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A Voyage into History with the Cyprus

By William Forsythe


Part 11: Cyprus Crew List

Position Name Hometown
CaptainFrank Brainard Huyck SheridanSheridan, NY
First MateJohn C. SmithCleveland, OH
Second MateCharles PitzManitowoc, WI
WheelsmanChester AndersonJamestown, NY
WheelsmanGeorge WelleKelly’s Island, OH
WheelsmanGeorge ThorneSault Ste. Marie, MI
WatchmanCharles BenterbergChicago, IL
Chief EngineerJames J. NorcrossTonawanda, NY
Second EngineerW. L. SmithCleveland, OH
OilerWilliam Chambers-
OilerNathan Lee SpencerPort Colbourne, ON
OilerMr. Myers-
FiremanLeon Wagner (never recovered)-
FiremanRobert Luberg (never recovered)-
StewardWilliam DundonNiagara Falls, NY
Second CookMrs. William DundonNiagara Falls, NY
DeckhandFrank Eisenbach-
DeckhandBarney McConville-
DeckhandGene Marquette-
DeckhandTommie McCarthy-
DeckhandLyle SomervilleItasca, WI
DeckhandJoseph RaySuperior, WI

Part 12 : Captain Frank Brainard Huyck’s Sailing Career

Year Position Vessel Company
1879DeckhandJay GouldUnion Steamship Co.
1880WheelsmanJames Fisk Jr.Union Steamship Co.

Wheelsman &

Second Mate

PortageUnion Steamship Co.
1882Second MateNew YorkUnion Steamship Co.
1883Second MateH. J. JewettUnion Steamship Co.
1884WheelsmanGeorge T. HopeCorrigan Fleet

Second Mate

First Mate

Second Mate




Corrigan Fleet
1890Second MateChemungUnion Steamship Co.
1891-95First MateChemungUnion Steamship Co.
1895-96CaptainNew YorkUnion Steamship Co.
1896CaptainH. J. JewettUnion Steamship Co.
1896-97CaptainChemungUnion Steamship Co.
1899-1903CaptainChemungUnion Steamship Co.
1906First MateAmasa StonePickands Mather & Co.
1907CaptainCyprusPickands Mather & Co.

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