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Chief Wawatam 1911 - 2009

Mid 1970's Frank Crevier Photo Album

From the Dave Marcoux collection

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This collection of photographs were taken by the late Mr. Frank Crevier of Algonac, MI. Mr. Crevier was known for creating line-art profile drawings of Great Lakes vessels produced in print form in the 1970's. This photo collection taken onboard the Chief Wawatam shows details of the smoke stacks, deck views, pilot house, interior passageways, various rooms and the sequence of a lifeboat drill that was performed. A sincere thanks to Dave Marcoux who has graciously shared these photos for this Historical Perspective Gallery.

Pilot house and upper decks

Port side of pilot house

Looking aft at stacks

Blowing off steam

Stacks and cowl vents

Coal smoke while underway

Looking aft at stacks through pilot house window

Forward stack and cowl vent detail

Aft stack and cowl vent detail

Detail of both stacks

Underway and blowing steam and coal smoke

Looking aft

The "Chief's" signature plumage of coal smoke

Looking forward on the port side Texas Deck

Detail of forward stack whistle and platform

Inside the pilot house

Looking at coal smoke plumage through pilot house window

Mate Harold Taylor blowing a salute with the steam whistle

First blast of the whistle

Another pull of the whistle

Another blast of whistle

A full pull of the whistle

A full blast of the whistle

Another view of a whistle blast

Crossing the Straights

Steam plumage

Starboard Texas Deck view looking aft

Chief Wawatam's bell

Interior stairway leading up to pilot house

Ship's wheel in pilot house

Inside the pilot house

Inside the pilot house with Captain Roderick Graham

Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Frank Crevier Photo Album page 1 | 2

Further information about the Chief Wawatam can be found at:
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The Carferries of the Great Lakes - Website by Max Hanley with a written history of the Chief Wawatam by Bob Strauss


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