Wilfred Sykes Gallery Part II

The Wilfred Sykes made many trips to the lower lakes in 2002 making her a popular subject for local photographers.

Heading for the Mackinac Bridge Roger LeLievre

View aft.  Roger LeLievre

Inbound Saginaw River. Roger LeLievre

Pilothouse. Roger LeLievre

Another view. Roger LeLievre

Chart room. Roger LeLievre

Chart table in pilothouse. Roger LeLievre

Wheel Stand. Roger LeLievre

Engine room from above. Roger LeLievre

Passenger Lounge. Roger LeLievre

Commendation. Roger LeLievre

Galley. Roger LeLievre

Underway, J. Service

Lighting strike. Eric Treece

Loading in Toledo. Jim Hoffman

Another view loading in Toledo.

Coal into the hold.

View from the coal loading machine.

Unloading in Saginaw. Todd Shorkey

View from the boom. Roger LeLievre

Empty hold. Roger LeLievre

Unloading in Saginaw. Roger LeLievre

Capt. Ronald Berzinski (L) is presented with an official Read Wings flag to fly from the mast.

On the boom in Saginaw. Roger Lelievre

Saginaw. Todd Shorkey

Saginaw River. Todd Shorkey

passing under I-75 on the Rouge River. Wade P. Streeter

Unloading. Scott Best

Close up of pilot house.

Downbound on Lake St. Clair, one of the 1998 season trips to the lower lakes. Dave Marcoux

Rouge River close up. Wade Streeter

Along side in 1998 from the mail boat. Dave Marcoux

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