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July 17, 2017


7/6 and 7/14 - St. Clair River
- Kevin Majewski

 Saltie BBC Volga, upbound at Marysville.

BBC Volga stern view.

Kaministiqua, upbound at Marine City.

Algoma Hansa, on the hook at the Recor Point anchorage, East China Township.

ATB Victory-James L. Kuber, upbound at Marine City.

Former saltie Evans Spirit upbound at St. Clair.

Stern view. Hoists on port side are for loading and unloading aluminum ingots (sows), a common cargo carried from Alouette Aluminum at Pointe Noire, Que.  The automated hoists were designed to work in conjunction with robotic forklifts that carry the ingots from a warehouse to the dock face.

Sichem Defiance moored at the Suncor dock in Sarnia.

State of Michigan upbound at St. Clair.

State of Michigan stern view.

7/10 - Holland
- William Van Appledorn

Herbert C. Jackson in Lake Macatawa.

Approaching Verplank's dock.

Jackson's power end.

7/9 and 7/10 - St. Marys River
 - Graham Grattan

G3 Marquis

Wilfred M. Cohen

G3 Marquis

Roger Blough

G3 Marquis

Roger Blough




John G. Munson

John J. Boland

6/24 and 7/8 - Port Huron
- M. Young

Cuyahoga upbound.

Huron Spirit

Federal Kushiro

Bridge inspectors.

Florence Spirit


7/8 - Cleveland
- Kate White

Bradshaw McKee and St. Marys Conquest as seen from the Lorain Carnegie Bridge.

St. Clair River
- Richard Gebhart


Federal Kushiro

BBC Volga

G3 Marquis

CSL Laurentien

Lake Ontario

Algoma Harvester


Stern view.


Evans Spirit

7/5 and 7/6  - St. Marys River
- Graham Grattan

Lee A. Treguertha downbound at Mission Point.



Edgar B. Speer downbound at Mission Point.
Bluewing upbound at Pointe Louise.

7/1, 7/4, and 7/14 - Seaway
 - Murray Blancher

Bro Anna downbound at Mariatown.

Frieda upbound at Mariatown.

Prosna downbound exiting Iroquois Lock.

BBC Volga upbound at Iroquois.

Bro Alma upbound at Mariatown.

Maria Desgagnes downbound at Iroquois.

Pia downbound at Mariatown.

Selasse upbound at Mariatown.

Mississagi downbound at Mariatown.

Arctic upbound at Brockville.

Federal Mackinac unloading at the port of Johnstown.

Ganges Star downbound at Mariatown.

Recent Photos from the Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen

Presque Isle clear of lock 3 headed to old PWDD  yard, June 20th.

Presque Isle in PWDD - 5.20.1979

Bro Alma upbound headed for Lock 02 - 6.21.2017

Algosea downbound clear of Lock 2 at dusk - 6.22.2017

 Iryda upbound under the skyway headed for Lock 3 - 6.22.2017

Isadora upbound headed for Lock 2 - 6.22.2017

Orsula downbound clear of Lock 2 - 6.24.2017

Orsula's officers hold up Croatian flag as a salute to shipwatchers - 6.24.2017

Chembulk Kobe upbound headed for Lock 3 - 6.26.2017

Fearless (ex Bright Laker) downbound clear of Lock 4 - 6.26.2017

Stern view.

HR Constellation upbound at Allanburg - 6.29.2017

Pia downbound clear of Lock 3 - 6.30.2017

Recent Photos from Sorel/Tracy
- Lorraine Morrill

Tanker STI Notting Hill upbound to Montreal on the St Lawrence River at
Sorel Quebec.

Federal Barents upbound at Sorel, Quebec.

Stena President upbound at Sorel, Quebec for the oil dock at Tracy.

Italian Sail vessel Amerigo Vespucci downbound at Tracy, Quebec after helping
celebrate Canada's 150th and Montreal's 375th.

 Bro Alma downbound at Tracy, Quebec preparing to go to anchor awaiting it's
turn at the busy oil dock.

Zelada Desgagnes downbound at Tracy, Quebec on another re-supply run to the

Lafayette Bay upbound for Montreal.

Cielo Di Seto upbound for Montreal.

Veendam downbound from Montreal at Tracy, Quebec for arrival in Quebec City
the next morning.

Cielo Di Salerno - downbound at Tracy, Quebec.

MSC Nilgun  downbound at Sorel, Quebec.

Frieda - upbound at Tracy, Quebec for Cleveland, Ohio.

Detroit River Saturday - BoatNerd Staff

DJI_0498.jpg (274448 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder upbound
DJI_0434.jpg (310446 bytes)
Algosteel downbound
DJI_0456.jpg (407824 bytes)
Backing to turn
DJI_0478.jpg (320045 bytes)
Turning to unload in Windsor
DJI_0394.jpg (345152 bytes)
Crew change and freight to the McCarthy
DJI_0481.jpg (285117 bytes)
Detroit Fireboat Curtis Randolph downbound
P1008693~2.jpg (192446 bytes)
Manitowoc upbound
P1008683~2.jpg (331200 bytes)
New gazebo at the Portofino set up for a wedding.
P1008714~2.jpg (397691 bytes)
Midnight run to the Belle Isle Anchorage
P1008727~2.jpg (210068 bytes)
H. Lee White fueling
P1008717~2.jpg (112196 bytes)
Freight and mail on
P1008731~2.jpg (290866 bytes) P1008737~2.jpg (233918 bytes) P1008767~2.jpg (59000 bytes)
New mailboat cat Wilma
P1008775~2.jpg (382875 bytes)
03:30 delivery to the Algolake

Video on and above the Detroit River



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