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December 19-25, 2016


12/21 -Trenton
- Mike Nicholls

John J Boland, assisted by the tugs Wyoming and New Jersey, transited the Wyandotte and Trenton channels in route to the Trenton Edison Power plant.
 She turned at Bishop Park and backed down the Trenton channel. 



New Jersey


12/16 - Brockville, Ont.
- Murray Blancher

 Joseph L. Block down bound  at Blockhouse Island.

12/16 through 12/18 - Duluth and Two Harbors
- Donald Stiger

The Roger Blough was loading at Two Harbors.

The American Spirit was loading at Two Harbors. 

The Edwin H Gott was arrived in Two Harbors as well.

The Algoway was departing Duluth. 

The Edgar B Speer was changing berths at Two Harbors.

12/17 - Summerstown, Ont.
- Brenda Benoit

Katie G. McAllister towing the Colleen McAllister (stern first) upbound in the Seaway.  The pair were purchased by Port City Tug of Muskegon and are on their delivery trip.

12/14 - Welland Canal
- Mark Harris

Joseph L. Block

Oakglen passing the Block.


12/12 - Hamilton
- Jan van der Doe




McKeil tug dock

Lac Manitoba

More McKeil tugs.

12/11 - South Shore Canal near Ste-Catherine
- Roland Van Bulck

FWN Bonafide clearing the lock, Herbert C. Jackson sliding the wall.

FWN Bonafide


Herbert C. Jackson






12/11 - Duluth
- Ed Labernik

 The Phillip R. Clarke and the Lee A. Tregurtha approach the South Pier Lighthouse of the Duluth Ship Canal during frequent snow squalls and strong winds.

 The Phillip R. Clarke about the pass the South Pier Lighthouse and enter the Duluth Ship Canal under stormy and snowy conditions.

Frequent snow squalls greet the Phillip R. Clarke in the Duluth Ship Canal.

The Lee A. Tregurtha passes the North Pier Light in the Duluth Ship Canal.

The Tregurtha in the Duluth Ship Canal during a snow squall.

12/8 and 12/9 - Welland Canal
 - Barry Andersen



Herbert C. Jackson





12/9 - Welland Canal
- Bill Bird

When the Herbert C. Jackson entered the Welland Canal at Port Colborne on December 9th,  it marked the first time in almost 40 years since she'd been in this neck of the woods. Remains of Algosoo at IMS scrapyard in the background. 
Recently repowered and with a new paint job she almost looks brand new. And yet she's on her second half century of work on the Great Lakes.
Built in 1959.

It wasn't until she was almost on top of us that the sun came out.



Easing her way into Wharf 16 where she would stop for inspection.

After several hours she would be on her way again with a cargo of iron ore for Quebec City.  View from Clarence St. bridge.

12/7 - Port Huron -
Mike Mishler

John B. Aird



Algoma Harvester

American Century

Joseph L. Block

12/6 and 12/7 - Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen

Algorail and Amelia Desgagnes


Amelia Desgagnes

Joseph L. Block passes the Labrador.

Joseph L. Block

Sea Eagle II and St. Marys Cement II.


Plump pilot guides the Sea Eagle II.

Barge Kirby 155-01 and tug Heath Wood on delivery voyage.

Federal Katsura with Robert S. Pierson in distance.

Federal  Katsura

John D. Leitch

Robert S. Pierson


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