Sedna Desgagnés
IMO 9402093

Upbound clear of Lock 7 in the Welland Canal, Nov. 22, 2012.
(John McCreery)

Sedna Desgagnés (C833433) was built by the Qingshan Shipyard at Wuhan, China. It was completed as Beluga Festivity in February 2009 and is one of three Beluga E/F type dry cargo vessels to join the Desgagnés fleet to this date.

The 9,611 gross ton, 4,260 net registered ton vessel was christened Sedna Desgagnés at Quebec City on June 29, 2009. It is named for the Inuit goddess of the sea and measures 455 feet 10 inches in length overall, 68 feet, 11 inches at the beam and has a molded depth of 36 feet, 1 inch. There are three cargo holds with removable ‘tween decks that can be used as additional bulkheads. It is equipped with two 180 ton capacity electro-hydraulic cranes mounted on the port side.

Sedna Desgagnés is powered by a model 6M43C MAK/Caterpillar diesel engine that develops 7,344 brake horsepower. Electrical power is supplied by three 395 kilowatt diesel and one 750 kilowatt shaft generators. The ship is also equipped with a 500 horsepower tow thruster and has a rated service speed of 15.5 knots and an average daily duel consumption of 23 metric tons under a normal full load.

This vessel is classed as a multipurpose dry cargo carrier with ‘tween deck and is strengthened for heavy cargo. Classed as GL + 100A5E3, the equivalent to Lloyd’s 100A1 Ice Class 1A, the ship was designed to lift 12,638 metric tons or carry 655 TEU of containers at a mid-summer draft of 26 feet, 3 inches.

Sedna Desgagnés has been active in saltwater trading and first came to the Great Lakes in August 2009. It ran aground near the Johnstown Bridge across the St. Lawrence when it sheered to port on Aug. 15, 2012. Loaded with a cargo of pig iron, the ship had to be partially lightered before it could be pulled free by two tugs on Oct. 20, 2012.

Adapted with permission from "The Desgagnes Fleet" by Buck Longhurst, Mac Mackay, Skip Gillham.

Ship Particulars
Length 455' 10" (138.94m)
Beam 68' 11" (21.0m)
Depth 36' 01" (11.0m)
Midsummer Draft 26' 03" (8.0m)
Deck Cranes 2 x 180mt
Capacity 12,638 tons
Engine Power 7,345 bhp diesel
Previous Names
Sedna Desgagnés 2009 - Today
Beluga Festivity 2009 - 2009


Downbound the Seaway at Kahnawake, Sept. 4, 2009.
(Kent Malo)

Another view.
(Kent Malo)

Upbound in the Welland Canal above Lock 1, Nov. 19, 2010.
(John McCreery)

Close up of the stern.
(John McCreery)

Stern view.
(John McCreery)

Approaching the Soo Locks, May 12, 2011.
(Roger LeLievre)

Upbound at Mission Pt., June 2, 2011.
(Herm Klein)

Close up of the bow.
(Herm Klein)

Stern view.
(Herm Klein)

Tied up in Johnstown, Oct. 20, 2012.
(Victor Kaczkowski)

Upbound clear of Lock 7 in the Welland Canal, Nov. 22, 2012.
(John McCreery)



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