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Wyandotte (1) 1908 - 1967

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Built by Great Lakes Engineering Works, Ecorse, MI as hull 54. Launched on July 2, 1908 as WYANDOTTE (1) for Wyandotte Transportation Co., Detroit, MI, a subsidiary of the Michigan Alkali Co. Dimensions: 305' 00" loa x 45' 00" beam x 24' 00" depth; 2,095 GRT, 1,283 NRT. Powered by a 1,066 ihp triple expansion steam engine and two coal-fired Scotch boilers. Entered service in August 5, 1908. This was the first vessel built on the Great Lakes as a self-unloader.

Entered service on August 5, 1908 with a load of coal from Sandusky to Alpena. Lengthened 60 feet in 1910 by the Great Lakes Engineering Works, Ecorse, MI. New dimensions: 365' 00" loa x 45' 00" beam x 24" depth; 2,450 GRT, 1,541 NRT. In 1942, the Wyandotte Chemical Co. assumed the operation of Michigan Alkali. In 1948, the hulls were painted green with Wyandotte Chemical billboard letters down the side. The stacks were also changed from black to silver.

Laid up in Wyandotte for the last time in 1963 then later moved to Detroit until 1966. Sold to Hudson Waterways, Inc., New York, NY while in lay up in 1965. Traded in to the U.S. Maritime Commission in June, 1966. Resold to Transeastern Associates, New York who in turn sold her to Marine Salvage Ltd, Port Colborne, Ont in 1966. Cutting began in 1966 and was finished by the next year.


Wyandotte (1) 1908 - 1942
(Wyandotte Transportation Co.)

General arrangement plans.
(Father Dowling collection)

Ready for launching, July 1908.
(Father Dowling collection)

Sliding into the water, July 2, 1908.
(Father Dowling collection)

Running light before lengthening, 1900's.
(Photo by Louis Pesha, Roger LeLievre collection)

A deck view of the unloading boom.
(Father Dowling collection)

A cross section view of the hull during lengthening, 1910.
(Father Dowling collection)

Tied up in Ashtabula.
(Thomas Manse collection)

Downbound at Windmill Pt. on the Detroit River, 1910.
(Detroit Publishing Co.)

Outbound Toledo near the coal docks.
(Photo by unknown)

Unloading stone into a new lighthouse crib in upper Lake Huron.
(Thomas Manse collection)

Upbound at Mission Pt.
(Terry McCullough collection)

A crew photo on deck, June 1949.
(Bill Hoey collection)

A postcard view of her unloading coal in Munising. New
(Matt Miner collection)

Wyandotte (1) 1942 - 1967
(Wyandotte Chemical Co.)

Loading coal in an unknown location.
(Photo by unknown)

Upbound above the Blue Water Bridge in Lake Huron.
(Tom Manse collection)

Underway with a full load.
(Marc Vander Meulen collection)

Out in on a lake.
(Marc Vander Meulen collection)

About to pass under the Blue Water Bridge upbound.
(Tom Manse collection)

Underway on the St. Clair River.
(Terry McCullough collection)

Aerial view.
(Al Sykes Collection, courtesy Skip Gillham)

A postcard view above just above the Blue Water Bridge.
(Don Geske collection)

In the lower St. Clair River, 1960.
(Photo by John Mackay)

At the Marine Salvage yard in Rameys Bend, Port Colborne. The George H. Ingalls still has her steam up.
(Photo by John Mackay)

A tighter view at the Marine Salvage.
(Photo by Skip Gillham)



Wyandotte (2) 1963 - 1973

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Masters and Chief Engineers of the Wyandotte (1)
(Courtesy of Russ Plumb)
Masters Chief Engineers
Dudley R. Parsons 1908
William H. Yates 1909 - 10
Charles L. Atkinson 1911 - 13
William J. MacLean 1913 - 15
Jay C. McCormick 1916 - 21
Unknown 1922
Jay C. McCormick 1923 - 28
Unknown 1929
Jay C. McCormick 1930 - 33
George E. Winters 1934 - 35
Henry F. Kressin 1936
John C. Broadwell 1936
Henry F. Kressin 1937 - 42
Harvey J. Booth 1943 - 50
Bernard V. Matson 1951
Donald M. Duncan 1952 - 55
Clement F. Morreau 1956 - 57
Jack Burdfield 1958 - 59
Joseph Schneider 1960 - 61
Unknown 1908
J. W. Drysdale 1909 - 10
Fred J. Bates 1911 - 12
Chris J. Dane 1913
A. A. MacFarlane 1914 - 15
Unknown 1916
Justin R. Houston 1917
Fred Schwartz 1918
William Hayes 1919
Robert Hough 1920 - 21
Unknown 1922
William Rowland 1923 - 1939
Earl N. Wilson 1939 - 44
James Crandall 1945
Earl N. Wilson 1945 - 46
James Crandall 1947 - 51
Walter H. Erdbecker 1952 - 55
William Burdfield 1956 - 59
Harry S. Malcomson 1960
Harold Campbell 1961


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