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March 23, 2017


3/22 - Historic Perspectives – Robert Klamerus

Recently Robert Klamerus of Ashland, Wis., shared some family images of his father and great-grandfather with Boatnerd. His father passed away aboard the Edmund Fitzgerald in 1968. Thank you Robert for these great images!

Several shots show the tanker Justine C. Allen docked and underway. Thanks to Dave Michelson for helping identify some of the vessels.

Great Grandpa William J. Klamerus  working removing grain from a ship.

Lake Carries’ Association membership, 1937.

William and Elizabeth (Dolly) Klamerus alongside the Robert B Wallace.

William J Klamerus in 1949 with the steamer E.G. Mathiott in background.

William J. Klamerus, engineer, on an unknown vessel.


William Klamerus (center) and others pose alongside the Edmund Fitzgerald, 1964.


William Klamerus’ orders to report to the Edmund Fitzgerald as a fireman in 1968.



William J. Klamerus, engineer, on Edmund Fitzgerald.


William Klamerus and engine room crew on the Fitzgerald.



Armco from the Blue Water Bridge, hand colored photo.

Back Bay and an unknown tanker.

Standard Oil Co. tanker Beaumont Parks.

Philip D. Block in the Davis Lock.

Frank C. Ball.

Interlake boat Harry R Jones from the Justine C. Allen.

James A. Farrell in a hand-tinted A.E. Young photo.

James E. Davidson, Chicago & Northwestern Ore Dock, Ashland, Wis.

Justine C. Allen docked.

Justine C. Allen in a storm.

Leona was an early pulpwood barge working for Roen SS Company.  Originally she was the D&C sidewheeler City of Alpena (2).

Tanker L.S. Wescoat and tug Rhode Island.

Manistee – Lake Superior South Shore Line, lost on Lake Superior 1883.

W.H. McGean and Frank R. Billings.

W.H. McGean at an unknown dock.

John O. McKellar (i) at an unknown port.

Middletown loading at night.

Passenger ship City of Grand Rapids of the Graham & Morton Line.

Passenger ship Manitoba of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

USS Sable (aircraft carrier, ex-passenger ship Seeandbee) being stripped for scrap, likely at Port Colborne.

USS Sable (aircraft carrier, ex-passenger ship Seeandbee) and tug.

Tanker Edward G Seubert at Chicago.

Unknown tug.

W.D. Calverley Jr - Clarkson Coal Dock, Ashland, Wis.

William J. Pilkey, Soo Line Dock.

W.W. Holloway.



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