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Sept. 18-22, 2016


8/26 through 9/14 - Green Bay, Two Harbors, and Duluth/Superior
- Ken Kemper

Arthur Anderson going up the Fox River in Green Bay to deliver load at Reiss Coal. 



Taken from Dousman St. Bridge by Titletown Brewery.






Ryerson inactive in Superior but looking quite handsome.



CSL Laurentien quietly passing under the Lift Bridge.

American Spirit loading in Two Harbors.


American Mariner arriving at Duluth.


A ship tracking app and rollerblades brought these boatwatchers down to the Canal.

9/20 - Saginaw River
- Todd Shorkey

Dorothy Ann Pathfinder inbound just below the Cheboyganing Creek.


Stern view

Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. inbound at the Saginaw River Front Range.

Recent Welland Canal Passages
- Paul Beesley

Federal Baltic below Lock 2.  This tree gets larger every year.  I have seen an upbound tug/barge combination rub through the branches when passing a a downbounder in this location.

View of the superstructure.

Crew waiting to get to Lock 1.

Muster station with diagram showing individual placement during emergencies.  This helps when making a head count.

Gliding slowly toward the lock.

H. Lee White below Lock 2.

"Are we there yet?"

View of the superstructure.

Approaching Lock 1.

Recent St. Marys River Passages
- Roger LeLievre

Atlantic Huron upbound at 9 Mine Point.

Cedarglen out of lay-up and carrying grain.

Stern view of Cedarglen.

Stewart J. Cort anchored for fog at Nine Mile Point.

Evans Spirit at the Rock Cut headed for Sorel.

Tug Nickelena tows a barge upbound Sunday through the St. Marys River with three Wartsila generators bound for Marquette Board of Light and Power.

They were loaded in Escanaba and came from overseas on the BBC Mont Blanc.

Museum ship Norgoma in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

Paul R. Tregurtha upbound in the evening.

Passenger ship Victory 1 headed downbound.

Yankcanuck in long-term layup at Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.


9/16 - Welland Canal
- Mark Harris

Algosteel downbound, exiting Lock 4.

At the Glendale Ave. bridge.

From Aboard T/S State of Michigan This Past Summer
- Cadet R. Branderhorst

Paul R. Tregurtha, taken 6/1/16, waiting to enter Soo Locks upbound.

Tim S. Dool, taken 6/1/16, upon exiting Poe Lock downbound.

Arthur M. Anderson, taken 6/1/16 upon exiting Soo Locks downbound.

Great Republic in fog, taken 6/5/16 upon exiting Soo Locks downbound.

Great Republic and Ojibway in fog, taken 6/5/16 upon exiting Soo Locks downbound.

Roger Blough and Ojibway, taken 6/11/16, upon exiting Soo Locks downbound for Sturgeon Bay.

oger Blough and Ojibway, taken 6/11/16, upon exiting Soo Locks downbound for Sturgeon Bay.

9/5 through 9/12 - Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen

BBC Hudson downbound clear of Lock 1 in Port Weller harbour.


BBC Mont Blanc upbound clear of Lock 1.


Federal Danube downbound clear of Lock 2.

Federal Baltic downbound clear of Lock 3.

Clear of Lock 2.

 Federal Asahi upbound clear of Lock 2.

9/15 - Holland
- Bill Van Appledorn

The Buffalo unloading stone at Verplanks dock.

 In Lake Macatawa.

Exiting past Big Red.

9/14 - Cleveland
- Kate White

Dennis Sullivan

9/11 - Cleveland
- Rich Nicholls

William C. Gaynor rides on an anchor buoy in Cleveland harbor's West basin.

8/28 through 9/14 - Manistique and Escanaba
- Craig Knudson

Lauren A in Manistique.

Algoma Spirit loading in Escanaba

BBC Mont Blanc unloading in Escanaba.


9/13 - St. Clair River
- Kevin Majewski

Calumet downbound below Recors Point.

Algowood loading at the Cargill dock in Sarnia.

Algorail still moored at the old Sidney E. Smith dock in Sarnia.



9/13 & 9/16 - Rouge and Detroit Rivers
- Mike Nicholls

Ste Claire and Lee A Tregurtha at the Dix Ave. bridge on the Rouge River.




Algoma Spirit fueling at Mistersky's fuel dock on the Detroit River



9/11 & 9/12 - Muskegon and Nighttime on the Badger
- Tom Hynes

Truckable tugs J-Krab and Sanna in Muskegon.

Barbara Andrie in semi-retirement.

Dredge Henry Grant

Loading a recreational boat onto the Badger. Kind of like a minnow being swallowed by a whale.

Crew take a final break at the dock.  This is the last nighttime sailing of the season.

Mate releases the boat from the apron.

Spartan in the twilight.

Turning on one engine.

What is left of the sunset.

Total Persons Allowed - 680.

Quiet boat deck at night.

Tempting me with a shelf full of Archway cookies. I behaved.

 There have been a few different logos on this stack over the years.

Arriving at Manitowoc about 11:30 pm central time.

Deckhand locks the boat into the apron.

Car deck and apron.

Unloading vehicles.

Tied up for 90 minutes.

Classic Lake Michigan car ferry apron with counterweights.

Three semis and several cars were on loaded for the return trip.

Apples headed for processing in Michigan.

Builders plate.

Cafe was pretty quiet during the middle of the night.

8/29 - Jones Falls Buoytender Depot on the Rideau Canal
- Paul Beesley

One of the highlights of the Rideau system.  Not to mention that it had malarial mosquitos during construction.

Jones Falls has 4 locks.

Lock sill.  Almost all the 45 locks have manual controls.  Only three have been mechanized.

Inside a lock chamber.
Diagram of the Locks at Jones Falls.  One at top centre, a flight of three at lower left.

Most of the Rideau Canal system is very shallow; as were the original Welland Canal and the Erie Canal.  This photo was taken in the basin between the locks.

Home!  Early morning view, waiting for the locks to open.

The dam at Jones Falls.  Jones Falls is home to the Great Stone Arch Dam.  When completed in 1831 this was the highest dam in North America (almost 60 feet) a stunning feat of engineering.  Photo courtesy of Ken Watson.

Up-to-date view of the Dam.

Canal Weir.  This allows the operators to control the lake level above the dam.

Sluiceway leading to the Hydro-electric generating station.

Depiction of the locks in the early 1830s.  #39 at top, #40 to #42 in centre.

The promised buoytender.

The Rideau and the Trent-Severn canals have a small fleet of these to maintain their floating and fixed aids to navigation.

Bottom end of Lock 39 at dusk.

9/11 - Saginaw River
- Logan Vasicek

Saginaw in Saginaw Bay

Head on

Turning into her name sake river.

Bow detail

9/11 -Welland Canal - Bill Bird

Cypriot registered Labrador at the old guard gate.


Headed to Thunder Bay,

Algoma Discovery leaving Lock 3 with a good crowd at the Observation platform.


Meeting Baie Comeau.


Youngster on board.


Headed to Picton, Ontario.


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