Kingston Area Vessel Passage
Kingston Area Vessel Passage

Seaway West
By Ron Walsh

List based on radio monitoring and sightings, may not contain all passage information.

 I must admit that the daily typing of this report has become too much to keep up. I have six days worth and over five pages of info in my book.  I just can't continue to keep the page up to date and  old reports are not of much use. I have other duties which I have assumed for the Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC), Monitoring Times, course teaching, Coast Guard Auxiliary etc. 95% of what I have reported is available on web sites. The radio traffic for tankers etc., not listed on the Seaway site, makes up a small fraction of the report. Even some of that can be determined from the Port of Montreal and Port of Quebec City page. They are the most common loading ports for the Traffic.

 You can get almost all the informtaion at the following sites: 1) The St. Lawrence Seaway Site  2) The Hamilton port page 3) The Montreal Port page 4) The Quebec City port page 5) The Trois Rivieres port page  6) The Sept Isles port page. The majority of these are linked to the Boatnerd Vessel Passage Page.

I will continue to report newsworthy items when they occur and will continue to send them to those on the list.

Ron Walsh  VE3GO

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