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March 24 - April 2, 2017


3/28 through 3/31 - St. Marys River
- Graham Grattan

Algoma Equinox


USCGC Morro Bay




Edwin H. Gott pushes through the ice.



The traditional 'laker' bow of Michipicoten cuts into the ice better.


Kaye E. Barker




Herbert C. Jackson


USCGC Biscayne Bay upbound at Pointe Louise.

Philip R. Clarke downbound at Cedar Point.

Roger Blough downbound on the Brush Point Ranges.

Just above Pointe Louise.

Brush Point Front Range Light visible in the left of picture.

Edgar B. Speer upbound at The Shallows.

Blough and Speer meet between Pointe Louise and Old Lookout #6.

Blough and Speer meet.

Edgar B. Speer up at Pointe Louise.

Edgar B, Speer upbound for Light #26, the Brush Point Ranges over her stern.

3/31 and 4/2 - Blockhouse Island, Seaway
- Murray Blancher

Mississagi down at Blockhouse Island.

Brant up at Blockhouse Island.

Atlantic Huron down at Blockhouse Island.

4/1 -Galveston, Texas
- Mike Nicholls

The car carrier Michigan Highway departing Galveston Island, Texas.

Bound for Veracruz, Mexico.




3/29 - Hamilton
- Jan van der Doe

Molly M I

Carrol C I and Bonnie B III

Florence M, Tony Mackay and James A. Hannah.

Bermingham Construction's tug William.

McKeil and Nadro tugs.

Heddle Marine's tug King Fish I.

Canadian Coast Guard's Hudson on Heddle Marine's floating drydock.

McKeil Marine's Ardita



3/27 - Cleveland
- Nick Hunter

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder in front of Herbert C. Jackson loading taconite at the Cleveland Bulk Terminal.

Herbert C. Jackson spinning her propeller getting ready to run upriver.

Herbert C. Jackson transiting through the pier at the Cuyahoga River entrance.

3/27 - Lower St. Marys River
- Graham Grattan

Atlantic Huron, CSL St-Laurent and Algoma Harvester upbound on the Sailors Encampment Ranges.

Atlantic Huron is closely followed by CSL St-Laurent.

and Algoma Harvester close behind.

Atlantic Huron making the turn at Johnson Point.

In the distance USCGC Biscayne Bay is 'working the Winter Point turn'.


CSL St-Laurent

CSL St-Laurent making the Johnson Point turn.

CSL St-Laurent will be a frequently photographed ship.

Atlantic Huron upbound on the Point of Woods Ranges.

Algoma Harvester

Johnson Point Light on Neebish Island is visible in the right of the picture.

3/26  & 3/27 - Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen

Amelia Desgagnes upbound approaching Bridge 5. 

Amelia Desgagnes upbound raising in Lock 3.

Its well travelled lifeboat.

Harbour Fountain upbounnd on by-pass - 1st ocean vessel through the Canal for 2017.


Mississagi upbound clear of Lock 1.

3/26 - Windsor
- Ted Hanifan

CSL St-Laurent upbound Windsor.

3/26 - Sarnia
- Lorraine Morrill

Canada Steamship's CSL St-Laurent upbound at the Bluewater Bridges.

The Mural is in tribute to Canada's 150th anniversary and the city of Montreal's 375th anniversary.

3/25 (Opening Day) - Soo Locks
- David Kaye

American Century

James R. Barker

Cason J. Callaway

Lee A. Tregurtha


Tim S. Dool

Stewart J. Cort

Philip R. Clarke

Burns Harbor

USCGC Katmai Bay, USCGC Mackinaw, Edgar B. Speer

Edgar B. Speer

3/25 - Beauharnois
- Brenda Benoit

Kathryn Spirit
Over the winter a $7.9 million dollar cofferdam was built in order to allow for scrapping of the Kathryn Spirit and the barge Jean Raymond  at Beauharnois, Quebec.  

3/24 - Lorain
- Ed Bansek

Clyde VanEnkevort/Erie Trader on their first trip with their new name.

Welded letters of the former names on both the tug and the barge are readily visible.


They brought a load of stone from Marblehead to Lorain.

3/23 through 3/25 - Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen

Dara Desgagnes upbound headed for Lock 3.

Stephen B. Roman downbound clear of lock 2.


St. Marys Cement II with Sea Eagle II clear of Lock 2.

Salvage Monarch upbound departing Lock 7 in drizzle.

Algoscotia downbound headed for Lock 1.



3/23 - Welland Canal
Michel Gosselin

Leo A. McArthur/John J. Carrick tied up above lock 7.

Close up view of Leo A. McArthur.

Dara Desgagnes just left lock 7.

Stern view.

Bow view of Leo A. McArthur/John J. Carrick tied up above lock 7.

Calusa Coast/Delaware just left lock 6 east.


3/23 Upper St. Marys River
- Graham Grattan

Manitoulin departed Essar Steel Algoma enroute Thunder Bay.

USCGC Morro  Bay upbound above Old Lookout Six.

Morro Bay ahead of Manitoulin.

Morrow Bay increasing power at Pointe Louise.

Manitoulin up at Pointe Louise.

Morro Bay approaches Cedar Point.

Manitoulin follows Morro Bay upbound at Cedar Point.  USCGC Mackinaw was waiting near Gros Cap to provide additional assistance.

3/22 -Toledo
- Capt. Mike Nicholls

Detroit River Light

Patricia Hoey

Toledo Light

American Integrity

Paul L Luedtke


Jane Ann IV

Sarah Spencer


Patricia Hoey and Speer

Tugs Patricia Hoey and William Hoey assisted the Edgar B Speer to Lake Erie Wednesday.  Her lay up berth was at T.W.T., she backed to the C & O coal dock and we turned her around and she headed out to Lake Erie.

3/22 - Welland Canal
- Nathan Attard

Mural on CSL St. Laurent.

3/22 - Duluth
-  Ed Labernik

Just before sunrise, the Roger Blough backs away from the Calumet Fuel Dock and into Superior Bay of the Duluth Harbor.

The sun peaks through the Aerial Lift Bridge.

The Blough catches the early morning sun as it makes it's way down the west side of Superior Bay.

After making a turn to starboard, the Blough lines itself up with the Duluth Ship Canal.

The Roger Blough opens the 2017 shipping season by passing under the Aerial Lift Bridge and into the Duluth Ship Canal, on it's way to Two Harbors, MN to load iron ore pellets.

3/21 & 3/22 - Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen

CSL St. Laurent commemorative mural on front of accommodations.

CSL St. Laurent upbound clear of Lock 3.

CSL St. Laurent upbound headed to Lock 2.

Pilot boat J.W. COOPER heads for Lock 2 on way to Port Colborne station.

Stephen B. Roman after end with stack markings.

Stephen B. Roman inbound Port Weller harbour.


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