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Amasa Stone 1905 - 1965

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Al's cabin as watchman.
(Sketch by Al Slater 1959)

Another view of Al's cabin.
(Sketch by Al Slater 1959)

View from Al's bunk in his cabin.
(Sketch by Al Slater 1959)

Deckhand "Fox".
(Sketch by Al Slater 1959)

Forward winches.
(Sketch by Al Slater 1959)

Al Slater's work jacket.
(Sketch by Al Slater 1959)

Mealtime aboard the Amasa Stone.
(Sketch by Al Slater 1959)

Wheelsman "Jerry".
(Sketch by Al Slater 1959)

View of Interlake Iron.
(Sketch by Al Slater 1959)

Superior Entrance Light.
(Sketch by Al Slater 1959)



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