Below are images of the Algoport on launch day at Collingwood Shipyards on May 7, 1979 at and sea trials on Georgian Bay in August 1979.

All launch and sea trail photos from the Andrew Torrence collection.


Ready for launch, May 7, 1979
Wayne Farrar photo

On the ways at Collingwood
Wayne Farrar photo
Algoport-launch_5.7.79.jpg (107550 bytes)
Algoport-launch-bow_5.7.79.jpg (119193 bytes)
Bow view.
Algoport-launch-stern_5.7.7.jpg (164606 bytes)
Stern view.
Algoport-departing-dock_sea.jpg (236221 bytes)
Leaving for sea trials, Aug. 1979.
Algoport-fwd-view_sea-trial.jpg (144758 bytes)
Looking forward.
Algoport-stern-view_sea-tri.jpg (135244 bytes)
Looking aft.
Algoport-funnel_sea-trials.jpg (191180 bytes)
Algoport-bow-wave_sea-trial.jpg (172221 bytes)
Bow wave.
Algoport-sea-trials-air.jpg (150901 bytes)
At speed.

Another view
  Algoport-sea-trials_stern.jpg (69949 bytes)
Stern view

Another view.

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