Algogulf Scrapping - 2002

After three years of lay-up the Algogulf was towed from Hamilton on May 25 for scrapping at International Marine Salvage in Port Colborne, Ont.

Attaching the tow line. Wally Wallace

Outbound Hamilton. Paul Beesley

Close up. Paul Beesley

Last trip out. Paul Beesley

Onboard through the Burlington Ship Canal to Lake Ontario. Wally Wallace

View from the pier. Paul Beesley

Tugs. Wally Wallace

Another view. Wally Wallace

Departing to wait for better weather. Winds were too high to enter Port Weller.  Wally Wallace

Menu. Wally Wallace

Galley. Wally Wallace

Tugs wait on weather. Alex Howard

Trailing tugs wait. Alex Howard

Tow arrives. Roger Lelievre

Close up. Wally Wallace

Stopping below Lock 1. Alex Howard

Docked. Alex Howard

Departing. Alex Howard

In Lock 1. Alex Howard

Upbound for Port Colborne. Alex Howard

Close up. Alex Howard

Another view. Alex Howard

Last trip. Alex Howard

Trailing tugs. Alex Howard

Another view. Wally Wallace

IMS owner supervises the operation. Wally Wallace

At IMS. Wally Wallace

Kinsman Enterprise ready for scrapping. Wally Wallace

 Scrapping at IMS

Scrapping in Oct. N.S.

Close up. N.S.

Another view. N.S.

Close up. Richard Jenkins

Parts. Richard Jenkins

Another view. N.S.

Windy day.N.S.

Another view. N.S.

Flag still flying. Richard Jenkins

Another view. N.S.

View through window. N.S.

Parts. N.S.

Former name can be seen. Alex Howard

Bow view. N.S.

Rainy day at IMS. N.S.

 Onboard by Wally Wallace

Turbine engine.



Shaft revolutions.


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