The Risley is part of the Canadian Coast Guard's Central and Arctic Region. This Region covers 64% of Canada and is larger than Europe stretching from the Quebec/Ontario border to the British Columbia Boarder and up to the Arctic. 

Looking over the Port sideUnlike like the U.S. Coast Guard the 22 crewmembers on the Samuel Risley are not military personnel. The Canadian Coast Guard is a part of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and all Coast Guard personnel are employed by Fisheries and Ocean. 

The crewmembers work in three departments with nine officers onboard. Through out the year the crewmembers work on a 28 day rotation.

 Both the Captain and Chief Officer hold Master Mariners Certificates. This allows the Risley to operate 24 hours a day if needed as one officer will run the ship while the other rests.


The Central and Arctic
Region covers 64% of 
Canada, is bounded by 
71% of Canada's 
coastline and
encompasses about 
65% of Canada's 
marine waters and 
67% of the country's 
fresh waters.


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