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January 11-March 6, 2017


3/4 - Cleveland
- Nick Hunter

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder transits beneath the Norfolk Southern Lift Bridge.

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder rounds Irishtown Bend in front of Merwin's Wharf.

Samuel de Champlain/Innovation docked at the Lafarge berth.

3/4 - Cleveland
- Kate White

Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder as seen from University Road.

2/22 - Goderich
- Philip Nash

Algosteel and Algorail in lay-up at Goderich.

Bow of Algosteel with Fish Tug Noskca J.

Algosteel with Tug Dover.

 Tugs Donald Bert, Dover and Algosteel.

Bow of Algosteel with Compass Minerals/Sifto salt loader in foreground.

 Algorail in lay-up.

 Bow of Algorail. Rail cars on right waiting to enter salt mine.

Algorail and Algosteel at North Inner Wall for lay-up. Compass Mineral/Sifto Salt Mine in background.

John B. Aird at the North Harbour for lay-up behind the salt mine.

John B. Aird at North Harbour.

Kort nozzle on the Aird. A bubbler system keeping ice clear.

Tug Ocean Cote Nord and Fish Tug Noskca-J.

Compass Minerals Sifto Salt Mine in Goderich.

Tugs Ian Mac and Debbie Lyn astern of Fish Tug Kristy Lyn II.  Former "SS Shelter Bay" pilothouse in background which houses a small museum.


2/11 - Duluth Layup Photos
- Jim Lukkarila

J.B. Ford and American Century

J.B. Ford

American Century

Philip R. Clarke

2/19 - Menominee
Richard Bloomquist

Photographs of the Viking I (former Ann Arbor No. 7 / Viking) in Menominee, MI at KK Logistics. It is currently being scrapped. Two years ago she had the superstructure present and the name Viking I on the bow and rear sea gate. She has been scrapped down to her car deck as of February 19th of this year. She will be gone by the end of 2017 according to employees there.      

2/18 - Sarnia
- Kevin Majewski

Algoma Transport rafted to the Capt. Henry Jackman at the Government dock. Algosea moored at the Sidney E. Smith dock.

CSL Assiniboine moored at the Cargill Elevator across from the Transport and Jackman at the Government dock.

Ojibway with the Cuyahoga moored in the North Slip.

Tug Defiance ‘out of the notch’ and moored in the North slip.

The barge Ashtabula moored with the Saginaw in the North slip.

2/19 - Manistee
- Tom Hynes

Museum ships Acacia and City of Milwaukee wait for the tourist season to arrive.

MCM Marine cutterhead dredge Arthur J. and other workboats wintering in Manistee.

Ferry turned to tug Drummond Islander II.

Local shortline railroad Marquette Rail appears to have a new removable snow fighting wedge plow for their ballast regulator.  It probably won't look this clean ever again.

1/23 -Great Lakes Shipyard, Cleveland -
Great Lakes Group

Great Lakes Shipyard is currently working on two Geo Gradel & Co. vessels; the tug John Francis and the hopper barge Mobro 2000.

Mobro 2000.

Bottom damage.

Damage plates removed.


Preparing to place new steel.

1/21 - Huron
- Steven Myers

Adam E. Cornelius and Sam Laud wintering in Huron, Ohio.

1/28 - Sturgeon Bay
- Mark Dillenburg

Manitowoc at Sturgeon Bay for winter siesta. In the bay nearing the downtown bridges. No ice issues today.

Moving thru Oregon/Maple St. Bridge with Michigan St. bridge open to left.

Backing in with help of Selvick tugs Jimmy L and William C. Gaynor next to sister Calumet




Historical Perspective - Ludington
- Gordon Davis

A car handler about to off load cars at Ludington, MI. It was cold and hazardous work in the wintertime, back when the ferries sailed year ‘round day and night. The  carferry is likely either the Spartan (now laid up for her parts) or the Badger.      

1/16 - Detroit
- Kenneth Borg

Algosteel with the tug New Jersey eases down the Rouge River at Jefferson Ave.  after discharging slag at St. Marys Cement.

1/15 - Donjon Marine - Erie
- Brian Wroblewski

Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder and Elizabeth Anna

Bubbler protecting the Elizabeth Anna.

Pathfinder's bow thruster tunnel.

Dorothy Ann's pilothouse.

Lakes Contender in next slip.

1/15 - Duluth
- R.S. Hom

Arthur M. Anderson getting ready to turn around.

Anderson backing in with help.

Anderson alongside east of dock 6 with Helen H assisting.

1/15 - Windsor
- Ted Hanifan

Hon James L. Oberstar down at Belle Isle for AK Steel in the Rouge.

American Integrity downbound at Belle Isle with ore for Conneaut.

1/14 - Owen Sound
- Mark Harris

Samuel Risley

John D. Leitch the day she arrived in Owen Sound for lay-up.

John D. Leitch joins two other Algoma Central boats in Owen Sound for lay-up – Algoway and Algoma Olympic.


Algoma Olympic






1/14 - Milwaukee
- Harold and Philip Kirman

Stewart J. Cort inbound for layup under the Daniel Hoan Bridge at Milwaukee. Disturbing some light plate ice in the channel inbound on a 30 degree Saturday.

1/14 - Port Huron
- M. Young

Great Lakes Trader upbound.

Tug Joyce L. Van Enkevort

1/12 through 1/14 - Upper St. Marys River
- Graham Grattan

Joyce L. Van Enkevort downbound.


USCGC Katmai Bay appears from behind rafted ice at Pointe Louise.

Wind driven ice 'rafts up' over a sand bar.

USCGC Katmai Bay increasing power.
Wednesday morning's strong west winds resulted in rafted ice in shallow areas and along the shoreline.
Walter J. McCarthy

Manitowoc at Pointe Louise.

Hon. James L. Oberstar

Mobile Bay

1/14 -  Port Colborne
- Ron Willis

Coast Guard ship Griffon tied up on the west wall, below the Clarence Street bridge.




1/10 - Detroit
- Captain Mike Nicholls

Barge Endeavour and tug Karen Andrie at the Revere Dock awaiting weather.

1/9 - Detroit
- Kenneth Borg

Former Bob-Lo boat Ste. Clair being towed to a dock on the Detroit River between the mainland and Belle Isle.

G-Tugs Wyoming and New Jersey doing the tow. 

1/6 - Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal
- Jay Renstrom

Indiana Harbor going through Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal


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