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Aug 28 - Sept 8, 2016


9/4 - Welland Canal
Michel Gosselin

SCT Stockorn is approaching Bridge 11 in Allanburg.

Passing underneath Bridge 11.

Gadwall about to enter Lock 4 west.

Federal Hunter halfway Lock 1 and 2.

Stern view.

American Mariner tied up above Lock 7.

Algoscotia tied up above Lock 7.

Stern view of American Mariner.

Stern view of Algoscotia.

American Mariner, John D. Leitch and Algoscotia.

Federal Hunter, American Mariner, John D. Leitch and Algoscotia.

Federal Hunter, American Mariner and John D. Leitch.

 Blacky is about to pass through Bridge 4.

Stern view.

9/5 -Hamilton/Burlington
- Bill Bird

Federal Katsura entering Burlington Ship Canal.

She has a load of fertilizer for pier 25.



Waiting for Tim S Dool which is backing out of Dofasco after unloading ore.

Dool lined up to enter the canal.

She's heading to Superior.

Quite the wave action as she enters Lake Ontario.

A mile and a half from the piers John D Leitch calls in.

And is given the green light to enter Hamilton harbour or Burlington Bay/

She has a load of coal from Sandusky.


9/1 & 9/2 - Seaway - Fritz Hager

Algoscotia exiting the Eisenhower Lock headed up for Sarnia.

Algolake sliding the guide wall at Upper Beauharnois (Lock 4).

Marsgracht lined up on the centerline at Upper Beauharnois.



9/4 - Marine City
- Don Detloff

Algosteel upbound.



9/4 - Cleveland
- Kate White

Algoway taken from the Lorain Carnegie bridge.

9/3 - Thorold
- Mark Harris


8/28 - Rideau Canal Photos
- Paul Beesley

 Approaches to Lock # 35, Narrows Lock.  Floating Daymarks, which I have not seen before.

Our tiny houseboat.  We only motored about 21 nautical miles in each direction as we found many things of interest to explore.  And, it was so peaceful at the various locks that we simply stayed and enjoyed our time there.

50 HP motor.  Doesn't go fast enough to do any damage even if you hit something head-on.

 Another view.  The Canal was very busy despite it being near the end of summer.

Of the 45 locks; yes, 45!, 42 of them are operated manually.  This includes gates, sluice valves, bridges.

The swing-bridge at the left is manually opened.  The Rideau Canal is a series of rivers, lakes and connecting locks and canals that form a continuous waterway from Kingston to Ottawa, in eastern Ontario, Canada.   It was built because there was fear that those pesky Americans would hinder traffic and commerce along the St Lawrence River between Montreal and Kingston.

Seeking "Local Knowledge" from the lock crew.  The crews are a mix of students hired for the summer and full-timers.  The canal is 202 kilometres (125 miles) long, of which about 19 kilometres (12 miles) is man made (locks and canal cuts), the rest are natural waters. 

Not many rules, either.  Most boaters were quite accomplished but the odd one got sideways in the lock and these were the targets of much yelling.   There are 45 locks in 23 lockstations along the main route of the Rideau plus 2 locks that link the Tay Canal to the Rideau. 

Construction was very difficult and the loss of life was high.  History of the Rideau Canal is here:

From Lake Ontario at Kingston the canal rises 50.6 metres (166.2 feet) to the summit of Upper Rideau Lake and then descends 83.8 metres (275 feet) to the Ottawa River at Ottawa. 

Dogs will go anywhere as long as it moves.  These belong to someone else.  To view location maps of the Rideau Canal, head over to:

9/3 -Welland Canal
- Bill Bird

Tecumseh headed towards Lock 3.

On her way to the Lakehead.

Algocanada at Allanburg.

Headed to Bronte on Lake Ontario.

Salty Jule from Antigua and Barbuda at Thorold.

She's travelling to Hamburg

Algosteel approaching old bridge 10.


She should be in Goderich Sunday evening.

8/27 through 9/3 - Sarnia/Point Edward and the Welland Canal
- Mark Harris

Night view of Algowood loading at Sarnia elevator.

Great Republic downbound on Lake Huron from Point Edward, Ontario.

John B. Aird upbound through Sarnia

Sunset on downbound Lee A. Tregurtha from Point Edward, with Port Huron across the river.

Paul R. Tregurtha downbound on Lake Huron from Point Edward, Ontario.

Algosteel in the Welland Canal.


8/29 - Duluth
- Phil Lynch

Walter J McCarthy Jr. leaving Duluth under lift bridge.

Miss Laura leaving Duluth.
Federal Seto entering Duluth lift bridge.


8/31 - St. Clair River Traffic
- Kevin Majewski

 Saltie Malmo downbound below Stag Island.

Algoma Enterprise upbound at St. Clair.

Algoma Enterprise stern view.

8/29 & 8/30 - Mariatown
- Murray Blancher


Robinson Bay

Robinson Bay and BPL 6704.

Coi Leni
Evans Spirit

Industrial Chief

Victory I


8/31 - Detroit River
- Kenneth Borg

Galeon Andalucia and J.W. Westcott II.

J.W. Westcott II after servicing the Kaye Barker;  Galeon Andalucia going down the river; Kaye E. Barker leaving the dock at Detroit Marine Terminal.

9/1- South Baymouth Terminal on Manitoulin Island - Graham Grattan

Chi-Cheemaun approaching South Baymouth.

A narrow channel and rocks are not far a way.

A port list from a sharp turn to starboard at speed.

 Passing the Terminal.

A close-up of the stack.

Getting the lines out and backing into position to unload through the stern.


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