As evening falls we plan to stop in the ice for the night. This will give the Risley's crew a chance to rest. A normal watch is maintained on both the bridge and in the engine room but those off watch can rest in quite. As the Risley breaks ice the interior of the vessel is like living inside a 55 gallon drum being beaten by baseball bats. We stop in Western Lake Erie for the night backing into a heavy ice field, the ice holds the Risley in place and we do not need to drop anchors. Our nights rest ends as we receive a request for assistance from the Canadian Olympic. The Risley's crew springs into action and we are underway in less than 15 minutes.

Our next assist is the downbound Canadian Transport.

As the sun sets we meet the cement carrier Alpena at the upper entrance to the Livingston Channel

About 9:00 p.m. we meet the thousand foot James R. Barker for escort from Western Lake Erie up the Detroit River. 

The escort of the Barker will take us to the end of the heavy ice off Detroit and Windsor. Our plan was to stop for the night once reaching Windsor. As we prepared to stop the Saginaw requested assistance to dock in Windsor. Backing down the river with commercial tug assistance, the ice field was too heavy for the Saginaw to make it. After cutting a track for the vessel we backed into the ice at the Ojibway Anchorage for the night.

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