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Conneaut (2) 1916 - 1966
Wyandotte (2) 1966 - 1973

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Built by Great Lakes Engineering Works, Ecorse, MI as hull 155. Launched on 1916 as CONNEAUT (2) for Wyandotte Transportation Co., Wyandotte, MI. Dimensions: 424' 00" loa x 56' 00" beam x 30' 00" depth; 4,749 GRT, 3,027 NRT. Powered by a 1,775 ihp quadruple expansion steam engine built in 1916 by the ship yard and three coal-fired Scotch marine boilers. Rated service speed: 10.5 knots (12.1 mph). Entered service in July 12, 1916 sailing from Ecorse to load coal at Conneaut, OH. She was the sixth self-unloader built on the Great Lakes and the last vessel built for Wyandotte Transportation.

During the Armistice Day storm of November 11, 1940 the CONNEAUT (2) ran hard aground on Lansing Shoal near Manistique, MI. She reportedly had lost her propeller and rudder. Two days later she was pulled off. A new tank top was installed in March, 1947 and a new tail shaft was installed in March, 1950. In 1963 she was renamed WYANDOTTE (2).

In 1966 the Columbia Transportation of Cleveland, OH purchased her. During the winter of 1966-67, her boilers were converted to oil-fired burners. Laid up in Fairport, OH at the B&O Coal Dock slip in Fairport, OH at the end of the 1968 season.

The WYANDOTTE (2) was towed to Toledo on June 21, 1971 after becoming a victim of "excessive vandalism" and tied up with the HURON (4) and J. CLARE MILLER. On July 10, 1973 the WYANDOTTE (2), HURON (4), and J. CLARE MILLER were sold to Marine Salvage, Port Colborne for scrap. The WYANDOTTE (2) and HURON (4) arrived at Port Colborne on August 29, 1973 towed by the tugs SALVAGE MONARCH, HELEN M. McALLISTER and G. W. ROGERS to be welded up for the tow overseas. The tugs he SALVAGE MONARCH and HELEN M. McALLISTER then towed the WYANDOTTE (2) down the Welland Canal on September 5th and passed Iroquois Lock on the 6th for Montreal. The HURON (4) tow followed a few days later. The two left under tanem tow of the German tug DOLPHIN X for Santander, Spain and arrived there October 25, 1973. Both were scrapped by Recuperaciones Submarinas.


Conneaut (2) 1916 - 1942
(Wyandotte Transportation Co.)

Loaded and underway.
(Terry McCullough collection)

Conneaut (2) 1942 - 1963
(Wyandotte Transportation Co.)

Upbound in Port Huron about to go under the Blue Water Bridge.
(Photo by Paul Michaels, Skip Gillham collection)

Downbound at Fort Gratiot Light in heavy ice.
1st boat off Lake Huron, March 19, 1954.
(Terry McCullough collection)

Downbound in the St. Clair River.
(Terry McCullough collection)

Being assisted by a G-Tug, 1940-50's.
(Russ Plumb collection)

Stern view, 1950-60's.
(Russ Plumb collection)

A postcard view passing Marine City. New
(Don Geske collection)

Wyandotte (2) 1963 - 1966
(Wyandotte Chemical Co.)

On the Detroit River, July 1963.
(Skip Meier collection)

Downbound above the Blue Water Bridge.
(Photo by Paul Michaels, Skip Gillham collection)

Fully loaded and underway.
(Photo by Emory Massman, Marc Vander Meulen collection)

Wyandotte (2) 1966 - 1973
(Columbia Transportation)

Unloading in an unknown port, 1960's.
(Tom Manse collection)

Unloading in an unknown port, 1960's.
(Tom Manse collection)

Laid up next to her fleetmate Huron, April 1966
(Marc Vander Meulen collection)

Wyandotte in the Toledo Frog point with J. Clare Miller just prior to being sold for scrap, 1973.
(Photo by Roger LeLievre)

Toledo Frog Pond, 1963.
(Photo by Jim Hoffman)

Tied up in Port Colborne during the tow to Montreal,
August 29, 1973.
(Photo by Skip Gillham)

View of the unloading boom and deck, August 29, 1973.
The Huron can be seen tied up in the background.
(Photo by Skip Gillham)

A summary of the last 3 years for the Wyandotte.
(Skip Gillham collection)


Wyandotte (1) 1908 - 1967

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Masters and Chief Engineers of the Conneaut (2)
(Courtesy of Russ Plumb)
Masters Chief Engineers
William H. Yates 1916 - 21
Unknown 1922
William H. Yates 1923 - 42
John C. Broadwll 1943 - 51
Harvey J. Booth 1952 - 61
Clement P. Morreau 1962
Unknown 1916
Fred J. Bates 1917
Chris J. Dane 1918 - 21
Unknown 1922
Chris J. Dane 1923 - 25
Justin R. Houston 1926 - 37
Neil McNeil 1938 - 39
Justin R. Houston 1940 - 46
James Crandall 1946
Earl N. Wilson 1947 - 55
Lauchlin H. McIver 1956 - 62
Masters and Chief Engineers of the Wyandotte (2)
(Courtesy of Russ Plumb)
Masters Chief Engineers
Clement F. Morreau 1963 - 65
Grant W. Pettrie 1966
Carl Neundorfer 1967
Ralph Dube 1968
Lauchlin H. McIver 1963 - 65
Armond A. LaPrairie 1966
David E. Bartoo 1967
Albert Wachio 1968


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