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November 20- December 7, 2016


12/6 -Welland Canal
- Bill Bird

 Cypriot-registered Labrador at Thorold.

Hard to miss the instructions.

Not wishing to tie up above Lock 7 she has a slow transit in this part of the canal.

And here's the reason. Joseph L Block clearing the lock.

The American carrier approaching old bridge 10.

This is the Block's second trip through the canal. The first was last week when she took ore to Quebec City.
Back to Superior Wisconsin for more ore and perhaps a 2nd trip to La Belle Province.


Crane ship Amelia Desgagnes at Allanburg. When launched at Thunder Bay as Soodoc (2) she was without the cranes. They were added a year later in England.


Another passing entry at Lock 7 as Amelia Desgagnes replaces Michipicoten.

Lightship she's headed for Toledo.

Notice her flag is at half mast.

Another late season trip through the canal for Algorail on her way to Lock 3.

Back to Goderich.

12/5 - Duluth
- Ed Labernik

M/V Herbert C. Jackson comes in off Lake Superior and passes between the North and South Piers of the Duluth Ship canal.

Stern view of the Jackson as it passes under the Aerial Lift Bridge.

Stern view of the Jackson in Superior Bat of the St. Louis Bay, heading to the Calumet Fuel Dock.

Very near the Calumet Fuel Dock, the Jackson with the Blatnik Interstate High Bridge in the background.

12/4 - Cleveland
- Rich Nicholls

Unused tugs California and Pennsylvania in the old river bed.

Tug Iowa at work at river mouth.

 Sam Laud proceeding through the West basin to the bulk terminal.

Barge Uncle John being used to salvage an outdrive at Dike 14.

Uncle John's pushboat.

12/4 & 12/5 -Sarnia
- Lorraine Morrill

Huron Spirit was out showing off the new gear  with lots of horn salutes and two trips up to the bridges on Sunday Dec. 4.

The Callaway and the Barker executed a perfectly choreographed meet at Buoys 1&2.


Samuel Risley

12/1 -Saginaw River
- Todd

Alpena unloading at the Lafarge dock in Essexville.

Another view

Dorothy Ann - Pathfinder unloading at Burroughs North in Essexville.

Another view

Bow view with Alpena in the background.

Dorothy Ann and Alpena.

12/5 - Cleveland
- Kate White

John J Boland waiting down steam at the west 3rd Street Bridge for the Olive L Moore with barge Lewis J Kuber and tug Iowa. These 2 boats are rare on the Cuyahoga river due to their size

12/1 - Detroit
- John van der Doe

Federal Champlain upbound.

Federal Leda discharging cargo.

Federal Mackinac also unloading.

Federal Champlain.

12/4 - Welland Canal
- Mark Harris

Algosteel upbound between Locks 1 and 4.

Canadian Coast Guard vessel Constable Carriere downbound.

12/3 -Aboard the Sugar Island Ferry
- Rosemary Smith

Federal Leda upbound.

Baie Comeau downbound mets the Federal Leda.

12/5 - Holland, Ferrysburg, and Muskegon
- Tom Hynes


Unidentified barge in Holland.

A workboat and three truck-able tugs at the King Company's yard. Also present were a large number of truck-able sectional barges.

Unidentified crane barge in Ferrysburg.

King Co. dredge Morgan Gale

King Co. tugs Jessica Joy and Dorena.

Carol Ann

Hidden away in a marsh in Ferrysburg is a large raft of floating equipment, much, if not all is owned by the King Company.

Included are the dredge Buxton II (at far left), the tug Matt Allen, and an unnamed spud barge made from the stern of the Harry T. Ewing.

The cement barge St. Marys Cement III now resides in Muskegon, at the old GTW ferry docks. The sun refused to come out of the clouds for a decent photo.

McKee Sons, Zeus, and Trieste laid up at Muskegon's Mart Dock. Only the Zeus has been active in the last few years. 

William C. Gaynor

Ethan George up on shore for the winter.

Robert W. Purcell.  I think it has been out of the water for a number of years now.

11/27 - Cleveland
- Rich Nicholls

Calumet docking at Dock 20

Shell patch.

Thomas R. Morrish at river mouth waiting for NS Bridge.

Barge CT 251 heading upstream for another load of dredge spoils.

11/29 - Port Colborne
- Nathan Attard

Joseph L Block tied up in Port Colborne waiting on inspection to enter the Welland Canal.

11/24 through 11/26 - Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen

Algoma Harvester downbound clear of Lock 2 - 11.24.16

Algoma Harvester powers up to clear lock 2 as Labrador approached - 11.24.16

Ojibway upbound headed for Lock 2 - 11.26.16 


Ojibway and English River pass just below Lock 2 - 11.26.16

 English River downbound clear of Lock 2 - 11.26.16

Labrador upbound headed for Lock 2 in ballast - 11.24.16

Redhead upbound headed for Lock 2 - 11.24.16

 Sunda upbound headed for Lock 3  - 11.25.16


11/27 -Welland Canal
- Mark Harris


Cederglen pilothouse.

Captain Henry Jackman

John B. Aird

11/25 & 26 - Two Harbors, Silver Bay and Superior
- Donald Stiger

Edwin H. Gott at Two Harbors

Roger Blough, Two Harbors

Blough's hatch crane.

H. Lee White was departing Silver Bay.

Roger Blough departing Two Harbors.

Ryerson slumbers in Superior.

11/12 - Frankfort
-Tom Hynes

Gill net fishtug Kathy. At one time she fished out of Munising.

Luedtke's Krista S.

Krista S. and Ann Marie

Down the road in Kaleva, the former Manistee and Northeastern NW2 #3 is stuffed and mounted for display at the depot museum.

Also in Kaleva is the bottle house, built with deformed and rejected bottles by the owner of a former bottling company.

10/28 through 11/18 - Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen

HHL Rhine upbound headed for Lock 2.


Dylan Cooper (Reinauer) upbound under bridge 5 with barge RTC 108.


Federal Bering upbound approaching bridge 5.

Mississagi downbound clear of Lock 3.

Federal Yukon downbound headed for Lock 1.

Algosteel upbound clear of Lock 1.

Qamutik downbound Port Colborne harbour.


Roerborg downbound clear of Lock 2.

Algosteel downbound passing through Homer bridge headed to Lock 2.

Algorail upbound on the way to Lock 3.

Ludogorets downbound headed for Lock 3 late evening.

Cheyenne about to enter Lock 3.


Federal Alster clear of Lock 8 upbound at Port Colborne - first trip into Great Lakes.

Baie St. Paul downbound entering Lock 3. 

Cheyenne with new barge Witte 2304 downbound clear of Lock 2 after picking up barge at Erie.

Ecosse with barge Stevens 2501 loaded with project cargo entering Lock 3. 

Sea Crescent on stern with barge Stevens 2501 entering Lock 3. 

Sea Crescent raised in Lock 3.

Tugs Ecosse and Sea Crescent with barge Stevens 2501 depart Lock 3.

Federal Clyde on maiden trip- first trip in Great Lakes.

Huron Spirit on its delivery trip.





11/18 - Welland Canal
- Michel Gosselin

Huron Spirit is in lock 7 in Thorold.

Close up view as she's leaving lock 7.

11/18 - Sault Ste Marie
- Jim Lehocky

Short distance scrap tow for the Yankcanuk.

11/12 & 11/18 - Welland Canal
- Bill Bird

Algorail clear of the flight locks.  Unusual to see her light downbound.  She's headed to Hamilton to pick up a cargo of coke.

Forced to tie up above Lock 3 waiting for Algosteel.

Fleetmates passing.

Algosteel headed for Goderich.

Following a refit on the east coast Canadian Coast Guard ship Samuel Risley has returned to the Great Lakes.

After more than 60 years of service on the Great Lakes the Ojibway still looks great.

On her way to Thunder Bay.

Heavy Lift ship HHL Amur at Thorold.

She's showing a destination of Montreal.

Algoma Harvester approaching Homer Bridge.

The Algoma newbuilds feature a pilothouse with windows from floor to ceiling.

Going to the Lakehead.

English River clear of Lock 2.


Biggest fish I've ever seen in the canal.

Algoma Hansa at Port Robinson.

The tanker is headed to Oakville west of Toronto.

At Port Colborne, Huron Spirit has just departed Lock 8 with Algolake remaining tied on the west wall.

Huron Spirit was built in New England at Somerset Mass, came up the eastern seaboard past the Statue of Liberty and then through the Erie Canal to Lake Ontario and the Welland.

The newest pilot boat on the Great Lakes has Captain George Haynes in charge. He's vice president of District 2 of the Lakes Pilots Association.

Huron Spirit will replace Huron Belle at Port Huron. Other captains will be envious when they learn it only took her about six hours to transit the canal. She's stopping for the night in Erie.

In the outer harbour she meets Atlantic Huron and the rapidly disappearing Algosoo at the scrapyard.

Atlantic Huron approaching Bridge 21.

I counted eight crew members on deck. On today's laker that's roughly half of those on board.

Bound for Sydney, Nova Scotia.

11/7 - Welland Canal
- Eric

Roerborg below Lock 4 in the Welland Canal.

Sharon M1 and barge Niagara Spirit below Lock 2.

11/13 - Saginaw River/Bay City
- Logan Vasicek

Cuyahoga in the Saginaw River.

From the USS Edson.

Recent Seaway Passages -Kahnawake
- Joe Delaronde


Evans Spirit

11/12 through 11/16 - Sarnia
- Lorraine Morrill

Manitoulin just after sunset.

BBC Mont Blanc

John D. Leitch



Federal Alster

American Spirit taken just after sunset.

Federal Alster

The G3 Marquis departing Sarnia's Cargill Elevator with a load of soybeans for Baie Comeau, Quebec.

Federal Alster loading.

The Ocean Basque 2 and Escorte dredging the North Slip at Sarnia.

Everlast and Norman McLeod

Cason J. Callaway


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