Images from
the First Annual
Gathering East

Our gathering at the Welland Canal was a success and below are images of the event

Tecam Sea upbound.
Algocen arrives.
Stern view.
Federal MacKenzie bow view.
Stern view.
Mapleglen upbound for Lock 4.
Mapleglen stern view.
Federal Saguenay below Lock 8 in Port Colborne as the Pilot Boat pulls along side.
Close up of bow.
Close up of the Pilot boat J.W. Cooper.
Atlantic Huron arrives.
Stern view.

Jeff Thoreson

On a brisk Saturday morning those attending the Boatnerd Gathering were treated to a tour of Port Weller Dry Docks (PWDD). PWDD provided an amazing tour, steel is brought in at one end and hull pieces are completed at the other. The pieces are then moved to the dry dock where they are assembled.

Jeff Clarke of Port Weller Dry Docks welcomes the tour.
We begin with a look at the Algowood. PWDD is completing repairs on the Algowood. She was damaged in a loading accident and has been in the dry dock since July. She was expected to depart in the next week.
Bow view.
Stern view in the dry dock.
Rudder and propeller.
The tour moves between the dry docks holding the Algowood and Hull 79.
Hull 79 will be mated with the stern of the Louis R. Desmarais this Winter.
Side view.

At the back of the complex steel is moved into a building for processing.
Once inside the steel is cut down to size.
The pieces are assembled and welded.
Crews finish the assembly before the pieces are moved to the yard.
Like the piece of a giant puzzle, a finished piece of Hull 79 waits next to the dry dock.
The upper portion of Hull 79's bow is assembled next to the dry dock.
Lower portion of the bow in the dry dock.
Construction of the hull from the other end of the dry dock.
Close up.
Group shot.

An article from the St. Catharines Standard featuring the event

On behalf of all who attended I would like to thank everyone at Port Weller Dry Docks for allowing us to tour. The tour received rave reviews and was the highlight of our trip.

N. Schultheiss

Friday was a busy day in the Welland Canal. Canada Steamship Lines was particularly well represented.

Gordon C. Leitch in Lock 7. The Inn at Lock 7 is in the back ground.
Close up of the Banner provided by Dave Wobser.
Leitch departs the lock upbound.
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin upbound.
Stern view.
Martin entering the Flight Locks.
Wide angle looking down at the bow. Note how close the SeawayMax vessel is to the lock sill.
Nanticoke approaching Lock 7 upbound.
Looking down the bow.
The colorful saltie Isadora departs Lock 2.
Close up of her bulbous bow.
Passing the Halifax.
Halifax enters Lock 2 downbound.
Jean Parisien downbound for the Flight Locks.
Even the rail line below the Inn at Lock 7 was busy.

N. Schultheiss

Saginaw approaches Lock 7. T. Parker
View from below Lock 7. N. Schultheiss
Above Lock 7. waiting for the Montrealais to pass. N. Schultheiss
Stern view as the Saginaw heads for the Port Colborne Stone Dock. N. Schultheiss
Cartierdoc in Lock 6. N. Schultheiss
Departing Lock 6. N. Schultheiss
Close up of her unique super structure. N. Schultheiss
The name of her former owners, "Hall Corp. Shipping" is still visible on the bow. N. Schultheiss
Tug Petite Forte and barge St. Mary Cement downbound (stern view). N. Schultheiss
As the sun fades the Algowest sails upbound. N. Schultheiss
Close up of her bow. N. Schultheiss
A wave from the engine room. N. Schultheiss
CSL Niagara heading for Hamilton. N. Schultheiss
English River waits for the Niagara to clear. N. Schultheiss
Niagara passes the English River.N. Schultheiss

My thanks to everyone for making the Boatnerd Gathering East weekend possible. Thanks to everyone for making the trip to the Welland and participating in the Events.

Thank you to Port Weller Dry Docks for allowing our group to tour the facility. PWDD employees Trish Atwood, Jeff Clarke and Jay Jewett all worked hard so our group could enjoy the tour that was the highlight of the trip.

There were many individuals that help to make the weekend successful. Dave Wobser suggested the gathering after our meeting in the Soo, with out Dave's prodding the Boatnerd Gathering East wouldn't have taken place. Patty & Ed at the Inn at Lock 7 for their trade mark hospitality.

Jeff Cameron for arraging the room at the Canadian Corps. and building the giant screen. Jeff also donated desk flags for the raffle and shared his collections of slides.

Others showing the incredible mix of slides included:
Barry Anderson, Warren Bain, Don Geske, Mike Harting, Jim Hoffman, Richard Jenkins, Ralph Martens, Jimmy Sprunt, Dan Sweeley, Al Sykes, Ron Walsh and everyone else. (The above was taken from the sign up list, if I missed anyone please e-mail). Members from the Welland Canal Ship Society were also out in force.

The vendors for showing their merchandise during the slide nights. Remy Champt; Al Jackman, Great Lakes Memories; Al Hart; Veronica Petron with Force 5 Trading & Promotions; Ron Walsh and all the others.

Captain Anil Soni and the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, Pilot Tom Roesslein, Captain Pagonis of the Tecam Sea and Captain Richard Samson of the Mapleglen for our looks behind the scenes at the canal.

Name were taken from registration lists, if I missed anyone please e-mail

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