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May 22 - June 8, 2017


6/15 - St. Clair River Richard Gebhart

IMG_7083.jpg (132078 bytes) IMG_7076.jpg (116055 bytes) IMG_7094.jpg (123243 bytes)
 H Lee White overtakes Fearless
IMG_7097.jpg (125399 bytes) IMG_7101.jpg (147558 bytes)

6/9-11 - Seaway -
Murray Blancher

1-CSL-St-Laurent-09-06-17-mb.jpg (130325 bytes)
CSL St Laurent up at Mariatown
2-CSL-St-Laurent-09-06-17-mb.jpg (143725 bytes) 3-Solando-09-06-17-mb.jpg (162035 bytes)
Solando up at Mariatown
4-Solando-09-06-17-mb-mb.jpg (114618 bytes) 5-HHL-Rhine-10-06-17-mb.jpg (198302 bytes)
HHL Rhine up at Iroquois 

6/8 - Michigan's UP -
Jay Young

DSC_8063.jpg (258979 bytes)
Crisp point
DSC_8043.jpg (141437 bytes)
Michipicoten down at Whitefish Point
DSC_8067.jpg (256201 bytes)
Mackinaw at Cheboygan
DSC_8009.jpg (206220 bytes)
Block in the lock
DSC_8106.jpg (190238 bytes)
Discovery entering the Mac
DSC_8113.jpg (237878 bytes)
Jolly crew
DSC_8143.jpg (188279 bytes)
Oberstar down Soo Harbor
DSC_8164.jpg (159447 bytes)
Discovery entering the rock cut
DSC_8176.jpg (203328 bytes)
in Rock cut
DSC_8175.jpg (221327 bytes)
Old reporting station

6/8 - Edwin H. Gott in the Poe Lock -
Jerry Urness

20161001_135936.jpg (182753 bytes)        

6/8 - Calumet departing St. Joseph after unloading- Sarah Lareau

2017-06-08-(1).jpg (227599 bytes) 2017-06-08-(2).jpg (152743 bytes)      

6/6 - Algoma Strongfield arrives in Hamilton
- Bill Bird

01-AlgomaStrongfield-06-06-17-a-bb.jpg (114891 bytes)
Under threatening skies and a brisk wind, the newest bulk carrier on the Great Lakes approaches the Burlington canal mid-afternoon on Tuesday June 6th.
02-AlgomaStrongfield-06-06-17-b-bb.jpg (124535 bytes)
Algoma Strongfield is another in Algoma Central Corporation's Equinox class of vessels. Strongfield is a type of spring wheat that was developed more than ten years ago. The vessel will carry iron ore and grain
03-AlgomaStrongfieldcrew-06-06-17-a-bb.jpg (43195 bytes) 04-AlgomaStrongfieldbow-06-06-17-a-bb.jpg (83193 bytes) 05-AlgomaStrongfield-06-06-17-c-bb.jpg (76093 bytes)
Being built in China, Algoma Strongfield was outfitted with hull strengthening material for the trip overseas by adding skirting above the deck level. The skirting will be removed in Hamilton and her cargo of iron ore, which was picked up in eastern Quebec will be unloaded at Arcelor Mittal Dofasco
06-AlgomaStrongfieldstern-06-06-17-a-bb.jpg (97724 bytes) 07-AlgomaStrongfield-06-06-17-d-bb.jpg (137600 bytes) 08-SterlingEnergy-06-06-17-a-bb.jpg (136101 bytes)
Following Algoma Strongfield is the bunkering ship Sterling Energy.
09-SterlingEnergy-06-06-17-b-bb.jpg (160369 bytes) 10 LeoAMcArthurJohnJCarrick-06-06-17-a-bb.jpg (1388801 bytes)
Earlier in the afternoon after a heavy downpour tug Leo A McArthur departs Hamilton with her barge John J Carrick.
11 LeoAMcArthurJohnJCarrick-06-06-17-b-bb.jpg (851266 bytes)
Headed to the Welland Canal.

Detroit Traffic -
Capt. Mike Nicholls

OAKGLENs10060417mn.jpg (119482 bytes)
June 4 - Oakglen unbound off Detroit.
GOOSEBAYCCGSs3060317mn2.jpg (170930 bytes)
June 3 - H.M.C.S. Goose Bay upbound for Dieppe Park in Windsor.
GOOSEBAYCCGSb38060317mn.jpg (205044 bytes) JARRETTMbargesb020601217mn.jpg (193156 bytes)
June 1 - Tug Jarrett M and barges unbound off Belle Isle.
JARRETTMb09060117mn.jpg (188732 bytes)
JARRETTMs13060117mn.jpg (223336 bytes) JARRETTMbargess18060117mn.jpg (182516 bytes) STECLAIREb22060117mn.jpg (172838 bytes)
Str. Ste Claire at Harbor Hill Marina, Detroit.
STECLAIREs21060117mn.jpg (180113 bytes) MOTTLERb04053117mn.jpg (185958 bytes)
May 31- Mottler upbound passing Detroit
MOTTLERs06053117mn.jpg (169093 bytes) INDIANAHARBORb02053117mn.jpg (189298 bytes)
Indiana Harbor at anchor in the Belle Isle Anchorage fueling.
GREATBLUEHERONb05052717mn.jpg (146377 bytes)
Great Blue Heron unbound at Lake St. Clair Buoys 1 & 2.
PaddleBoatBarb02052817mn.jpg (342764 bytes)
Paddle boat, passengers viewing Kid Rocks House in Detroit.
FEDERALALSTERb02052617mn.jpg (178604 bytes)
May 26 - Federal Alster unbound off Downtown Detroit.
FEDERALALSTERs04052617mn.jpg (146815 bytes) G3MARQUISb04052517mn.jpg (224561 bytes)
G3 Marquis downbound off Rivard Plaza.
KELSOCCGSb02052517mn.jpg (226091 bytes)
May 25 - C.C.G.S. Kelso upbound at Belle Isle Coast Guard Station.
KELSOCCGSs03052517mn.jpg (184573 bytes)

6/4 - Finnborg Entering Iroquois Lock Downbound
- Pat Beahen

finnborg6-4-17.jpg (1317634 bytes)

6/1 Welland Canal
- Barry Anderson

Taurus-with-Edward-H-alongside-headed-for-L3-5.31.2017-(3).jpg (242070 bytes)
Tug Taurus towing Edward H up the Canal towards Lock 3
tug-Edward-H-headed-for-L2-with-Taurus-5.31.2017.jpg (165948 bytes) tug-Edward-H-with-Taurus-raising-in-L3--5.31.2017-(4).jpg (277021 bytes) tug-Taurus-entering-L3-with-Edward-H-5.31.2017.jpg (204370 bytes) Federal-Margaree-(Mhl)-clear-of-L2-5.30.17.jpg (129517 bytes)
Federal Margaree (Mhl) dbnd clear of Lock 2

5/25 - 28 - St. Clair River -
Richard Gebhart

IMG_6766.jpg (134538 bytes) IMG_6774.jpg (67516 bytes) IMG_6790.jpg (83369 bytes) IMG_6804.jpg (112838 bytes) IMG_6609.jpg (81986 bytes)
IMG_6580.jpg (106367 bytes) IMG_6578.jpg (124018 bytes) IMG_6544.jpg (64527 bytes) IMG_6486.jpg (80299 bytes) IMG_6480.jpg (54161 bytes)
IMG_6618.jpg (61427 bytes) IMG_6514.jpg (112941 bytes) IMG_6539.jpg (86454 bytes) IMG_6504.jpg (62985 bytes)  

5/25 - Paul R. Tregurtha and John J. Boland in the Soo -
Craig Knudson

IMG_20170525_184730074.jpg (234807 bytes) IMG_20170525_184922929_HDR.jpg (260153 bytes) IMG_20170525_191644693.jpg (201149 bytes)    

5/24 - Cap de la Madeleine (Trois Rivières Qc)
- Michel St-Denis

01-Algoma-Mariner20170524msd.jpg (156633 bytes) 02-Thunder-Bay20170523msd.jpg (189926 bytes) 03-Thunder-Bay20170523msd.jpg (129688 bytes) 04-NS-Concord20170523msd.jpg (130544 bytes) 05-NS-Concord20170523msd.jpg (134226 bytes)
06-Orchard-Bulker20170524msd.jpg (141303 bytes) 07-Orchard-Bulker20170524msd.jpg (172600 bytes)      

5/22 - Point Edward  -
Dave Noordhoff

1-ACntury-22-5-17-dn.jpg (166683 bytes)
American Century downbound making the turn into the St. Clair River.
2-Algwd-22-5-17-dn.jpg (121460 bytes)
Algowood upbound into Lake Huron.
3-PClrke1-22-5-17-dn.jpg (207536 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke downbound nearing the entrance to the St. Clair River.
4-PClrke2-22-5-17-dn.jpg (239397 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke about to pass under the Bluewater Bridges.
5-Ivation-22-5-17-dn.jpg (168264 bytes)
Innovation downbound nearing the entrance to the St. Clair River.
6-TimDool-22-5-17-dn.jpg (181661 bytes)
Tim S. Dool downbound making the turn into the St. Clair River.


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