Mackinac Island September, 2004

Our ferry from Mackinaw City.

One of their old tour boats. 3 of these are now running in Detroit as the Diamond Jack fleet.

The bridge.

Star Line's La Salle.

Grand Hotel with a ferry arriving from St. Ignace.

Round Island Lighthouse.

This is no longer an active Aid to Navigation.

It has been restored by private groups.

Entering the harbor

Mackinac Harbor.

Beeghly passes the Mackinac Harbor Break Wall.

Sun set on the Straits.

Morning on Main Street.

Tourist tour.

Arch Rock. About 4,000 years ago the lake waters slowly dissolved the softer material in the center of the solid rock.

Burns Harbor off in the distance, westbound heading for the Round Island Passage.

Touring Fort Mackinac

View of the Harbor.


Burns Harbor at Round Island Passage.

Re-enactors mistook it for an attacking British Ship.

Fort Holmes (see panoramic below)

Round Island

Star Line Ferry's

Break wall and Round Island Passage Light.

This modern light replaced the brick building.

Radisson and Joliet

Round Island at dusk.

Sunrise at the Iroquois Hotel.

Nicolet's rooster tail frames the Round Island Light.

Heading for the St. Ignace Dock.

Finally boat traffic. Canadian Progress.

Crowded water way.

Federal Elbe eastbound showing her bulbous bow. This bow is normally under water and increases the efficiency through the water.

Edwin H. Gott.

Mackinac Express passing.

Stewart J. Cort & Nicolet.


Time to rent horses.

This is "Major"

Point and go.

Aside from the urge to scratch on a tree, the horses seem to run on auto pilot

Grand Hotel

Arnold Transit Dock

Mackinaw Express departs

Straits Express following




Landing barge (marina across harbor)

8 Mile Loop around the Island by  Bike

Biking around the Island. Sainte Anne Church.

Arch Rock from the Highway.

British Landing.

Another view.

Devil's Kitchen Sea Caves.

Heading Home

Starry night over Round Island Passage.

Presque Isle westbound.

Grand Hotel Taxi at the Arnold's dock. I woke the driver and horses up for the picture.

Mackinaw Express arrives.

Straits Express

Passengers disembark.

Outbound Mackinac Island Harbor.

Passing the new Round Island Passage Light.

Round Island Passage Light.

Grand Hotel.

View aft leaving the Island behind use.



Cason J. Callaway downbound.

Stern view.

Heading for Mackinaw City.

View aft.

Mackinaw City Harbor.

Mackinaw City

Mackinaw City Light house.

The main building& tower are open for tours.

Digging for the foundation of the old barn.

They plan to relocate the original barn to this spot.


180-degree panoramic from the Fort over looking the harbor.

360-degree panoramic at Fort Holmes, the highest spot on the Island.

180-degree panoramic from our hotel room. Room 205 offers a great view of Round Island Passage.

360-degree panoramic from the "beach" at sunrise.

Iroquois Hotel

Iroquois Hotel

I thought this round room was cool.

Nice restaurant in hotel.

Our room.

High speed wireless with a view of Round Island Passage.
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