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November 2 - 7, 2016


11/4 - Welland Canal
- Mark Harris

Algosteel, Sterling Energy, St. Marys Cement II &Sea Eagle II.


Algosteel and Sterling Energy

CSL St. Laurent

Evans Spirit

11/4 & 5 - Soo Traffic - David Kaye

USCG Katmai Bay

Roger Blough


Edwin H. Gott

Hon. James L. Oberstar

CSL Welland


Radcliffe R. Latimer

Stewart J. Cort

Joseph L. Block

Lee A. Tregurtha


11/4 - Atlantic Erie Scrap Tow passing Tracy - Captain Claude Marcil, pilot (ret.)

Scrap tow of the former Atlantic Erie, built in 1984 as the Hon. Paul Martin.

Pacific Hickory is the towing tug.

Ocean Bravo assisting.

Ship has been renamed Spirit of Shpongle for the scrap tow to Turkey.

11/1/1984 - Hon. Paul Martin on Launch Day - Collingwood
- Ron Beaupre

Hon. Paul Martin, later named Atlantic Erie on the ways at Collingwood, ready to be launched November 1, 1984.

11/3 - Hamilton Harbor
- John van der Doe



Bonnie B. III and Carol C. I

Side view.

Bro Agnes

Ecosse, with Evans McKeil behind her.

Federal Baltic

Cargo being unloaded with a shoreside crane.

Jarrett M.

Florence M., Tony McKay and James A. Hannah.

Jerry G.

King Fish I and A. LeBlanc.

King Fish I

Lac Manitoba

Nordic Mari

Ocean Golf

Omni Richelieu

Pacific Standard


10/29 & 30 - Welland Canal
- Bill Bird

Plenty of Algoma ships starting with John B. Aird at Thorold.

Stiff breezes in the canal as the Aird has a strong tailwind.

Bound for Toronto.

Algolake at Port Robinson.

Billboard on boom.

On her way to Goderich.

Moving over Algoma Equinox.


Not sure why mate was working with iron deckhand.

Headed for Quebec City.

The new tug-barge combination Sea Power and Sea Chem1 are tied at the industrial dock in Thorold. Likely because of the winds. Built in Erie, Pennsylvania the barge can handle up to 7 million gallons of chemicals and petroleum products and will be based in Florida.

Algocanada approaching Allanburg.


Meeting John D Leitch in Welland bypass.

Leitch at Port Robinson.

Headed to Port Cartier in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
Bridge-it, the ferry that transports passengers and cyclists across the canal at Port Robinson, will be closing for the season this weekend. 
USS Detroit clearing the Welland bypass and approaching Port Robinson with tug Ocean Serge Genois trailing.

The U-S navy's newest warship, a littoral combat ship, she was officially commissioned in her namesake city October 22nd. She was built in Marinette Wisconsin. Her home port will be San Diego. 





Quebec based tug Ocean Serge Genois will accompany USS Detroit through the Seaway

Heading to Lock 7.

October Welland Canal Photos
- Barry Andersen

Abandoned hulk at Jordan Harbour - 10.8.16

Algoma Spirit - Upbound in Port Colborne outer harbour - 10.7.16

Algosoo being put into IMS slip at port Colborne with tug VAC and Charlie E assisting - 10.7.16

Algorail upbound headed for Lock 3 - 10.8.16

ARA Rotterdam -  rare to see a vessel at this facility in Port Colborne outer harbour - 10.7.16


Heleen C. - Downbound clear of Lock 2 - 10.15.16


Genesis Victory with barge GM 6506 headed downbound - 10.19.16

Lake St. Clair  - upbound headed for Lock 2 - 10.20.16

Skawa - upbound clear of Lock 1 - 10.20.16

Federal Saguenay - downbound clear of Lock  4 - 10.22.16


Floretgracht - upbound under bridge 21 Port Colborne - 10.23.16

Sten Baltic - downbound headed for Lock 8 in Port Colborne harbour - 10.23.16

Maccoa  upbound headed for Lock 5 - 10.25.16

Escorte & M.R.Kane with barge Ocean Basque 2 - upbounnd about to enter Lock 2 - 10.26.16

Escorte with barge Ocean Basque 2 below Lock 2 - 10.26.16

Sea Power and Sea Chem - 1

Seahound assisting.


Sea Power and barge Sea Chem-I on their maiden trip together headed for Orange, TX to complete the barge according to a crew member.


USS Detroit


Ocean Serge Genois assisting.


Algosoo with her boom cut and her pilothouse removed.

Welland Canal and Erie, PA
- Brian Wroblewski

Manitoulin at the ADM Standard 10-31-16.

USS Detroit at Lock 8 in the Welland Canal 10-30-16.

Ocean Serge Genois struggles to keep the Detroit centered in the channel alongside Baie Comeau below Lock 8 on 10-30-16, as the warship's stern nearly misses the wall.

Tug-barge Sea Power - Sea Chem-1 at the Erie Shipyard 10-15-16.

10/25 - Alpena
- Ben & Chanda McClain

Herbert C. Jackson arriving in the river.

Tying up the lines

Unloading cargo.

10/24 & 25 - Sault Ste. Marie - David Kaye

American Integrity

Edwin H. Gott

Burns Harbor

Lee A. Tregurtha


Edgar B. Speer

CSL Frontenac

USCG Katmai Bay

Arthur M. Anderson


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