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Edward L Ryerson
Selection of  Photos From 2007 Season
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2007 Season began April 6, 2007 and ended January 7, 2008.

Backing out of the Black River at Lorain, OH with a final steam whistle salute, Dec. 2, 2007. Jim Bobel

Arriving at the Escanaba, MI ore dock,
Dec. 27, 2007. Lee Rowe

Pushing through light ice. Lee Rowe

Snow clears & ready to load. Lee Rowe

Arriving at Lorain, Nov. 8, 2007. Paul Csizmadia

Another view. Paul Csizmadia

Backing under the Black River's Norfolk & Southern rail bridge at Lorain, Nov. 9, 2007. Paul Csizmadia

Rounding the bend. Paul Csizmadia

Leaving the Beauharnois Lock into Lake Louise of the St. Lawrence Seaway bound for Quebec City,
Oct. 16, 2007. Kent Malo

Welland Canal approaching the Glendale Bridge,
Oct. 24, 2007. John McCreery

Into the twinned "flight locks" with the downbound CSL Tadoussac. John McCreery

Approaching Lock 7. John McCreery

St. Clair River, Oct. 8, 2007. Alex & Max Mager

Another view. Matt Lemon

Downbound Lake Huron at Point Edward, ON,
Oct.13, 2007. Marc Dease

St. Lawrence Seaway near Montreal, QC,
Oct. 16, 2007. Kent Malo

Steaming in a circle in Lake Ontario off of Port Weller piers waiting for Welland Canal traffic to clear, Sept. 24, 2007. David Bull

Forward. David Bull

Port quarter. David Bull

Starboard quarter. David Bull

Downbound Lake Huron cut at buoys 1 & 2,
Sept. 16, 2007.  Marc Dease

St. Clair River at Port Huron, Sept. 16, 2007.
Bruce Hurd

Upbound the St. Lawrence Seaway bound for Indiana Harbor, Sept. 23, 2007. Kent Malo

Stern view. Kent Malo

Lake St. Clair, Aug. 30, 2007.
Alex & Max Mager

Stern view. Alex & Max Mager

Downbound Lake St. Clair at Windmill Pointe,
Sept.5, 2007. Alex & Max Mager

Passing the salty Woody. Alex & Max Mager

Upbound the St. Marys River approaching
Mission Point, July 19, 2007. Alex & Max Mager

Raised in the MacArthur Lock at the Soo,
July 19, 2007. Alex & Max Mager

Welland Canal passing the old guard gate,
July 27, 2007. David Bull

Stern view. David Bull

Inbound Lorain, OH with the assistance of
"G" tug Illinois, June 24, 2007. Dave Scali

Close up. Dave Scali

St. Lawrence Seaway near Montreal, QC,
July 18, 2007. Kent Malo

Stern view. Kent Malo

Engineer's Day at the Soo, June 29, 2007.

Entering the MacArthur Lock. Boatnerd Staff

Ready to lower. Boatnerd Staff

Flying her colors. Boatnerd Staff

Bow view in the lock. Gordy Garris

Leaving the Mac. Boatnerd Staff

Meeting the Edwin H. Gott in the St. Marys River
as viewed from the Tower of History. Dick Lund

Edward L. Ryerson "Master's Salute" (click here), Engineer's Day at the Soo, June 29, 2007.

American Valor upbound the Black River at Lorain,
easing past the Ryerson, June 11, 2007.
Chris Wilson

Upbound the Detroit River, June 12, 2007.
Angie Williams

First Welland Canal transit, May 24, 2007.


Making the turn at the Lake Huron cut, buoys 1 & 2
at Point Edward, ON, Apr. 30, 2007. Marc Dease

Completing the turn. Marc Dease

From the Port Huron, MI side, entering the St. Clair River, Apr. 30, 2007. Dick Wicklund

Stern view. Dick Wicklund


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