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June 10 - June 28, 2017


6/25 through 6/28 - Sorel and Tracy
- Lorraine Morril

CSL's new Ferbec departs QIT at Sorel for another load of titanium from
Havre Ste-Pierre on the lower St. Lawrence River.


Oceanex Avalon upbound for Montreal  on its weekly run from St Johns,

Tug Svitzer Cartier downbound from Montreal to Quebec City.

Laurentia Desgagnes upbound for Montreal to load Western Canada crude oil for the Valero refinery at St. Romauld, Quebec.

Toronto Express upbound for Montreal.

NACC Quebec - an Algoma joint venture cement carrier upbound for Montreal.

HMCS Toronto (333) - upbound for Montreal and then Toronto.

Livorno Express upbound for Montreal in the one of many rain showers.

MSC Alyssa downbound at Tracy at sunset.

Adfines Star downbound at Tracy in early morning light.

6/24 & 6/25 - Seaway
- Murray Blancher

Algowood meets Furuholmen at Iroquois Lock.

Ocean Serge Genois heading for the wall after assisting Furuholmen.

Algoma Guardian downbound at Mariatown. 

Furuholmen on the wall entering Iroquois Lock.

Furuholmen on the wall entering the lock.

St. Clair River -
Richard Gebhart



Algoma Discovery




Damia Desgagnes




Bro Alma

Chembulk Kobe


6/25 - Alexander Henry tow up the Saint Marys River
- Roger LeLievre

Tug Salvage Monarch and Alexander Henry above Six Mile Point.

Stern view, in the rain.

Alexander Henry in the Mac Lock.

Salvage Monarch in the Mac Lock.

Alexander Henry headed out of the lock.

Tug Missouri on the stern.

Friendly wave from Missouri pilothouse.

Tow passing West Pier and on to Lake Superior.


6/25 - Saint Marys River
- Graham Grattan

Under threatening skies the downbound John G. Munson met the upbound Prosna
near Old Lookout Six at The Shallows.


6/24 - Burlington
- Bill Bird

A tidy gathering on the east pier as John D Leitch comes in with a load of iron ore pellets from Port Cartier, Quebec.


She would slide into the Dofasco dock ahead of fleetmate Algoma Discovery who has ore from Superior.

Yacht Sea Breeze enters the canal ahead of the salty Bluewing.

Bluewing is registered in Cyprus and has a cargo of steel.

She would go to anchor in Hamilton harbour awaiting a dock.

6/16 - Alpena
-  Ben and Chanda McClain

Calumet backing into the Thunder Bay River.


Work boat being launched.


Unloading salt.

6/20 - Welland Canal
-  Bill Bird

The retired Canadian Coast Guard ice breaker Alexander Henry is on her way home. Launched at the Port Arthur shipyards in 1958 she began working the following year and served the Great Lakes until 1984. She would wind up in Kingston in 1985 as a museum ship and a bed and breakfast. Now she's being returned to Thunder Bay and will be docked at the site of the former Pool 6 elevator. Shown here on her way to Lock 2.

M.R. Kane would serve as lead tug but only for the tow through the Welland Canal.

When the federal government sold the marine museum property in Kingston last year Alexander Henry had to go. The options were scrapping, scuttling or saving by selling it. The latter option would win out.

An agreement was reached whereby the Lakehead Transportation Museum Society would take over ownership of the Henry with the express purpose of making it a tourist attraction in Thunder Bay. The Society took control of the vessel last Friday.

After the tow clears the Welland Canal Salvage Monarch will take over as the sole tug. Known as Grim Reaper for all the ships it has taken on their last journey Salvage Monarch has a more pleasant task this time. The tug was idle in 2011 when Toronto Drydock Ltd bought her for refurbishing. 2017 marks her return to service.

Weather conditions make it impossible to predict exactly when Alexander Henry will be back home. Wishing safe travels to captain Eric Rogers and crew.

 Earlier we caught Great Lakes fleet's tug Presque Isle heading to the tieup wall above Lock One.

Presque Isle had to wait for Kaministiqua to clear the lock before making her next move.

With Kaministiqua gone, Presque Isle shifts across the channel.

And into the drydock at Port Weller for her five year survey plus other work.
CSL's Frontenac hasn't been in the canal a whole lot in recent years. Seen here clear of Lock 3.

As she passed under the Glendale bridge we noticed a couple of workers atop her boom housing-looks like they might be working on satellite equipment.

Frontenac is bound for Thunder Bay.

Meantime Kaministiqua was the next upbound lockage after Frontenac. Shown here approaching Homer Bridge.

 She too is headed to Thunder Bay. The Kam is a steady visitor to the Lakehead.

6/10 and 6/17 - Seaway
- Murray Blancher



Federal Saguenay down at Mariatown.

Spruceglen up at Mariatown.


Reggeborg up at Iroquoius.


6/23 - St. Clair River
- Mike Boisvert, Canadian Coast Guard

Salvage Monarch towing Alexander Henry with Samuel Risley between.

Tug Salvage Monarch almost hidden by the Risley’s high bow.

There is a significant difference in the design and capabilities of the two vessels even though the Samuel Risley replaced Alexander Henry. 

1985 design on the left, 1958 design on the right.
On June 23 2017 CCGS Samuel Risley passed tug Salvage Monarch towing ex-CCG Alexander Henry to Thunder Bay.  Alexander Henry was built in Port Arthur (Thunder Bay) shipyard in 1958 and served almost her entire career in Thunder Bay.  She was retired in 1985 and replaced by the much different designed CCGS Samuel Risley.

6/24 - Sorel
- Lorraine Morril

Elina B.



Recent Soo Traffic
- Roger LeLievre

Roen tug Stephan M. Asher and barge are working on a reconstruction project at the locks.

Birchbark canoe with modern-day voyageurs paddling above the Canadian lock.


Straits ferry Chippewa in the MCM Marine drydock.

CCG Constable Carriere in the MacArthur Lock.

Saltie Hemgracht at Mission Point.

Hemgracht and Spruceglen in Soo Harbor.

HHL Amur loaded with windmill parts.

HHL Amur passes the Tecumseh in Soo Harbor.

The tug formerly known as William Hoey continues to deteriorate at MCM.

Herbert C. Jackson exits the MacArthur Lock at sunset.

Dredge Louise at MCM Marine.

Manitoulin superstructure at sunset in the Poe Lock.

Michipicoten downbound in the MacArthur Lock.

Michipicoten above Mission Point.

Tug Mohawk and former ferry Drummond Islander III at MCM.

John G. Munson, seen from the tour boat LeVoyageur.

Munson’s stack was altered during her recent conversion to diesel.

Passenger ship Pearl Mist downbound.

Fish tug The Purvis at the Purvis Dock in Sault, Ont.

- Great Lakes Shipyard

Great Lakes Shipyard was awarded a contract for drydocking and repairs by Geo Gradel & Co. for Tug George Gradel and Barge Moby Dick. The contract for the 2,400 HP Tug George Gradel includes steel repairs, keel cooler repairs, underwater hull inspections and repairs as well as painting and replacing fuel tanks. Work is planned to be completed by the end of June 2017.

Worked completed for the 120' x 33' x 10.5' deck barge with 875-ton capacity included surveys, inspections and repairs for load line renewal. Work was completed on June 5, 2017.









6/20 Sault Ste. Marie
- Graham Grattan

Algoma Stongfield leaving the Poe Lock.

St. Clair River -
Richard Gebhart

BBC Elbe



Algoma Transort and Michipicoten

Samuel Risley

Pearl Mist

Algoma Olympic

G3 Marquis


Federal Kushiro and Federal Seto


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