.jpg (256235 bytes)
In the Rouge River
P1003057~2.jpg (322931 bytes) P1003064~2.jpg (262470 bytes) P1003053~2.jpg (233690 bytes) P1003078~2.jpg (268023 bytes)
Pizza delivery after a pilot change
P1003003~2.jpg (271642 bytes) P1002994~2.jpg (260636 bytes) P1002990~2.jpg (232387 bytes)
Along side at Mistersky Fuel Dock
P1002996~2.jpg (228359 bytes) lodinggrocedit.jpg (105107 bytes)
Groceries up
P1002970~2.jpg (148189 bytes) P1002977~2.jpg (87316 bytes)
It's universal, 5 gallon buckets disappear everywhere.
P1002955~2.jpg (97448 bytes)
Mail by the pail
P1002979~2.jpg (203160 bytes) P1002966~2.jpg (244596 bytes)
P1002953~2.jpg (286780 bytes) P1002951~2.jpg (218081 bytes)
Capt Mary Taylor heads the Westcott II for the Tecumseh.
P1002954~2.jpg (155369 bytes) P1002967~2.jpg (228158 bytes) P1002939~2.jpg (123075 bytes)
Crew change
P1002942~2.jpg (216657 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott upbound.
P1002937~2.jpg (137249 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha downbound.
DJI_0704.jpg (245368 bytes)
Portofino at the Portofino
DJI_0692.jpg (282771 bytes) P1003047~2.jpg (184403 bytes)
ovationwedding8616-(1).jpg (193909 bytes)
Newlyweds on the Ovation turning below the Ambassador Bridge.
ovationwedding8616-(2).jpg (282199 bytes) ovationwedding8616-(4).jpg (104243 bytes) DJI_0760.jpg (206844 bytes) VZM.IMG_20160801_120446.jpg (75683 bytes)
Portofino on a recent 5-year inspection - Picture by Capt. Bill Griffore
20160804_105334.jpg (117025 bytes)
passed with flying colors.

Recent Point Edward/Sarnia Passages
- Marc Dease

Cuyahoga up bound in the St. Clair River.

Cason J. Callaway up bound in the St. Clair River.

Algoma Olympic eases by the Algorail.

Making the elevator dock.

Taking on a load at the elevator in Sarnia.

Mississagi heads into Lake Huron.

Saginaw up bound in the St. Clair River.

Lee A. Tregurtha heads into Lake Huron.

G3 Marquis heads into Lake Huron.

Paul R.Tregurtha down bound in Lake Huron.

American Spirit heads into Lake Huron.

Ojibway up bound for the Government dock in Sarnia.

Easing past the Algorail.

Almost close enough to touch.

Squeezing into her berth.

Almost there.

Algoway heads into Lake Huron.

Algorail awaiting her fate.

Kaye E. Barker meeting the Tecumseh as the American Century follows.

American Century down bound above 1 & 2.

Paul R. Tregurtha meets fleet mate James R. Barker above 1 & 2.

Algoma Harvester taking on a load at the elevator.

Baie St. Paul meets fleet mate CSL Assiniboine.

Michipicoten up bound above the Black River entrance.

Ojibway laid up until September.

John D. Leitch down bound at buoys 1 & 2.

Thunder Bay heads into Lake Huron.

8/1 through 8/4 - Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen

Algoma Harvester down bound clear of Lock 2.

Algoma Harvester heads toward wall down bound as Robert S. Pierson clears Lock 1 and passes upbound. 

Thunder Bay clears Lock 2 downbound as Robert S. Pierson approaches Lock 2.

Federal Nakagawa enters Lock 3 downbound.


Mississagi downbound slides along the wall above Lock 3 with Stephen B. Roman in Lock 5 downbound.

Mississagi pilothouse.

Mississagi downbound approaching Bridge 4.

Pearl Mist downbound headed for Lock 2 as dusk appoaches.

Recent Welland Canal Passages
- Brenda Benoit

Empire Sandy


Federal Nakagawa

Tug Sea Eagle II and barge St. Marys Cement II

Stephen B. Roman

8/1 & 8/2 - Fleming Channel, Detroit River
- Ted Hanifan

Baie St. Paul upbound for Superior, WI.


The Edwin H. Gott upbound for Two Harbors MN.


8/3 - St. Clair River Traffic
- Kevin Majewski

Whitefish Bay downbound at Marysville.

ATB Olive L. Moore/Lewis J. Kuber upbound at Marysville.

Whitefish Bay and Olive L. Moore/Lewis J. Kuber meet above Stag Island.

7/30 & 7/31 - Duluth/Superior - Phil Lynch

Herbert C. Jackson at Fraser Shipyards.

Paul R Tregurtha backing under Bong Bridge, to load coal at the Superior Midwest Energy dock.



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