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August 11


St. Marys River: Freeing the Calumet Roger LeLievre
The grounded Calumet was freed about 7:30 p.m. Friday with the help of the Great Lakes Towing tugs Indiana and Missouri.

1Missouri.jpg (156726 bytes)
Missouri gets underway from her dock past the moored Walter J. McCarthy Jr.
2Crowd.jpg (172577 bytes)
Best show in town. There were at least 100 people on hand to watch the operation.
3Calumet-wide.jpg (203439 bytes)
Wide view of the grounded Calumet.
4Missouri-Bufe.jpg (190959 bytes)
Missouri and Corps survey vessel B.W. Bufe.
5Calumet-Indiana.jpg (131022 bytes)
Indiana on the bow.
6Calumet-Tugs.jpg (205403 bytes)
Tugs and tow.
7Calumet-Indiana-2.jpg (135663 bytes)
Indiana pulls from the bow.
8Calumet-Indiana-3.jpg (189237 bytes)
Indiana standing by.
9CalumetPower-2.jpg (156924 bytes)
Missouri on the stern as Calumet applies her own power.
10CalumetPower.jpg (169031 bytes)
Close up as the power ramps up.
11Calumet-Free.jpg (173193 bytes)
Free and under her own power.
12Calument-Free-2.jpg (183433 bytes)
Headed for the Nine Mile anchorage
13Tugs-at-end.jpg (166675 bytes)
Their work done, the tugs regroup before heading back to the dock.

Calumet Grounding and refloating 8/10
Roger LeLievre

Calumet-1-RL.jpg (209503 bytes)
Calumet at dusk on Thursday.
Calumet-2-RL.jpg (161562 bytes)
Wide view with Sugar Islander making dock.
Discover-Cort-RL.jpg (160357 bytes)
Algoma Discovery enters the Mac Lock past the tied-up Cort.
McCarthyPRT1-rl.jpg (186145 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha and Walter J. McCarthy Jr. wait on the Poe lower pier.
McCarthyPRT2rl.jpg (128193 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha and Walter J. McCarthy Jr. - Another view
Ojibway-Calumet-RL.jpg (180427 bytes)
The supply boat Ojibway brought divers to the scene in the morning.
USCG-Checks-Light.jpg (155781 bytes)
US Coast Guard checks range lights in the area.
USCG-Chopper-RL.jpg (123079 bytes)
Coast Guard helicopter surveys the scene.
170810-G-ZV999-1002.jpg (132237 bytes)
USCG pictures
170810-G-ZV999-1003.jpg (171283 bytes)
170810-G-ZV999-1001.jpg (106772 bytes)        


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