Port Stanley Harbor vessel passage

By Richard Hill and Joan Wilton

September 25
The bulk carrier Mapleglen,now sporting the Canada Steamship Lines colours 
and flag,arrived in Port Stanley this morning to load the first grain to 
be shipped from this port in 3 years. Dredging is close to being completed,so 
hopefully she is the first of many to arrive before freeze-up. 

April 18
The Mckeil tanker, Ralph Tucker, entered Port Stanley harbor today with a 
load of Urea Ammonia Nitrate from Trois Rivieres for McAsphalt
Industries. This is the first ship to be able to enter Port Stanley Harbor
in 2 years. The Captain was presented with the silk top hat for being the first ship of
the 2001 season, by Port Stanley councillor,Bruce Mungar. 

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