Catherine Desgagnes
IMO 5133979

Downbound at Port Huron, Sept. 20, 2010.
(Matt Miner)

Launched September 27, 1961; this ocean and Seaway bulk carrier was built by Hall Russell & Co. Ltd., Aberdeen, Scotland as the Gosforth for the Burnett Steamship Co. Ltd., Newcastle, England. She is powered by a Sulzer 4,100 horsepower 6 cylinder diesel engine giving her a rated service speed of 14 knots. The Gosforth was rebuilt in 1968 increasing her tonnage from 7,580 dwt to 8,350 dwt. She has 4 hatches feeding into 4 holds where she is capable of carrying 8350 tons at her maximum mid-summer draft of 25 feet 6 inches.

The Quebec & Ontario Transportation Co. Ltd., Montreal, QC bought the Gosforth in 1972 renaming her the Thorold (3). After a refit at Sorel, QC to carry newsprint, she re-entered service July 31, 1972.

Thorold was sold to Transport Desgagnes Inc., Quebec City, QC, in early 1984 after the Q&O ceased operations Dec.31, 1983. The vessel was renamed Catherine Desgagnes in 1985. Her cargoes included pig iron, coal, grain products, salt, and aluminum ingots. As an example of this vessel's versatility, in late 1999 she arrived at Goderich, ON, from Marinette, WI, to pick up corn for Long Point, NFL.

Her usefulness to the Desgagnes fleet came to an end in 2015, and that fall she was sold to the R.J. MacIsaac Construction Co. of Antigonish, NS, and renamed Catherine III. During the winter of 2015-16 she loaded scrap metal from the hull of the former laker Canadian Miner, wrecked on Scatarie Island, for delivery overseas. That voyage completed, the vessel itself was scrapped in 2016.

Written by George Wharton.

Ship Particulars
Length 410' 03" (125.05m)
Beam 55' 06" (19.92m)
Depth 31' 00" (9.45m)
Midsummer Draft 26' 03" (8.0m)
Capacity 8,394 tons
Engine Power 3,841 bhp diesel
Previous Names
Catherine III 2015 - 2016
Catherine Desgagnes 1985 - 2015
Thorold (4) 1972 - 1985
Gosforth 1962 - 1972


(Peter Worden collection)

In the Welland Canal in 1976.
(Matt Miner collection)

Upbound in Soo Harbor, 1970's.
(Matt Miner collection)

Getting work done at PWDD, Oct. 7, 1979.
(Barry Andersen)


Loading grain at the ADM dock in Windsor, May 30, 2001.
(Mike Nicholls)

Fully loaded on the Detroit River, Sept. 16, 2001.
(Mike Nicholls)

Unloading pig iron in Menominee, Sept. 2008.
(Lee Rowe)

Tied up along side the William H. Donner in Menominee, Sept. 2008.
(Lee Rowe)

Downbound at Port Huron, Sept. 20, 2010.
(Matt Miner)

Stern view.
(Matt Miner)

A size comparison to the Federal Danube below Lock 3, May 6, 2011.
(Paul Beesley)

About to pass through Homer Bridge, May 6, 2011.
(Paul Beesley)

Loading at Cargil Elevator in Sarnia, Nov. 7, 2011.
(Marc Dease)

Downbound at Point Edward, June 6, 2011.
(Marc Dease)

Docked in Sydney, N.S as the Catherine III, April 14, 2016.
(Jason Day)



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