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-January 3, 2017-
The Algoma Olympic Squeezed in between the Algoway, and the Prentiss Brown and St. Marys Challenger (which had stopped unloading 
and shifted back in order for the Olympic to fit into its' lay-up berth).
She Layed-up along the furthest south west dock of the inner harbour, the same 
location she was in the spring.

-January 3, 2017-
The Prentiss Brown and St. Marys Challenger arrived in the early hours of the day with a load of Cement for Millers Cement Silos. She departed late morning, or 
early afternoon after the Algoma Olympic arrived.

-January 1, 2017-
The Algoway arrived in Owen Sound for what will likely be her last time laying up her, since her replacements on on there way, and scraping is in her future. She took her position 
at her usual dock on the North-West Pier.

-December 26, 2016-
The Frontenac arrived around 02:30 with a load of grain for P&H from Thunder Bay. She spent the day, boxing day, tied up, awaiting elevator
crews to begin work again on the 27th. She departed around 20:00 on the 28th.

-December 18, 2016-
The Chi-Cheemaun arrived from Sturgeon Bay after her drydocking for her 5 year survey. She Arrived to a crowd of spectators 
around 15:00 and tied up at her usual, Owen Sound Transportation Dock.

-October 7, 2016-
The Cuyahoga arrived at 15:30 with a load of green salt from Cargil in Cleveland. She unloaded at P&H Dock.

-September 21, 2016-
The Saginaw arrived shortly  after the departure of the Prentiss Brown and St. Marys Challenger, at 10:20.
The Saginaw had a load of grain on from Thunder Bay for P&H.

-September 20, 2016-
The Prentiss Brown and St. Marys Challenger arrived for the Millers Cement Silos sometime in the evening, and departed
09:30 on the 21.

-July 10, 2016-
The Algoma Olympic departed lay up at 08:20 and was destined for Goderich to load Salt

-May 25, 2016-
The St. Marys Challenger and tug arrived around 20:30 to discharge cement at the Millers Cement Silos.
She Departed around 01:00 May 26th.

-June 18, 2016-
The Mississagi arrived at 06:30 with a mixed load of stone (4 kinds) from Bruce Mines, ON. This was a rare load, not very often does Owen Sound
get loads of stone. The Stone/sand was unloaded at the P&H Dock and was delivered for Millers Paving.
She Departed around noon on the 18th.

-May 25, 2016-
The St. Marys Challenger and tug arrived around 20:30 to discharge cement at the Millers Cement Silos.
She Departed around 01:00 May 26th.

-May 5, 2016-
The Chi-Cheemaun departed at 12:11, for her annual sailing from Owen Sound to Tobermory, with a boat full of happy passengers. She will begin sailing on her usual route on May 6.
This has left the Owen Sound Harbour pretty empty, with just the Algoma Olympic waiting out the summer, for the industry to improve so she can begin sailing again.

-April 30, 2016-
The Whitefish Bay spent most of the day unloading, having to switch between a few different "Bins" at the elevators. She Departed around 15:50 to load stone 
somewhere near Manitoulin Island. The Whitefish Bay was, to date, the largest
ship to ever unload in Owen Sound.
Around 18:00 the Chi-Cheemaun departed for her annual spring dinner cruise to Colpoy's bay and around the Island's. 

-April 29, 2016- 
The Whitefish Bay, one of CSL's new Trillium Class vessel came in to unload about 22'000 Tonne of Wheat, and ingredient pellets at P&H. 
This is a very usually load for P&H, and CSL, since Lower Lakes towing almost exclusively services  P&H. She came in around 05:00 in the morning.

-April 14, 2016-
The Owen Sound Harbour is progressively getting emptier by the day... Just a day after the Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin left, so did the Algoway. The Algoway departed 
at 17:00 to load salt in Goderich.
The Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin departed around 08:00 for Stoneport Michigan, possibly her first tip there to load.

-April 13, 2016-
The Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin depart today. This creating a slightly more positive outlook on this years industry, since she was not expected to leave until 

- April 9, 2016-
Today saw the addition of two more ships to the already cramp Owen Sound harbour.
The Cuyahoga, and the Samuel Risley arrived throughout the day.
The Cuyahoga, arriving shortly after 04:00 docked at P&H for a fairly rare load
(Export) of Wheat. The Wheat is destined for Toledo Ohio. 
The Samuel Risley was preforming Aids To Navigation work around Owen Sound, and dock in between the Paul Martin and the Algoma
Olympic around 10:00-12:00
Today, Owen Sound had a total of 6 vessles in port, the most it's seen in a very long time.

-March 22, 2016-
An unexpected visitor made a stop in Owen Sound today, the Algoma Olympic.
After departing Lay-up in Port Colborne on the 20th, she sailed to Owen Sound in ballast, where she would once again Lay-up.
After backing her way through the maze of other ships in port(the Algoway, and the Paul Martin), she docked a few hundred feet behind the Martin.
Both the Algoma Olympic, and the Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin aren't supposed to sail till late this season. Ranging from midsummer to September/October,
The Algoway is expect to depart in the next week or two, or whenever her trade is required.
The Chi-Cheemaun is due to leave around her usual time, during the first week of May.

-January 16-17, 2016-
The Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin was at anchor off of Leith on the 16th. During the night, and with the assistance of the ice breaker Samuel Rusley,
she was able to layup along side the St. Marys cement dock.

-January 10, 2016-
The Manitoulin snuck in around the Algoway this morning to unload a few different varieties of wheat at P&H.
Being a "New Build" from China (New forebody built in China(2015), aft acomodation was from the tanker "Lalandia Swan", built in 1991)
this was her first time in port.
The Manitoulin was the last vessel to trade in Owen Sound for the 2015/2016 shipping season.

-January 1, 2016-
The Algoway arrived today for winter lay-up. This is her last expected year of service on the lakes.
She will undergo general maintenance and an engine rebuild.
She is docked on the Northwest Pier.  

-December 1, 2015-
The Frontenac avrived in the early morning with a load of a few varieties of wheat from Thunder Bay for P&H. This was the fist
time the Frontenac has been to Owen Sound in the past 8ish years. It was also the largest ship to Unload at P&H in 8 years.
She departed late tonight, into a not so certain future.

-November 30, 2015-
The Prentiss Brown / St. Marys Challenger came in early in the morning with a load of cement for Millers Cement Silos.
She left late tonight, headed back to her usual runs on Lake Michigan.

-October 16, 2015-
The Cuyahoga arrived around 07:00 today wil a load of "green salt" from Cleveland OH.
She departed around 15:15 after unloading her load on the "P&H dock (south-west of the elevators). 
She is now destined for Badgeley Island ON to load stone.

-October 6, 2015-
The Michipicoten arrived around 08:00 today with a "half-load" of grain from Thunder Bay
She finished unloading at P&H and departed around 20:00 today.

-September 4, 2015-
Just before 10:00 the Michipicoten arrived with another load of grain for P&H.
She arrived during a busy day out on the bay, im the middle of the Owen Sound Salmon Spectacula,
the second largest salmon derby in Ontario.
She departed around 1:00 the next morning

-July 19, 2015-
The Saginaw arrived around 11:50 today with a load of grain from Thunder Bay

-June 17, 2015-
The tug Prentiss Brown and barge St.Marys Challenger came in with a load of cement around 7:30 this morning. 
After dealing with some sticky cargo they where able to depart around 23:10.

-June 1, 2015-
The Cuyahoga arrived today with a load of 15'000+ tonnes treated salt from Cleveland Ohio.
This is the third vessel of the year for Owen Sound, though there still hasnt been any cement shipments.

-May 19, 2015- 
The Saginaw arrived again today to unload at Great Lakes Elevators. It unloaded three different grades of wheat (Soft 
red, hard red and duram.)
This has been a very bystart to the 2015 season for Owen Sound!

-May 1, 2015-
The Chi-Cheemaun is due to leave for her yearly sailing to Tobermory on May 4, 2015.

-May 1, 2015-
The Saginaw arrived in Owen Sound shortly before 10:00 this morning with a load of grain product from Thunder Bay. This is a full two months earlier then last 
year for the first ship to arrive. Its only been 22 days since the Saginaw departed Lay-up in Owen Sound.

-April 11, 2015-
The Algomarine departed lay-up today and sailed for Goderich, ON to load salt.
This only leave the Chi-Cheemaun in Lay-up.

-April 9, 2015-
After many delays with the Icebreaker the Saginaw was finaly able to leave around 0915 this morning. 
Neah Bay arrived shortly after 9, cutting a track for the Saginaw. The Saginaw is off to Escanaba to load ore. 
The Algomarine is still undergoing reapairs and will likely leave in the next couple of days.
Neah Bay dock just south of the Algomarine where she will refuel and resupply before heading out for more icebreaking around the lakes.

-April 5, 2015-
USCGC Neah Bay is expect to arive tomorrow (6) to escort Saginaw out of Geogain bay. 
Algomarine will stay a bit longer, as it has reported boiler problems, and has been said crew has been sent home

- February 20, 2015 -
The saginaw has finally got her unloading equitment fixed and has unloaded her half load of salt. Has now officaly entered layup.

-February 9, 2015- 
The Algomarine, after stuggling with ice since 16:00 has finally dock at 20:45 with help from the CCGC 
Samuel Risley. She will stay for lay-up, while the Risley will go back to ice ops.
The was 8-12 inches of ice in the harbour that had to be flushed out. 

-February 6, 2015-
The Algomarine in due in tomorrow for lay-up either late tomorrow night (the 7th), or the morning of the 8th. Ice dependent.

-January 28,2015- 
The last shipment arrived around 10:30 this morning. With break escort from USCGC Katmai Bay. Due to mechanical issues
she will be laying up in Owen Sound once she get the salt unloaded. 
The Algomarine is due in around Feb. 6. 

-December 31, 2014-
The last ship of 2014 has arived in Owen Sound. The Saginaw came in around 4:30 to unload grain product at P&H. She departed around 20:00.
We are still expecting one more ship (salt) and a layup or two this Season.

-December 17, 2014-
Correction to St. Marys Challenger update... She arive Thursday, DECEMBER 11, 2014.

-Thursday 11, 2014-
The St. Marys challenger with Tug Bradshaw McKee arrived with a load of cement around 22:20. 
This is the first time this new combination has been her since the conversion. She departed around mid day Friday.

-November 12, 2014-
The Ara Rotterdam departed today around 7-7:30. She is going to Duluth to take on a
load of grain.

-November 10, 2014-
Ara Rotterdam arived 6:30am and turned in the inner harbour before docking at P&H. They have to use the Shore base
unloading leg since the Ara Rotterdam does not have self unloading capability.
This Leg does not get used very offen. Only a handful of time in past 10 years.
After unloading Ara Rotterdam is expect to go to either Duluth or Goderich to load. She is expects to leave sometime on the 11th.
There is still expected to be 1 more ship of: Grain, Salt, and Cement this shipping season.

-November 9, 2014-
The Saltie Ara Rotterdam is due in Monday 10 for P&H with a load of grain (organic?) From Europe (Germany?)
This is a very rare port of call for a saltie, with only having 2-3 in past 10 years.
It is also rare for a great lakes port to get a grain shipment from overseas.

-October 20, 2014- 
The Chi-Cheemaun arived in Owen Sound to day around 16:00-16:30 to end off its season. 
She will spend the winter here, and have minor work done.

-October 15, 2014-
The Saginaw arrived today around 0900 with a load of Wheat/pellets. Is still unloading as of 22:00.

-October 15, 2014-
Over Monday and Tuesday the USCG Mackinaw came in, was possibly doing Aids to Navigation in Georgain Bay.
The Saginaw is also due in port today with a load of grain product from Thunder Bay.

-October 5, 2014-
The Saginaw arived later this moring with a load of Wheat from thunder bay, and is unloading at P&H.
She is due back in 2 weeks.
The R/V Sturgeon also arived and docked near Metro. So was working in Georgian Bay.

-September 11, 2014-
The Saginaw arived around 16:30 today with a load of Wheat for P&H which came from Thunder Bay, ON.
She was still unloading at 23:00 tonight.
St. Marys Cement and Petite Forte are still in port unloading, clearly
they are have some problems unloading due to the amoumt of time they are taking to unload (2+ days). Though what problems they are incountering are unknowen at this moment.

-September 9-10, 2014-
The Tug and Barge; Petite Forte & St. Marys Cement arived aroumd 19:30 on the 9th.
This is possibly the first vist to Owen Sound for this ship. She was still unloading 19:00 on the tenth.
This is also the fist ship to use the cement silos since there elevating system was rebuilt. 
The Saginaw is also expected later this week with wheat.

-August 27, 2014-
The Cuyahoga came in around 07:50 this morning and departed around 13:00 after discharging around 11'500 tons of road salt. 

-July 13th, 2014-
The Mississagi came into port today around noon with a load of salt. The CCGS Samuel Risley also came
In around 8pm. The Mississagi departed around 9pm

–July 2nd, 2014- 
The St. Marrys Conquest pushed by the tug Prentiss Brown came in to Unload Cement at millers,
Being the first ship of the year in Owen Sound

The tall Ship Liana's Ransom was giveing tours for most of the week depated today.

- April 16, 2014 -
*Update to lay up departures* 
Algorail has a destenation of Goderich ON to load salt. Has an ETA of 1300 on the 16th of April. 
Algomarime has a destenation of Two Harbors MIN. To load iron ore peletes. Waiting in line for convoy or ice to get to Two Harbors.

- April 15, 2014 - 
The Algorail departed Layup to today. 
Which leaves only the Chi-Cheemaun in port, which is to leave on the 1st of May.

- April 14, 2014 -
Algomarine Departed today. Unsure of where it will be going to.

-January 28, 2014-
The Algorail arrived January 2nd, and docked near noon. She is dock on north west dock. North of P&H.

Heard on news ministy of transportaion and P&H Have stoped having talks over new port owner ship. Does not look good!!

-January 28,2014-
With the algomarine docking just north or the cement silos(northwest dock)
That concludes the 2013 shipping season for Owen Sound.

-January 28, 2014-

The USCGC Mackinaw esscorted the AlgoMarine 
Into Owen Sound today. Breaking 10-12inches of ice. The marine finally docked by 3pm. After starting at 11am.
Update. The algorail came in something like a month ago for layup.

-December 22,2013-
The Biscayne Bay Arrived this morning around 06:00. she sat in the harbor till around 7:30 and started breaking ice around P&H Elevators.
Michipicoten arrived around 09:00. She Unloaded grain. As of 22:00 She is still unloading. Both Michipicoten and Biscayne Bay will
depart together after she finishes unloading.
Also expecting 1 layup this winter, likely will be the AlgoRail at North-West Dock by P&H

***Merry Christmas, and Happy New Years***

-December 20, 2013-
Michipicoten Load grain in Thunder Bay and departed around 19:00 with an ETA of Sunday at 06:00 on this Sunday.

-December 15, 2013-
St Marry Conquest Arived around noon today with 7298 Tons of Cemment for the Miller Cement Silos.
She battled breaking up ice around the dock and finally got docked around 1-1:30PM.

-December 2, 2013 TO December 6, 2013-
The Tiwala arrived Monday with a load of Organic wheat from Romania. She spent a couple days unloading, and now re loads Corn Ireland.
She should depart tonight or tomorrow.

-December 2, 2013 TO December 6, 2013-
The Tiwala arrived Monday with a load of Organic wheat from Romania. She spent a couple days unloading, and now re loads Corn Ireland.
She should depart tonight or tomorrow.

-November 27, 2013-
The Saginaw Came into port some time last night and unloaded at the elevators. She lefts around 20:30.

Still expecting that Saltie, bound to arrive next weekend, weather permitting. 

-November 24,2013-
The Mississagi Arrived again with a load of salt, battled its way through a nice storm on lake huron to get here!
Also we are ecpecting a saltie With a load of wheat or something to arive in a weeks time there abouts. first saltie here in
A good few years, at leeast five.

-November 23,2013-
The Samuel Risley Arrived around 21:30 and docked along side Miller cement Silos.
The MISSISSAGI Is due Late Saturday night, early sunday morning with salt from goderich ON.
She is upbound at sarnia for goderich at 00:10

Mississagi. That is the correct spelling.

-november 20, 2013-
The missigi came in to unload salt from goderich by the P&H Elevators. 
The saginaw came in a month and a bit ago, i forgot to record that.

-november 20, 2013-
The missigi came in to unload salt from goderich by the P&H Elevators. 
The saginaw came in a month and a bit ago, i forgot to record that.

-September 17, 2013-


The Port the Algosteel was headed to after departing Owen Sound was Goderich Ontario!

-September 17, 2013-
Algosteel has finally left Lay-up around 6:00 Pm. The port she is bound for is unknown at the time.

-Wednesday September 11 to Thursday September 12, 1013-

The St.Marrys Challenger came in around 11:30 Wednesday night with a load of 
cement.She departed this afternoon sometime around 3:30ish.

The Saginaw had also arrived sometime around 7:30 Thursday Morning with a load of
 grain product from Thunder Bay. So as of today, there where three full sized 
freighters in the Owen Sound Harbor. I'd also expect there to be a few more before
winter comes!

-September 8th, 2013-

The Saginaw avived This morning and unload a cargo of "grain" from Thunder bay 
at the P&H Elevators. She Departed around 10:30 bound for Thunder Bay again.
The Algosteel is still in lay-up.

-Thursday August 15 TO Tuesday August 20, 2013-
Owen Sound had there Tall Ships 1812 Tour this week. The Pathfinder came in on 
Thursday the 15, fallowed by the Pride of Baltimore II, Wild Irish Rose, Liana's 
Ransom, and Cape Providence.

The Pathfinder departed Sunday, And the Liana's Ransom Departed Tuesday, along 
with the Pride II. She stayed a little longer then expected due to a Transmission 
Failure on Lake Michigan on the way here.

The Algosteel is still in Lay-up

-July 17,2013-
The Algosteel waded around out in the bay off of Balmy Beach around 12 noon 
but didn't make her way into the harbor around 15:00.

According to crew she is expect to be in lay-up her for 6 weeks, but could be as
Long as 12 weeks. She is docked South of the Miller cement silos on the East Side 

-Friday 17, 2013-
St. Marys Challenger arrived around 11:30 AM today to unload cement at the Miller
Cement Silos. She departed late Friday night sometime.

-May 18, 2013-
The first ship of the year, St. Marys Challenger, arrived yesterday around 11:30.
She Also departed sometime late yesterday night, or this morning. 
She unloaded a cargo of Cement at the Miller Cement Silos.

-April 15, 2013-

The Algomarine has left the port after spending the winter here in Lay-up. 
She is bound for Thunder Bay.
The Chi-Cheemaun is still in Lay-up, and is expected to leave for a bit in the 
next week or so, then return, before starting her her run from Tobermory, ON 
to South Baymouth, ON.

Still no word on what/when will be the first vessel in port this year!     

-April 13, 2013-
First activity in the harbor since the CSL Niagara left today. Algomarine moved
up one dock and is ballasted down in preparation for departure tomorrow or Monday.
The Chi-Cheemaun had also turned herself around today in preparation of her sailing season staring soon.

March 24,2013
CSL Niagara Departed Lay-up today around eight AM for Duluth Mn.
The Algomarine is still in Lay-up today on the east wall. She is predicted to leave within the next week. 
The Chi-Cheemaun is still in Lay-up also in her usual spot on the west side, she'll stay they until about may 1-2.


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