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Great Lakes Fleet Page Vessel Feature -- Cecilia Desgagnes

By George Wharton
Launched Oct.23, 1970 as the Carl Gorthon; this unlimited ocean class crane equipped bulk carrier was built to Ice Class I standards by Hollming O/Y, Rauma, Finland for Rederi A/B Gylfe, Halsingborg, Sweden. Her original dimensions were 338'07" (loa) x 54'09" x 34'06" & 7056 dwt with her original power being supplied by a B&W 6050 horsepower 10 cylinder diesel engine. She was lengthened in 1974 and was repowered in January 1978 with a 5100 horsepower B&W 6 cylinder diesel engine driving a controllable pitch propeller giving her a rated service speed of 15 knots. She is also equipped with a bow thruster and three 12.5 ton cranes. The vessel has 7 hatches on each of 2 decks feeding into 7 holds where she can carry 7490 tons at maximum Seaway draft of 26 feet and is capable of carrying 7875 tons at her maximum mid-summer draft of 27 feet 7 inches.

The Carl Gorthon was sold late in 1980 to Burnett Steamship Co. Ltd., Halifax, NS and was renamed Federal Pioneer. She was sold again in 1982 to Carlton Steamship Co. Ltd., Halifax, NS.

Transport Desgagnes Inc., Quebec City, PQ acquired the Federal Pioneer in 1985 renaming her Cecilia Desgagnes. An active member of the Desgagnes fleet, the Cecilia Desgagnes can be seen trading along the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River, the East Coast, the odd Arctic trip, even the Gulf of Mexico. Her cargoes could include pig iron, coal, grain products, salt, or aluminum ingots.

On December 10, 2007, the Cecilia Desgagnes' Canadian registry was closed.  That day at Montreal, QC, the small vessel's name was changed to Master Joy with her registration changed to Panama.

Overall dimensions
Length 374'10"
Beam 54'10"
Depth 34'06"
Capacity (tons) 7,875

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