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Aug 28-29, 2016


8/27 & 8/28 - Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen

Draken Harald Harfagre ship enters Lock 3 downbound.

Breakfast served for crew and canal pilot.

Lowering in lock 3 just after sunrise - tent covering part of the deck is where the off-duty crew members sleep.

Reading seems to be a popular way to pass time in a comfortable spot.

Limited protection from the elements while at the helm.

Clear of lock 3.


COE Leni downbound in Canal approaching old guard gate.

Stern shows recent rename from Marselisborg this summer.


John J. Boland upbound about to enter Lock 7 on return trip up the Canal.

Busy day at Lock 6 - Fraserborg upbound in west chamber and Wigeon downbound in east chamber.

Chestnut downbound clear of Lock 2.

Industrial Chief downbound clear of Lock 3 headed for Lock 2.


8/26 - Buffalo/Lackawanna
- Brian Wroblewski

Chestnut loading coke in Lackawanna.

World's Largest Rubber Duck in the Watson Basin of the Buffalo River.

8/28 - Cleveland
- Kate White

Calumet, as seen from the Lorain Carnegie bridge.

8/27 - Welland Canal
- Bill Bird

CSL St-Laurent just starting to lower in Lock 1.

Clear of the lock.

Manitoulin has just come off Lake Ontario and is sliding along the wall at the old sand dock.





Tim S Dool has cleared Lock 3.

At the Glendale bridge.


Viking ship Draken Harald Harfagre from Norway is downbound headed to Lock 1.

Before heading out into the lake she would stop for a time in Port Weller harbour.



Algoma Mariner clear of the flight locks.


She's on her way to Clarkson.

Esta Desgagnes on her way to Lock 3.

The whistle sign for Bridge 4 isn't really needed any longer with cameras along the Seaway. 

8/26 - Lachine
- Joe Delaronde

John J Boland upbound between Bridges 7A and 7B, just passing under Mercier Bridge at Kahnawake.

Exiting Bridges 7A and 7B.
Upbound exiting Kahnawake, directly across from Lachine, Quebec.

8/25 & 8/26 - Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen

Algosteel upbound headed for  Lock 2 on first trip of 2016.


Chestnut upbound headed for Lock 2.


Industrial Chief tied up at wharf 2 below Lock 1 in Port Weller harbour.


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