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July 2 - 6, 2017


7/4 - Port Huron
- Wayne Brusate

Bristol Bay passed downbound under the Bluewater Bridge.

7/2 through 7/4 - Buffalo
- Brian Wroblewski

Defiance - Ashtabula arriving.

Calusa Coast - Delaware headed for the Noco pier as seen from the South Grand Island Bridges.

Overlooking her transit of the Tonawanda Channel in the Mighty Niagara River with a cargo of asphalt.

Now empty, Delaware and the Calusa Coast on their way out of Tonawanda in the Niagara River.

Departing the Black Rock Canal for Lake Erie.

Recent Welland Canal Passages
- Barry Andersen

Algoma Strongfield above Lock 1 on first lakes trip.

Sally Ann C headed for Lock 1.

Alexander Henry tow. M.R. Kane on the bow.

Salvage Monarch on the stern.

Damia Desgagnes, also on its first trip onto the lakes.

Samuel Risley downbound above Lock 2.

7/2 - Welland Canal
- Charles Neal

St. Marys Cement II

Sea Eagle II

Algoma Equinox

7/2 - Erie
- Brian Wroblewski

Several views of the barge Presque Isle.

7/1 Canada Day - Hamilton Tall Ships
- Jan van der Doe


Recent St. Clair River Passages
- Richard Gebhart

Edzard Schulte

Lake Guardian

Algoma Equinox


6/30 - Boatnerd Freighter Chasing Cruise Photos
- Dave Wobser

Boarding the LeVoyageur.

Gathered below deck for dinner.


Five ladies from Rogers City.

Federal Columbia at Essar Export Dock.

Federal Columbia-  another view.
Cruise ship Victory 1 at Soo, Ontario.

Saltie HHL Amur above the locks.

Saltie HHL Amur, another view.

Cruise ends with the CSL Niagara and a spectacular sunset.

6/29 through 7/1 - Faces and photos from Boatnerd Picnic / Engineers Day at the Soo
- Roger LeLievre

St. Clair River
- Richard Gebhart

John G. Munson



CSL St. Laurent

Tim S. Dool

HHL Rhine

Sarah Desgagnes

6/12 - Marquette
- Lee Rowe

Lee A. Tregurtha loading at the Presque Isle dock.

Backing out.


On their way.

5/28 - Iroquois Lock
- Ron Beupre

Edward H. and Taurus

Delivery trip.

6/3 - Duluth
- Interlake Steamship Company

First shipment of Mustang pellets produced by Cliffs Natural Resources for ArcelorMittal.

Pellets being loaded into the James R. Barker.
The Mustang pellet, tailored to replace the Viceroy pellet formerly shipped out of Cliffs’ Empire mine in Michigan, is destined to be melted and used in ArcelorMittal’s blast furnace No. 7 at its Indiana Harbor steelmaking complex.



6/14 - Welland Canal
- Jan van der Doe

The Baie Comeau upbound at Lock 3.

Baie St.Paul downbound from lock 7 to 6.

5/19 - St. Marys River
- Graham Grattan


On the river where it has spent most of its working life.


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