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4th Annual Holiday Photo Card Gallery

A tradition among boat watchers is to take your best photograph of the season and send the picture featured on a holiday greeting card. Below we see a selection of cards sent into this web site.

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A Holiday Greeting from the Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping web site

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Kinsman Independent on last trip through the Soo. Scott Best
Wilfred Sykes on the Saginaw River. Violet Bostwick
CCGS Samuel Risley approaching the Parry Sound CG base.  Photo taken overlooking the buoy storage area at the base.  Many thanks to Randy. By Paul Beesley
Oakglen downbound the St. Marys River. Fr. Peter Van der Liden
northcarolina-timslattery02.jpg (76884 bytes) Tug North Carolina escorting a thousand footer. Tim Slattery
Coast Guard in the Soo Tug Boat Race 1986.  Ron LaDue
CCGS Samuel Risley passing Detroit. Jamie Osborn
Great Lakes Sunset. Frank Frisk
Goderich lay-up, 1980. Storage barges D.B. Weldon (2), Lionel Parsons and the  R.G. Sanderson, CCG Griffon and Pierson Daughters. Dave Michelson
Myron C. Taylor in Cleveland, August 1987. Al Hart
State of Michigan. August 10, 2002. Dan Michelson
Algoway unloading. John Harris
Arthur M. Anderson. Jon LaFontain
Paul. H. Townsend. Jim Jackson
Philip R. Clarke passing Point Edward. George Wharton
Herbert C. Jackson arrives at Stoneport, Mi. 2002. Ben & Chanda McClain
Mississagi loading stone in Port Colborne, Dec. 2 2002. Dave Merchant
The Kapitan Yakovlev is entering the port of Antwerp in Belgium on a cold winter morning 2002. Chris Rombouts 
Armco up at Mission Point, June 2002. Theresa Graham
CSL Laurentien downbound Welland Canal during the Tall Ships Festival in Port Colborne in July of 2001. Bonney Heatherington
Wilfred Sykes in the Sturgeon Bay Ship Channel, 1997. Wendell Wilke
Saginaw departing Fairport with salt, Aug. 16, 2002. Dave Merchant
Merry Christmas from Dick Lund
Museum Ship Valley Camp. John Garniss
Werder Bremen transiting the Kiel Canal in Germany. Tom Stewart

algocen-1999-well-adnyseverson.jpg (50012 bytes)

Algocen on the Welland Canal in 1999. Andy Severson
badger-cityofmidland-kewaunee-wi-1-1976-al.jpg (44603 bytes) Badger and City of Midland pass off Kewaunee, WI. January 1976. Andy LaBorde
badger-maxhandley.jpg (42342 bytes) Badger outbound Ludington. Max Hanley
bantrybay-rouge-12-89-mike-nicholls.jpg (75822 bytes) Bantry Bay, Nicholson's Slip Detroit assisting the George A Stinson. Dec. 1989. Mike Nicholls

calumet-manitowoc-8-02-ds.jpg (58113 bytes)

Calumet in Manitowoc, August 2002. David Swain

canadianminer-5-02-joe-van-volkenburg.jpg (34066 bytes)

Canadian Mariner inbound Port Colborne. May, 2002 Joe Van Volkenburg

canadianprovider-hamilton9-21-02-mikeharting.jpg (34962 bytes)

Canadian Provider at Hamilton. Sept. 2002, Mike Harting

carlecconway-lkhuronlore.jpg (44624 bytes)

Carle C. Conway. Lake Huron Lore

ccolumbus-govdock-sarnia-marcdease9-02.jpg (47458 bytes)

C. Columbus Government Dock Sarnia Sept, 2002. Marc Dease
christinao-hmcsstormont-9-02-normaneakins.jpg (78303 bytes) Christina O. former HMCS Stormont Sept. 2002. Norman Eakins.

clipper-ctrustcott12-1983.jpg (42784 bytes)

Milwaukee Clipper in Chicago. Dec. 1983. Chuck Truscott
cmtavancier-renebeauchamp-mont-9-02.jpg (74305 bytes) C.T.M.A. Vacancier Montreal Sept. 2002 Rene Beauchamp.
cn-algosoo2-4-02-jimlindholm.jpg (48190 bytes) CN engine at Port Huron with the Algosoo in the back ground. Jim Lindholm
ericakobasic-lkstclair-98-smeier.jpg (58290 bytes) Tug Erica Kobasic on Lake St. Clair 1998. Skip Meier
gullisle-jhneu.jpg (75979 bytes) Gull Isle passing Detroit. James H. Neumiller
jbford-schicago-1994-jbelliveau.jpg (64710 bytes) J.B. Ford at South Chicago 1994.  John Belliveau
kbarker-stclair-ottman.jpg (74150 bytes) Kaye E. Barker passing St. Clair, MI. Jon Ottman
maintoulin-11-99-jasonladue.jpg (48313 bytes) Manitoulin at Port Colborne. November 1999. Jason LaDue
manitoulin-5-82-jimluke.jpg (68572 bytes) Manitoulin Welland Canal. May, 1982 Jim Luke
mataafa-fromdonner12-25-63-russplumb.jpg (46460 bytes) Mataafa from the William H. Donner, Dec. 1963. Russ Plumb
mcclearysspirit-well-02-js.jpg (64715 bytes) McCleary's Spirit on the Welland Canal. Jimmy Sprunt.
middletown-loadmaequette-dongeske-9-02.jpg (54356 bytes) Middletown loading in Marquette, Sept. 2002. Don Geske
middletown-stmarys-7-02-markshumaker.jpg (58163 bytes) Middletown on the St. Marys River. July, 2002. Mark Schumaker
mississagi-brevort-mi-7-02-rb.jpg (96146 bytes) Mississagi loading sand at Brevort, Mi. July, 2002. Rod Burdick
nogat-stclairriver-johnmeyland9-16-02.jpg (52686 bytes) Nogat on the St. Clair River. John Meyland.
nordale-geneseervr-1969-tombrewer.jpg (38868 bytes) Nordale on the Genesee River 1969. Tom Brewer
parrysound-layup01-go.jpg (53641 bytes) Parry Sound lay-up 2001. Gerry O.
pthayer-cuhudson8-86.jpg (66752 bytes) Paul Thayer unloading in Port Huron 1986. Cy Hudson
r.g.cassidy-f.a.johnson04-1994-wgarrette.jpg (75497 bytes) R.G. Cassidy F.A. Johnson April, 1994. Wayne Garrett
saginaw-sainaw-sh.jpg (42701 bytes) Saginaw in Saginaw. Stephen Hause.
segwun-wenna-skip-gillham.jpg (63718 bytes) Segwun and Wenona. Skip Gillham
seneca-fvr.jpg (101767 bytes) Seneca by Franz Von Ridel
sykes-02-rl.jpg (58768 bytes) Onboard the Wilfred Sykes, 2002. Roger LeLievre
sykes-6-02-rburdick.jpg (56756 bytes) Wilfred Sykes loading in Marquette. Rod Burdick
sykes-stmarys-9-02-hoffman.jpg (46348 bytes) Wilfred Sykes St. Marys River. Sept. 2002. Jim Hoffman
teakglen-pc-10-02-ds.jpg (42874 bytes) Teakglen in the Welland, October 2002. David Swain
teakglen-stclair-10-02-hoffman.jpg (52958 bytes) Teakglen St. Clair River, October 2002. Jim Hoffman
teakglen-stclair-10-5-02-johnmeyland.jpg (52186 bytes) Teakglen, Stern view St. Clair River. John Meyland
vandoc-geneonchulenko.jpg (42710 bytes) Vandoc in Thunder Bay. Gene Onchulenko

More cards will be added later in the week.

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