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April 18-30, 2017


4/17 and 4/23 - Welland Canal Passages
- Bill Bird



Fuldaberg and Tim S. Dool

Tim S. Dool



BBC Mont Blanc easing into Lock 7.

Heavy lift ship BBC Thames heading to Lock 3.

Approaching the Homer Bridge, the vesselís pilot blew a salute.

On her way to Burns Harbor.

BBC Mont Blanc clear of the flights.

Headed out the Seaway.

Dutch flagged Riga has left Lock 4.

She has a cargo of wheat.

Up until the end of last year she was known as Flinter Aland.  Bankruptcy resulted in new owners and a new name.

As Riga heads for the wall, tanker Algoscotia is leaving Lock 3.

Algoscotia under the Glendale Bridge.

Sheís on her way to Nanticoke.

4/15 through 4/22 - Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen



Chestnut downbound clear of lock 3.

Evans McKeil upbound headed for lock 2.


New McKeil stack marking.

Reestborg upbound below lock 2 (first trip into Seaway).


BBC Weser upbound headed for lock 2.

Barge Coastal Titan with tugs M.R. Kane and Salvage Monarch downbound clear of lock 4.

M.R. Kane in lock 3 at dusk. 

Federal Danube builder's plate.

Federal Danube upbound clear of Lock 3.

 Beatrix downbound clear of Lock 4 approaching bridge 5.

Constable Carriere upbound.

Federal Champlain downbound clear of lock 2. 

Federal Champlain about to meet Marsgracht above Lock 1. 


Marsgracht upbound headed for Lock 2.


USCG Katmai Bay departs Lock 1 enroute to Baltimore, MD.

4/14 through 4/17 - Toronto and Welland Canal - dcn

Algoma Spirit


Stephen B. Roman

Federal Bering


Algoma Olympic

Stephen B. Roman

Essroc billboard on Stephen B. Roman.

3/22 and 4/4 - Duluth
- Ed Labernik

The sun rises behind the Aerial Lift Bridge on the Duluth Ship Canal, awaiting the departure of the Roger Blough.

The Blough leaves the Calumet Fuel Dock and moves down the west side of Superior Bay in the Duluth Harbor Basin enroute to the Duluth Ship Canal.

Outbound Duluth, The Blough in the  ship canal after passing under the Aerial Lift Bridge and on it's way to Two Harbors, MN to load iron ore pellets at the CN Dock.

The Barker passes under the Blatnik Interstate Bridge between Duluth, MN and Superior, WI as the sun breaks over the horizon.

 The Barker rounds Connor's Point and moves into Superior Bay of the St. Louis River.

Downbound for Indiana Harbor, the Barker enters Lake Superior as it departs the Duluth Ship Canal with iron ore pellets for Arcelor Mittal.

4/17 through 4/22 - St. Clair River
- Richard Gebhart

BBC Mont Blanc





4/16 - Seaway
- Dave Bessant

Kathryn Spirit looking the worse for wear.

Kathryn Spirit is getting covered in graffiti.

Eemsborg just sort of appeared in the fog.

A closer view of her accomodations and you can sort of make out the Wagenborg word.

A little closer to the locks and the outflow from the hydro facility.

4/15 through 4/17 - St. Marys River
- Graham Grattan

USCGC Buckthorn downbound at Pointe Louise.







Joseph L. Block approaching Pointe Louise.

Thanks for the salute, lovely sounding whistle.

Joseph L. Block up at Cedar Point.

CSL Welland making the turn at Old Lookout #6.

 CSL Welland at Pointe Louise. 


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