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Aug 13-21, 2016


8/18 & 8/19 - Mariatown
- Ron Beaupre

Dylan Cooper. Note that the nameboards say Dylan Cooper Reinauer, but the registered name is Dylan Cooper.

With barge RTC 108.



- Bill Van Appledorn

Sam Laud at Verplanks dock.

In Lake Macatawa.

8/18 - Ogdensburg
Jerry Hebda

M.R. Kane

Minervagracht was carrying wind turbine parts.

8/17 & 8/18 - St. Clair River Traffic
- Kevin Majewski

Saltie Pilica upbound above Stag Island

Pilica stern view.

Algoma Spirit upbound above Stag Island.

R/V Lake Guardian upbound at Port Huron.

Tug Rebecca Lynn moored at the Shell Oil dock in Corunna, Ontario.

Saltie Taagborg downbound at St. Clair.

Stern view.

CSL Welland downbound at the Salt Dock.

Stern view.

Tug Genesis Victory / barge GM 6506 downbound at St. Clair.

8/13 & 8/14 - Straits of Mackinac
- Roger LeLievre

Grand Hotel

Pearl Mist docked.


Mackinac Express

Marquette II


Old Round Island Light

Miss Margy

Huron and Joliet

8/17 - Toronto
- Jan van der Doe

Toronto Drydock Ltd.

W.N. Twolan


Radium Yellowknife

Coastal Titan

English River unloading cement.

Unidentified workboat.

Vigilant I with barge MM 142.




Algosteel laid up.


William Rest

David G

Wigeon unloading sugar.


8/12 & 8/14 - Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen

Algoma Spirit in deep dock as Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin is pulled from shelf by tug MOLLY M I.

Spruceglen downbound in Canal at bridge 21 in Port Colborne.

Molly M I works hard to get tow moving.

Molly M I with Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin nearly clear of old PWDD after inspection and repairs.


Beauforce upbound about to enter Lock 8 on first trip into the Lakes.

Beauforce upbound under bridge 21 Port Colborne.

Algosar being cut up at IMS yard.

Techno St. Laurent at IMS. Pilothouse is the only major portion missing at this time.

CCGS La Verendreye. A portion of the deck house and some of the hull still visible at IMS yard.

IMS yard wheelhouses - not all identified.




Barge Norman McLeod with tug Everlast upbound in Port Colborne outer harbour.


Kaministiqua upbound sliding along the wall as a downbound vessel clears the lock.

Algoma Spirit afloat in deep dock at old PWDD yard with gates open later afternoon.

8/12 through 8/15 - Along the Seaway
- Murray Blancher

Evans Spirit loading at Port of Johnstown.

Beauforce upbound at Mariatown.

Wigeon upbound at Mariatown.

G3 Marquis downbound at Mariatown.

Marbacan downboud at Mariatown.

Pilica upbound at Mariatown.

Esta Desgagnes upbound at Mariatown.

8/13 - Port Huron
- Sean Munson

Alpena upbound.

8/13 - Port Huron - Cindy Cosgrove

Arthur M. Anderson upbound.
 Phillip R. Clarke downbound.



8/11 through 8/13 - Welland Canal
- Bill Bird

John B Aird heading to Lock 2.  She'd be back in the canal the following day.


Federal Oshima under Bridge 5.

Algoma Harvester in the pond clear of Lock 7.


Whitefish Bay clear of Lock 3 with one small yacht waiting to head upbound. 



Cruise ship Victory 1 passing GM plant on Glendale Avenue.


Marbacan leaving the flights.  Notice the green and white GO train crossing the bridges. For now GO service is on a seasonal basis but that will change in a few years.


Lookout on the bow.


G3 Marquis exiting Welland bypass and approaching Port Robinson.   



8/12 & 8/13 Port Huron and Sarnia
- Mark Harris

Alpena upbound by the Huron Lightship.

CSL Welland arrived in tandem with a major storm.

Federal Elbe Note Pilot boat.

Hon. James L. Oberstar on a dreary morning heading out onto Lake Huron.

Passing the Huron Lightship.

Ojibway at the Sarnia Government Dock getting ready to return to service. Algorail in rear.



8/12 - Brig Niagara
- Graham Grattan

Brig Niagara

Lots of manual labor required.

8/11-St. Joseph
- Mike Harting

Cuyahoga departing St. Joseph.

8/6 - BoatNerd Detroit River Cruise
- Pete LaBelle

Shortcut Bridge

Ste. Claire

William Hoey and Shannon.

SCT Stockhorn

Huron Maid

Pizza delivery.

Curtis Randolph

J.W. Westcott II

Huron Maid back at the dock.

8/7 through 8/10 - Fishtugs and other small commercial vessels in Northern Michigan
- Tom Hynes

Retired research vessel Chinook at Alpena.

Active research vessel Tanner.

Trap net boat Brendamarie.

Net truck at Alpena.

Lady Michigan heads out for a cruise.

Caterpillar earthmover at Lafarge quarry.  Likely well maintained, but a little dirty.

Blonnie W. at Rockport.

Remains of old Rockport stone dock.

Appledore V off Rogers City.

R.V. Sturgeon at Cheboygan.

R.V. Arcticus

Unidentified landing craft at Cheboygan.

Kristen D. returning from Bois Blanc Island.

Turning in the river.

Approaching their dock.

Kari A. at Mackinaw City.

Tug Owen M. Frederick tending to the crane barge Harvey at the Soo.

They appeared to be re-rigging the stiff leg derrick that installs and removed the stop logs for the MacArthur Lock.

Nokomis on one of her many tours.

Adanac III assisting with the PML Ironmaster.

Small tugs Fairchild and Whitefish Bay.

Fishtug LaBelle at Whitefish Point Harbor, where she has been for years.

A distant relative of the Yellow Submarine?

Michigan registered fishing vessel Eat Moore Fish.

Open boat Vicon at Whitefish Point Harbor.

Maria Christine

Calah II

May Bee

Shirley Ann

Mr. M$ne and several older boats on shore.

Mr. M$ne ready to fish.

Natalie Jean in Bay Mills.

Big Abe at Brimley.

LeLia Mae

Clipper at Brimley.

Thomas H. at Bay Mills.

I didn't know this is how whitefish is smoked.

Unidentified fishing vessel at MCM Marine in the Soo.

Another unidentified trap net boat.

Unidentified gill netter.

Holiday takes a tour.

Unidentified tugs at MCM Marine.

Soo pilot boats Empire State and Soo Pilot.

MCM Marine's floating drydock.

Derrick No. 55

Kelli Anne


Part of the Duncan Bay ghost fleet: the former William Hoey and Joelle Ann Marie.

Ryba Marine's Barge No. 2.  There is a small push tug behind it.

Illinois and Missouri at the GLT tug dock.

PML Ironmaster at Essar Steel Algoma.

Purvis Marine Line's tug dock.  Lots of tugs.

Neebish Islander II headed for the mainland.

One day I'll take this short ferry ride, but for now I've only driven to the island on the winter ice bridge.

John Sherwin in the sun at De Tour.

Pilot boat Linda Jean at De Tour.

Drummond Islander IV heads to the island.

Barbeaux and Son Fisheries at De Tour has recently painted their boats, but their names have yet to be applied.

The owner was kind enough to let me take a few photos after business hours and he even mentioned the names of the boats. One is the Sharon, but I didn't catch the other name, or which one is which.

Their net truck.


Wooden tug Philo B. Leonard on display at De Tour.

Brief history of the boat.


R.C. Anderson near De Tour.

Marquette II makes a fast trip to Mackinac Island.

Following the UPS truck off the island onto the Corsair.

After its last freight run of the day, the Corsair headed over to Arnold's St. Ignace shipyard.

 Michigan registered trap netter MC 3470 JY with Arnold's Straits Express and Algomah in the background.

Ferry Beaver still up on blocks.


Unidentified trap net boat and the research vessel Atikameg at Arnold's shipyard.

Another view.

Richard E. on dry land.

Crowded dock in St. Ignace.

Open net boat.

Eddie and another small boat.

Joliet returning to St. Ignace.

Small push tug Billie Ann at Cheboygan.

E.H. LaBlance at Cheboygan.

Calcite's pilot house at the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse.


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