W. I. Scott Purvis
IMO 5264819

Upbound at Mission Pt. towing the PML 9000, Aug. 17, 2012.
(Roger LeLievre)

W. I. Scott Purvis was built by Marine Industries Ltd. at Sorel, QC, and entered service as Orient Bay (C171703) in 1938. The 96 foot long by 26 foot wide by 10 foot deep tug was powered by two Sulzer diesel engines Model 5ASL25/30. They were five-cylinder engines and measured 250 mm by 300 mm.

Orient Bay worked for the Abitibi Power and Paper Company until 1975, and then joined Kimberly-Clark of Canada Ltd. as Guy M. No. 1. They had the vessel repowered with two Caterpillar Model D-379 8 cylinder diesel engines of 6.25 inches by 8 inches in 1975.

When Guy M. No. 1 was sold to Purvis Marine Ltd. in 1990 the tug had to be trucked from Long Lac to Lake Superior. It arrived at Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., on September 10, 1990. Renamed W. I. Scott Purvis, the tug made its debut for Purvis on November 2, 1990, departing for Thunder Bay with the barge PML Salvager. This tug remains an active member of the fleet.

Adapted with permission from "The Ships of the Purvis Marine Fleet" by Buck Longhurst, Skip Gillham.

Tug Particulars
Length 96' 00" (29.26m)
Beam 26' 00" (7.26m)
Depth 10' 00" (3.05m)
Engine Power 1,200 bhp diesel
Previous Names
W. I. Scott Purvis 1990 - Today
Guy M. No. 1 1975 - 1990
Orient Bay 1938 - 1975


In Soo Harbor, 2001.
(Roger LeLievre)

In the MCM Marine drydock, May 28, 2002.
(Roger LeLievre)

Tied up for the winter, Jan. 24, 2003.
(Mike Nicholls)

On a parade lap during the tugboat races, June 28, 2003.
(Neil Schultheiss)

Profile view.
(Neil Schultheiss)

Assiting the Federal Rhine at Algoma Steel, June 30, 2004.
(Roger LeLievre)

Close up of the tug.
(Roger LeLievre)

Departing the MacArthur Lock during the tugboat parade, July 1, 2010.
(Roger LeLievre)

Upbound at Mission Pt. towing the PML 9000, Aug. 17, 2012.
(Roger LeLievre)



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