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Mackinaw Launch

The New USCG Mackinaw (WLBB 30) was launched at Marinette Marine Co. April 2, 2005  just before 11 a.m. A very large crowd of several thousand people (on both sides of river) cheered as the Mackinaw was side launched into the Menominee River. A large number of Coast Guard and other dignitaries were on hand for the special occasion.

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Launch by Dave Wobser and N. Schultheiss



Ready for launch

Azipods turned for launch


Shipyard workers check the launch blocks


Bow thruster.

Standing room only.

Tug Escort handles the bow line.

Champagne bottle cracks on first swing.

Sliding to the river.


Large wave heads for the other side of the river.

Wash back into the yard.

Helicopter flies over.

Sponsor Mrs. Jean Hastert.

Moving back to the dock.

Video of the Launching
(Updated April 5, 2005.)
Coast Guard Videos

Video of launch & speeches by Ric Mixter

Video clips by John W. Anderson (no sound): Clip 1; Clip 2

Video clip by Lee Rowe

Video clip by John Garniss (sounds effects added)

Launch by Scott Best


On the Ways shortly before launching

Splashing into the Menominee River
Rocking as wave heads for the Menominee

Almost back to an even keel
Finally on an even keel waiting to be
inspected by divers.

Launch by Lee Rowe


Launch by Mike Birrell


Launch by Brian Peterson

Friday night.

Launch day.

Launch by John Anderson


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