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Sarnia Lay-up March 16, 2003
Pictures by N. Schultheiss


Algolake in the North Slip

Algolake in the North Slip

Stern view.

View from the dock.

On deck.

Another view.

Ship keeper Jacque Savard who sails during the season as an electrician on the Agawa Canyon.

Looking down the boom.


Whistle light.

Wheel stand in pilothouse.



Builders plate.

Engine control room.

Engine rebuild.

Piston pulled for rebuild.


Halifax in the North Slip

Halifax in the North Slip.

North Slip from Cargill.

Stern view from the East side of the North Slip.

View from the dock.

View from the west side of the North Slip.

Looking back to the Saginaw

Wide view of the North Slip.



Agawa Canyon at the Sidney E. Smith Dock

Agawa Canyon.

Stern view.




Maumee and Calumet at the Government Docks

Maumee and Calumet.

Looking across the harbor.

Bow view.

Fresh paint on the Calumet and Mississagi.

View across the bow of the Maumee and Calumet.

Close up of draft markings.

Spare propellers for out for refurbishment.

View on deck

Rick Pasquale (left) and ship keeper Michael Valentino Compateso III

Another view on deck.

Forward cabins.

Stack and name.

Forward Cabins.

Calumet stack.

Another view.

From the top of the unloading rig.

another view.


Wheel stand..

Another view.

Wide view of pilothouse.

Another view

Close up.

Hallway and stair case.

another view

Former passenger lounge.

Another view

Captain's room.



Captain's office.

Mate's cabin.

Officer's dinning room.




Close up of name.

Forward cabins.

Another view.

Maumee (foreground) and Calumet's stack.

Close up Maumee's stack.


Chart room.

Captain's cabin.

Captain's office.





Saginaw and Mississagi at Cargill

Saginaw & Mississagi panoramic.

Saginaw at Cargill

Name board looking aft to the Sarnia harbor.


Saginaw Pilothouse.


Ice breaks free from the North Slip.

Spare unloading elevator bucket.

Another stack view.

Logo on stack.

Engine room controls.

Chief Engineer Ben Broydell (left) and 2nd Engineer Steve Smith.


Passenger lounge.

Passenger state room.

Another view.

Passenger state room.

Another view




Tugs wintering at the east end of Sarnia's Harbor.

Tugs Sandra Mary, Bagotville and Le Taureau.

Close up Bagotville and Sandra Mary.

Tug Le Taureau.

Fishing tug Josh II

Fishing tug Mar-Vel-Ann

Le Taureau.



North end of the North Slip.

Masters Pride in the North Slip.

Tour boat Macassa Bay.

Port Huron based Huron Lady II winters in Sarnia.

Trip back home across the St. Clair River on the Blue Water Ferry Daldean.

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