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L. C. Waldo 1896 - 1915
Riverton 1915 - 1944
Mohawk Deer 1944 - 1967

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Built by F. W. Wheeler & Co., West Bay City as hull 112. Launched March 7, 1896 as L. C. WALDO for the Roby Transportation Co., Detroit. Dimensions: 405' 03" loa x 48' 00" beam x 28' 01" depth; 4,244 GRT, 3,290 NRT. Powered by a 1,800 ihp triple expansion steam engine and two coal-fired Scotch boilers. Lengthened in 1905 at Superior by the Superior Ship Building Co. to 470' 02; 4,466 GRT, 3,519 NRT.

Collided with CHOCTAW in 1896. Collided with CITY OF BANGOR in 1901.

On November 8, 1913, the WALDO blown ashore and broke in two near Gull Rock, Manitou Island in Lake Superior during the Great Storm of 1913. Twenty-four crew members were rescued on November 11th by the U.S. Life Saving Service from Portage Entry and Eagle River, MI and the tug DANIEL L. HEBARD. The WALDO was surrendered to the underwriters and was salvaged the following spring and reconstructed at Lorain at American Ship Building Co.

Sold to the Matthews Steamship Co., Toronto and renamed RIVERTON in 1915. Canadian tonnage: 4423 GRT, 2684 NRT. Reboilered in 1916 with two new coal-fired Scotch boilers. Passed into receivership of Frederick C. Clarkson in 1932. Sold to Colonial Steamships Ltd, Port Colborne in 1934. Stranded on Lottie Wolf Shoal, north of Hope Island November 14, 1943. During the salvage effort, the barge MICHIGAN, a former rail car ferry, was blown onto the reef in a storm. The MICHIGAN became a total wreck but RIVERTON was pulled off her strand on November 30th. She was declared a constructive total loss but was taken to Collingwood for repairs.

In 1944 sold to the Mohawk Navigation Co. Ltd, Montreal and renamed MOHAWK DEER.

Sold to Italian shipbreakers at La Spezia, Italy for scrap in 1967. The MOHAWK DEER, along with the tanker MAKAWELI and was towed out by the Yugoslav tug JUNAK. The MOHAWK DEER broke loose and grounded on the rocks off Portofino, Italy in the Gulf of Genoa just short of her destination on November 5, 1967. She broke up during the night of November 6-7. Parts of her were salvaged and was taken to La Spezia on December 31, 1967. She eventually slipped off and sank with the bow in 80' of water and the stern deeper at 170'. The wreck has become a popular dive site in the Portofino Marine Park.


L. C. Waldo 1896 - 1915
(Roby Transportation Co.)

Unloading in Ashtabula at the S.S.M.S. Dock.
(Roger LeLievre collection)

Possibly departing the Soo Locks.
(Photo by A. E. Young, Van der Linden & Martin Bliss collection)

Possibly downbound in the St. Clair River.
(Photo by Louis Pesha, Dick Wicklund collection)

Clear of the Soo Piers upbound, 1912.
(Steve Elve & Bob Campbell collection)

Wrecked near Gull Rock Light, Manitou Island, November 8, 1913.
(Tom Manse collection)

A broadside view of the wreck, November 9, 1913.
(Peter Van der Linden & Bob Campbell collection)

Stern covered in heavy ice, November 1913.
(Peter Van der Linden & Bob Campbell collection)

Supplies being delivered by tug.
(Peter Van der Linden & Bob Campbell collection)

"L. C. Waldo inside Canal Breakwall, May 1914".
(Roger LeLievre collection)

A close up of the Waldo.
(Roger LeLievre collection)

Riverton 1915 - 1934
(Matthews Steamship Co.)

Upbound just below Mission Pt.
(Tom Manse collection)

Approching the Canadian Lock downbound.
(Tom Manse collection)

Riverton 1934 - 1944
(Colonial Steamships Ltd)

Tied up in Port Colborne.
(Photo by Alfred King, Skip Gillham collection)

Mohawk Deer 1944 - 1967
(Mohawk Navigation Co.)

Possibly upbound below the Canadian Lock.
(Tom Manse collection)

Downbound at Mission Pt. with a full load.
(Photo by Tom Manse)

Mohawk Deer and John O. McKellar at Prescott, October 12, 1954.
(Photo by Dan McCormick, Skip Gillham collection)

Departing the Davis Lock downbound.
(Peter Van der Linden & Bob Campbell collection)

Possibly passing throught the St. Clair Flats.
(Peter Van der Linden & Bob Campbell collection)

Looking under the stern of Sir Thomas Shaughnessy at the Mowhawk Deer docked at the Great Lakes Elevator, Owen Sound.
(Ron Beaupre collection)

Upbound at Mission Pt.
(Terry McCullough collection)

Arriving in Owen Sound on her last trip of the season. New
(Ron Beaupre collection)

Aground at Port Lambton, July 11, 1950.
(Terry McCullough collection)

Downbound in Lake Nicolet on the St. Marys River.
(Photo by Gordon Macaulay)

Possibly downbound at Mission Pt.
(Rene Beauchamp collection)

On Lake Ontario.
(Terry McCullough collection)

Above Lock 1.
(Terry McCullough collection)

Upbound at Port Huron.
(Photo by Paul Michaels, Matt Miner collection)

Helen Hindman towing the Mowhawk Deer with the Ruth Hindman alongside in the Kam River, 1959.
(Ron Beaupre collection)

Loaded on the St. Marys River.
(Photo by Fr. Peter Van der Linden)

Mohawk Deer at Port Arthur to load grain in August 1961.
(Photo by Skip Gillham)

Downbound past Port Colborne late in the season.
(Photo by Ken Lowes, Skip Gillham collection)

Laying up in Prescott, Ontario, December 1961
L-R: Tecumseh, Leecliffe Hall, Golden Hind, Mohawk Deer, Soodoc
(Photo by Ron Beaupre)

Outbound at Gros Cap on the St. Marys River, 1964.
(Photo by Capt. Dick Metz)

Postcard aerial view passing through Homer Bridge on the Welland Canal.
(Skip Gillham collection)

Downbound past Port Colborne.
(Photo by Ken Lowes, Skip Gillham collection)

Upbound on the St. Marys River.
(Photo by Tom Manse)

Passing Mission Pt.
(Marc Vander Meulen collection)

Upbound at Mission Pt.
(Photo by Fr. Peter Van der Linden, Bob Campbell collection)

At an unkown elevator.
(Photo by Ken Lowes, Ron Beaupre collection)

Mohawk Deer in the St. Mary's River in 1966.
(Photo by Robert Zeleznik, Skip Gillham collection)

Aground off Portofino, Italy, November 5, 1967.
(Courtesy Massimo Mazzitelli, Skip Gillham collection)

One of her deck winches recently.
(Courtesy Massimo Mazzitelli, Skip Gillham collection)



Masters and Chief Engineers of the L. C. Waldo
(Courtesy of Russ Plumb)
Masters Chief Engineers
John Wesley Duddleson 1896 - 13 Jeremiah "John" Collins 1896 - 97
Nathan Elmer Allen 1898 - 11
C. S. McIntyre 1912
August Lembke 1913
Masters and Chief Engineers of the Riverton
(Courtesy of Russ Plumb)
Masters Chief Engineers
W. J. Moles 1917 - 21
George D. Bunting 1922 - 31
Unknown 1932
George D. Bunting 1933
Unknown 1934
Donald A. Kennedy 1935 - 36
Eddie C. Hawman 1937 - 43
James G. Fisher 1917
Douglas A. MacKenzie 1918 - 21
Frank C. Lancaster 1922 - 30
L. B. Cook 1931
Unknown 1932 - 34
L. B. Cook 1935 - 37
J. L. Campbell 1938
Charles Reid 1939 - 42
A. McLaren 1943
Masters and Chief Engineers of the Mohawk Deer
(Courtesy of Russ Plumb)
Masters Chief Engineers
Harry T. Finn 1944
Unknown 1945 - 46
Harry T. Finn 1947 - 51
J. J. Mailhot 1952 - 53
A. A. Mallette 1954 - 58
J. E. MacLeod 1959 - 63
R. D. Watt 1964 - 65
R. Turner 1966 - 67
W. Scott 1944 - 45
Frank A. Collier 1946
L. Marchand 1947
Charles B. Reid 1948 - 49
H. Bastain 1950 - 51
U. C. Irvine 1952 - 53
Bruce T. Benholm 1954 - 57
T. W. O'Reilly 1958
Bruce T. Benholm 1959
J. M. Gilles 1960 - 63
R. Eckmier 1964 - 65
J. MacLean 1966 - 67


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