Port of Toledo vessel passage TOLEDO VESSEL PASSAGE
By Ryan Barone Jim Hoffman and Andrew Tepper
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                    CSX Coal Dock

Sun.   22 Apr.      H. LEE White                 8pm
                    John G. Munson              11pm

Mon.   23 Apr.      Sam Laud                     8pm

Tues.  24 Apr.      Algomarine                   7am

Sun.   29 Apr.      CSL Niagara                  2pm

                    Torco Ore Dock

Sun.   22 Apr.      Courtney Burton            830am

Fri.   27 Apr.      Reserve                      9am
                    Courtney Burton              3pm

Weds.   2 May       Reserve                      1pm

                 CSX Coal Docks

Sat.   14 apr.   Lee A. Tregurtha              7am

Mon.   16 Apr.   Canadian Progress           230am

Thurs. 19 apr.   Algomarine                    8pm

Sat.   21 Apr.   H. Lee White                 10pm

Sun.   22 Apr.   Buffalo                      10am

                 Torco Ore Dock

Sat.   14 Apr.   Reserve                       8pm

Mon.   16 Apr.   Armco                        11pm

Fri.   20 Apr.   Reserve                       4am

Sun.   22 Apr.   Armco                         7am

                   CSX Coal Dock

Fri.   6 Apr.      Mellissa Desgagnes       5pm
                   (11pm start)

Sat.   7 Apr.      CSL Niagara             11pm

Mon.   9 Apr.      John J. Boland           7am
                   Canadian Century         8am
                   Algomarine               1pm

Tues. 10 Apr.      CSL Niagara              1am

                   Torco Ore Dock

Sat.   6 Apr.      Reserve                  5am

Tues. 10 Apr.      Armco                    11pm

Weds. 11 Apr.      Courtney Burton           6pm

                   CSX Coal Dock

Sun.    1 Apr.     Buffalo                   6pm

Mon.    2 Apr.     Fred R. White Jr.         3am

Tues.   3 Apr.     John B. Aird              3pm

Weds.   4 Apr.     Algomarine                1pm
                   Lee A. Tregurtha         11pm

Thurs.  5 Apr.     CSL Niagara               1am

                   Torco Ore Dock

Thurs.  5 Apr.     Courtney Burton           11pm

Sat.    7 Apr.     Reserve                    1am

                   CSX Coal Dock
Sat.   31 Mar.     Buffalo                   9pm

Tues.   3 Apr.     Mckee Sons                6am
                   John B. Aird             12pm
                   CSL Niagara               6pm

Weds.   4 Apr.     Algomarine                1am
                   Lee A. Tregurtha          6pm

Thurs.  5 Apr.     Amelia Desgagnes          8am

                   Torco Ore Dock

There are no ore boats scheduled for this docksite at this time.

                CSX Coal Dock

Mon.   26 Mar.  John J. Boland        1am/7am start
                (first coal boat of the season)

Sat.   31 Mar.  Mckee Sons            8pm
 "      "  "    Buffalo               9pm

Sun.   1 Apr.   John B. Aird          5am
 "     "  "     Charles M. Beeghly    2pm

Mon.   2 Apr.   CSL Niagara           3am

Weds.  4 Apr.   Algomarine            1am
 "     "  "     Amelia Desgagnes      8am

                Torco Ore Dock

     There are no ore boats scheduled at this time

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